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This subject exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
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A console with the Eggnet on it, from Sonic the Hedgehog #8.

The Eggnet is a subject that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a global communications network used by the Eggman Empire.


The Eggnet is the private global communication network designed and used by the Eggman Empire. It hosts all the information and data within Dr. Eggman's network, including the command lines for Eggman's Badnik armies. For routing all the data within this network, Eggnet hubs have been established, although only a few of them have been made.[1]

Because access to the Eggnet would allow someone to use or meddle with sensitive data in Eggman's files or even rewrite the command lines for Eggman's army and thus turn the entire Eggman Empire against Eggman, fail-safes have been established. This includes an adaptive firewall so advanced that even Tails had to spend most of his efforts just to stay undetected when trying to hack into the Eggnet.[2][1]


The Fate of Dr. Eggman

While enacting his takeover of Angel Island, Neo Metal Sonic posted a major update regarding his plans on the Eggnet. He did not bother hiding the plans. Sonic the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog later managed to infiltrate one of Eggman's bases and access the Eggnet. There, they discovered Neo Metal Sonic's plans, prompting them to mobilize the Resistance.[3]


While working on his plans for his Metal Virus, Dr. Eggman would put his files out on the Eggnet. Some time after, Sonic and Amy managed to successfully log onto the Eggnet from the Echo Mine's computer, their plan being to find out what they could about Eggman's lastest plan. Just as Amy found files on an ARK-like ship and talk about "payload distribution" however, Rough and Tumble arrived and destroyed the computer with a tank.[4]

The Last Minute

Eventually, according to Zor, due to Dr. Eggman's Metal Virus scheme, the Eggnet was in "chaos".[5]

Out of the Blue

Gemerl later detected an Eggnet signal from the debris of the Faceship and found Orbot and Cubot there.[6]

Bad Guys

As a part of Dr. Starline's master plan, Starline planned for his group of temporary allies to take over one of the Eggnet's hubs, thereby giving them access to all of Eggman's information.[1] When they finally achieved that objective, Starline used an algorithm he had designed to break through the Eggnet's firewall from the hub's central computer. From there, he fed Dr. Eggman false information about their intrusion on the hub and ordered the Badniks in the region to defend them. However, after Starline found Egg Base Sigma on the Eggnet, his allies turned on him. Mimic then forced Starline to delete his files on the Eggnet while Zavok made Starline put all the Badniks in the region under his command.[7] Starline quickly managed to escape his allies-turned-enemies however, although he soon returned to the computer after it was left unguarded. From there, he removed Egg Base Sigma from the Eggnet and assigned control of it to him. When Eggman later arrived at the Eggnet hub, the hub was reduced to rubble by Eggman and his Badnik squadron during a battle between him and Zavok (who was using the hub's defenses against Eggman).[8]

Chao Races and Badnik Bases

When infiltrating one of Dr. Eggman's abandoned bases, Tails tried to hack the Eggnet in order to get the cipher for Eggman's blueprints on Omega. However, the Eggnet's adaptive firewall proved tricky to hack. In the end, the Eggnet caught up to Tails while he was distracted and triggered the base's alarm.[9][2]

Zeti Hunt

In an effort to find the other members of the Deadly Six, Zavok used an Egg Knight to connect to the Eggnet, which he used to find the nearest place where he expected to find a member of his pack.[10]

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