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Dr. Eggman, "The Curse of Buddy Buddy Temple"

The Eggmobile is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic Boom franchise. It is a one-person, multi-purpose hovercraft used by Dr. Eggman as his personal means of transportation and attack vehicle. The Eggmobile is fitted with a wide array of weapons, and serves as well as both the cockpit for larger machines and an escape pod when Eggman's creations are inevitably defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog and/or his allies. Of all his machines, Dr. Eggman is especially fond of the Eggmobile, referring to it as his "baby".[1]



Egg Mobile triple cart

The Eggmobile with its side cars attached.

The Eggmobile is a white and spherical single-person pod. It has no seat or back frame. Its lower hemisphere is black and on each side it has a glowing orange stripe and a backward-facing engine with a vent on the front. The front has three blue LED bulbs inside a circle for headlights and a pair of smaller turrets. The control panel is placed on the front with a pair of handles for steering and several instruments. Additionally, it can be equipped with two one-winged sidecars for carrying additional passengers.[1]

Up front, the Eggmobile has a pink windshield with black tints along the sides. On a few occasions however, it has appeared without it.

Features and abilities

As mentioned above, the Eggmobile is able to hover in the air and can move at incredible speeds with great maneuverability, matching that of Team Sonic's high-speed running and the Tornado.[2] While usually controlled manually, the Eggmobile has an autopilot that lets it move around on its own so it can set itself up for Eggman to use it.[3] It has as well a highly modular design, able to utilize a wide array of weapons. This include:

  • A missile launcher powerful enough to blow up roads[4][5]
  • Cannonballs[4]
  • Twin laser turrets powerful enough to shoot clean through Obliterator Bot's armor.[6] When joined together, they can blow up entire houses[7]
  • A concussive front beam cannon which can move or shatter large boulders.[8][9]
  • A retractable laser gun mounted on the bottom[10]

Other gadget attachments and features include:

  • A storage compartment on the bottom for deploying Badniks[11]
  • A P.A. system[12]
  • A tether with an "attraction ray" for picking up objects[1][2][13]
  • A standard claw hand of varying design for snatching targets and items[12][14]
  • A mechanical hand that acts independently on its own[15]
  • Smaller mechanical arms for delicate operations[16]
  • A noisy super-vacuum machine[16]
  • A vehicle horn[17]
  • A change cup[18]
Eggman Mech Profile

The Eggmobile in the Eggman Mech.

The Eggmobile can also act as a command module for Eggman's larger machines, such as his Eggman Mech, the Wave Machine and the Big Boy. In the chase of the Eggman Mech and the Wave Machine, when it is inevitably destroyed, the Eggmobile then serves as an escape pod, allowing the pilot to eject mostly unharmed from the larger machine. While its side cars are attached, their functions can be operated from the Eggmobile's main pod.[15] Conversely, the side carts can be used to operate the Eggmobile's main pod.[5] Like the wrist controller, the Eggmobile can also control Eggman's Badniks.[19][20] In terms of structural integrity though, the Eggmobile is not completely infallible as extensive damage can leave it so frail that one misplaced hit can disable it.

  • The submarine module.
  • The car module.

The Eggmobile has a couple of exclusive modules for different situations:

  • Submarine module: For underwater operations, the Eggmobile has its own egg-shaped casing with glass dome that can turn it into a submarine pod. In addition, the casing has hatches and recesses through which the Eggmobile can utilize its gadgets, like its claw hand.[21]
  • Car module: For auto races, the Eggmobile has its own four-wheeled racing car-based module which it can insert itself into as its cockpit. In addition to possessing top-notch speed and handeling, this module comes equipped with a number of gadgets and weapons, including missiles, hover units that deploy spiked trip wires, and smoke bombs.[22]



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Egg Mobile Rise of Lyric

The Eggmobile in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

When Dr. Eggman was having his plans foiled by Team Sonic, he fled using his Eggmobile while leading the heroes to Lyric's Tomb to set them on the path to releasing Lyric the Last Ancient. After Lyric was freed, Eggman faced him in his Eggmobile to make him hand over his technological secrets with Lyric's Destruction Troops. However, Lyric retook control of his robots, forcing Eggman to make an uneasy partnership with him, where he would use his Eggmobile to pursue Team Sonic and try to stop them from getting the Chaos Crystals. After Lyric dissolved their partnership by making Metal Sonic attack Eggman and his Eggmobile, Eggman used his Eggmobile as the control module for his Eggman Mech to dispose of Lyric, but then had to use it as an escape vehicle when Team Sonic disabled the mech. In Team Sonic's final battle with Lyric, Eggman and his Eggmobile-controlled Eggman Mech saved the team from Lyric, though the Eggmobile and the mech reached their limit from the effort and collapsed.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice


The Eggmobile with Sonic in tow.

Seeking to ruin Sonic's reputation as the fastest of all, the Eggmobile was used by Eggman to pick up Sonic for a number of trips to Thunder Island to race his EggBot Racers. Of all of them, only one trip did not go as planned. Eggman later used his vehicle to escape Ragna Rock after his plans were ruined.

TV series

Season one

Eggmobile magnet

The Eggmobile preparing to haul Burnbot back home.

On a day of battling Sonic, Eggman tried escaping in his Eggmobile until he sicced Burnbot at Sonic. When Burnbot was defeated, Eggman had his Eggmobile haul Burnbot back home. Later, as Eggman raced against Tails and the Tornado during Sonic's sidekick try-outs with his Eggmobile, he used it to pull in Burnbot who made Tails crash. However, after Sonic helped beat Burnbot, Eggman fled in his Eggmobile.[2] When Obliterator Bot went rampant and trashed his fortress, Eggman used his Eggmobile to follow Team Sonic there after recruiting their help.[23]

Tails in an Egg Mobile Sonic Boom

Tails' miniature Eggmobile.

When Tails turned evil by an Evil Cookie, he used an Eggmobile for his size to attack Sonic. He abandoned it once he returned to normal.[24] The Eggmobile was later put on sale by Orbot and Cubot to earn money for Eggman's jail bail. However, T.W. Barker scammed himself to the Eggmobile without charge.[25] Later, Eggman used, the Eggmobile to announce the arrival of Cowbot to Team Sonic before returning home.[26]

The Eggmobile was again used by Eggman for an invasion of Seaside Island, but had to flee in it after Knuckles destroyed his most powerful robot, the Mega.[7] Following an encounter with a body-swapping meteor, Sonic, having switched bodies with Eggman, used the Eggmobile to get around as Eggman's body was too hard to run with.[1] In the ensuing period, Eggman would use the Eggmobile to either depart after defeat,[27] battle Sonic,[28] or just survey the battlefield.[29][30]

While caught in a time loop, the Eggmobile was used by Eggman to steal movies from the rental store for a plan to defeat Team Sonic (which failed).[31] Then, when Eggman discovered a Granifer Giganticus, he used the Eggmobile to bring a swarm of Bee Bots to capturing him, only to retreat when Sonic made the Bee Bots attack him.[11] The Eggmobile was later used by Eggman to fight Sonic, their battle eventually taking them into Buddy Buddy Temple where the Eggmobile was disabled after falling through a floor. As Sonic and Eggman worked to escape the temple using the Eggmobile, it was swallowed by a lava pit trap,[32] though Eggman eventually rebuilt it.

When Nominatus took control of Eggman's systems, the doctor fled from his Bee Bots in the Eggmobile to Team Sonic for protection, and later to return home with his lackeys once Nominatus was destroyed.[33] After being destroyed in a battle with Sonic, Eggman had a new Eggmobile ready the next day to attack Sonic with again. However it too got damaged, though Eggman managed to use it for one last, but fruitless attack.[34] During an attempt to destroy Team Sonic with the Eggmobile, Eggman got bested when they used his tech against him. Eggman thus deserted technology, except his Eggmobile which he had Orbot and Cubot drag around, though he used it normally again to join Team Sonic in stopping the Lightning Bolt Society.[8]

Hail Eggman

Eggman and his Eggmobile next to Eggman's amusement part statue.

Using the Eggmobile to reach the Village, Eggman had his army of Swifty the Shrew robots tear the Village down. However, Sonic saved the day and sent Eggman flying by tampering with the Eggmobile.[35] After using it to escaped from his defeat at Monkey-Boy's,[36] Eggman used the Eggmobile to deploy his Spider Bombs, only for it to be heavily damaged by his Explode-o-nuts due to Team Sonic. However, Eggman quickly fixed it and used it to visit Sticks' yard sale.[37]

When shooting a mind-enslavement movie, Eggman used the Eggmobile as both a stage prop, transportation around the set, and get-away vehicle after he got Sonic to perform.[38] The Eggmobile was later used by both Eggman, Orbot and Cubot to survey two attacks which were foiled by Team Sonic. It was then used for a sneak attack on Sonic, but the hedgehog used the Eggmobile to his advantage by having its claw weapon herd in sheep and disorient its passengers before Spin Attacking it away.[15] Another time when Eggman was taking his Eggmobile to the Village, Dave the Intern accidentally made it topple a tree with its laser which knocked Eggman out.[39]

Eggman attacks with Ball Bots

Eggman attacks with his Ball Bots in his Eggmobile.

On New Year's Eve, Eggman used the Eggmobile to reach the Village Center twice to fight Sonic (where it got damaged on the first trip), both of which failed.[40] It was later used again by Eggman for a trip to the Village's post office to get a package,[41] and to lead an attack on the studio of the Comedy Chimp Show.[42] Eggman later used it for a raid of Tails' Workshop, but only to flee in shame in it after Team Sonic stopped him.[43] During another battle with Team Sonic, Eggman employed the Eggmobile, although Amy would knock it over the horizon with Eggman (after she and Eggman agreed to a Fuzzy Puppies session).[44]

On a mission, Eggman had the Eggmobile empty a toy-and-game factory until Team Sonic stopped him. It was soon after used to haul some stolen gear to a battle with Sonic which Eggman ultimately lost.[16] Eggman also rode the Eggmobile during a test of his new Obliterator Bot which Team Sonic foiled while damaging the Eggmobile, and for a rampage to steal a trophy which Team Sonic stopped too, with Amy sending Eggman and the Eggmobile flying.[45] Then, when Team Eggman (Eggman's league of villains) attacked Team Sonic, Eggman used the Eggmobile to battle the heroes, and to follow Sonic and Shadow's fight when the latter took over when Team Eggman was losing. When Shadow left the fight and Team Eggman was beaten, Team Sonic started juggling with Eggman and his Eggmobile as payback.[46]

Season two


Eggman spearheading his attack on Tommy.

After the Eggmobile was sent flying by Team Sonic when Eggman menaced a baker with it, it was used again to spearhead an attack on Tommy Thunder, which Sonic foiled.[47] Another time, Eggman headed to the Village Center in his Eggmobile to show his Mega Microwave Water Vaporizer, only to watch his machine get destroyed from his vehicle.[48] The Eggmobile was later used by Eggman to ambush the Unnamed Village with his Badniks while Sonic was absent. Eggman subsequently left in his Eggmobile when Sonic returned and turned Eggman's attack against him.[49]

Prepped by Cubot, the Eggmobile was taken out by Eggman, Orbot and Cubot for an attempt to attack Sonic. However, the Eggmobile and its passengers were sent flying by Team Sonic after the heroes assembled and saved Sonic.[50] Using the Eggmobile to escape another defeat, Eggman would implement it as the command module for his Wave Machine. While Eggman used his pod-encapsulated Eggmobile to battle Team Sonic in the sea when they confronted him, the vehicle and Eggman got swept away by Eggman's own redirected machine.[9] Eggman later rode around in the Eggmobile while conducting a mind-control scheme, but fled in it with Orbot and Cubot when Team Sonic thwarted his plan.[51] On another occasion, Eggman used his Eggmobile to lead an attack on the Village until it accidently got repelled by Obliterator Bot. It was not long after that, that the Eggmobile was used by Eggman to transport several copies of Tails from his lair to Tails' Workshop.[17]


The Eggmobile with new passengers.

Having gone home in the Eggmobile alone without Orbot and Cubot after a failed attack, Eggman used his vehicle to travel between his lair and the Village Center a few times, both with and without new employees, as he dealt with his robots' strike action.[52] For a scheme to steal Tails' newest invention, Orbot used the Eggmobile to make an explosion that distracted Tails while he stole the invention. Soon after, Eggman took a trip to the Village Center in the Eggmobile to take credit for the events leading up to the nullification of a law.[5] Eggman later rode the Eggmobile into another battle with Team Sonic, only to retreat in it when he lost.[53]

The Eggmobile was used by Eggman soon after as he set out to trap Team Sonic, only for Eggman to flee in it when his plan went awry. He later used the Eggmobile to flee from a mech suit-wearing Sonic, until Sonic blew the pod to pieces.[3] Eggman would later use his Eggmobile to spearhead two separate attacks on Sonic, and later his entire team, in the Village Center. Both times though, Eggman would leave in defeat with his Eggmobile.[54] The Eggmobile would also be ridden around by Eggman during and after his failed excavation search of Ancient mech suits.[55] Eggman soon after took the Eggmobile out for an attack, but it and Eggman got knocked away by Sonic when Eggman got distracted.[56] Said vehicle was soon after ridden around by Eggman once more while he conducted another (failing) plot to destroy the Village.[57]

Give Bees A Chance promo 4

Eggman stealing the Fregosi Sapphire with the Eggmobile.

For his theft of the Fregosi Sapphire, Eggman used his Eggmobile to snatch the gem, only to pit it against Team Sonic and ultimately flee in it when the team foiled his plan. Taking the Eggmobile out again for a succesful retrieval of the Fregosi Sapphire, Eggman rode it around as he conducted his plans with the gem (which were soon foiled too).[14] Eggman would soon after use the Eggmobile to coordinate his Badniks during an attack on Team Sonic. Once he lost, Eggman left in said vehicle.[19] The Eggmobile was later used again by Eggman, Orbot and Cubot as their ride during an attempted attack on the Village. No sooner, Eggman rode his Eggmobile into battle with Nominatus, Beta and Retro, which ended with Eggman returning to his lair with his three foes caught in a jar.[58] Eggman later took his Eggmobile out on an attempt to beat Sonic (which failed). He and Morpho rode said vehicle around afterward when they attacked Sonic again. When that attempt failed, Sonic knocked the Eggmobile into the jungle with its passengers, where it crashed, forcing Eggman and Morpho to get home manually.[59] Putting his next plan into action, Eggman rode around in his Eggmobile when he wound up fighting Team Sonic again. It was then that Eggman got knocked away in his Eggmobile by widabits that ran through the area.[60]

When Team Sonic held a charity car wash, Eggman brought his Eggmobile to this event. There, he attacked the team when he thought they had stolen change from the Eggmobile. After Mighton and Bolts helped beat Team Sonic, Eggman took them to his lair in the Eggmobile.[18] Shortly thereafter, Eggman fitted the vehicle with underwater gear and used it to retrieve Hypnobot from the bottom of a lake.[21] Gaining Hypnobot as his ally, Eggman invaded Morristown in his Eggmobile using his army and Hypnobot's aid. When the invasion went south though, Eggman retreated from Morristown in his Eggmobile.[61] Eggman later went out in his Eggmobile for some candy, only to return empty-handed after Team Sonic got in the way. Eggman soon took the Eggmobile out for another attempt though, which had much more success.[62] The Eggmobile was soon used by Eggman again as his means of reaching and escaping Hedgehog Village when he made another failed attempt to attack said settlement.[63] When later luring Team Sonic into a trap (which ultimately failed), Eggman rode around in his Eggmobile while attacking the team with his robots.[64]


Eggman threatening the villagers with his Eggmobile.

After taking the Eggmobile out to shop, Eggman tried using its laser to threaten the villagers when they made fun of him, but Sonic quickly broke it. Weeks later, Eggman used the Eggmobile while committing a minor robbery, which Team Sonic stopped.[10] T.W. Barker soon after took possession of the Eggmobile when he tricked Eggman into signing his properties over to him. When Barker used the Eggmobile to spearhead an attack on Team Sonic however, it got shot down by Badniks that Eggman had infected with a virus. Once he had forced Barker to give him back his properties, Eggman used the Eggmobile to battle Team Sonic.[65] Eggman later rode around in his Eggmobile while looking for the Tummel Crystal in Buddy Buddy Temple, during which he met the Froglodytes. Seeing Eggman fly around in the Eggmobile made the Froglodytes assume that Eggman was a magic king, and they offered him their services. To maintain this ruse, Eggman stayed in his Eggmobile while using the Froglodytes for his search. However, after Sonic showed up, he would knock Eggman off the Eggmobile, exposing his fraud to the Froglodytes.[66]

When Cubot got blown away from the lair after getting the Anti Gravity Ray stuck on him, which turned Cubot into a floating gravity field that picked up anything and scrambled his mind, Eggman used his Eggmobile to follow Cubot in an attempt to stop his rampage. However, the Eggmobile (minus Eggman) ended up caught in Cubot's gravity field until Team Sonic stopped Cubot.[67] The Eggmobile was later ridden around by Eggman and his lackeys while they used a mind-controlled Team Cybonic. After Team Sonic freed the team however, the two groups juggled around the Eggmobile while Eggman and co. were onboard as payback.[68] Eggman would soon after attack Sonic, Tails and Knuckles with his Badniks while riding his Eggmobile. During the fight however, baby Chumley ended up in the Eggmobile, where he would mess with its console. This caused the Eggmobile, along with the Badniks, to shut down, allowing Team Sonic to defeat Eggman.[20]

Ov9ncw4KFF1u5cb23o4 1280

Eggman racing with his Eggmobile.

On Race Day, Eggman competed in the event's auto race in his Eggmobile, which he equipped with its car module in order to participate. With his race-tuned Eggmobile and its gadgets (and some luck), Eggman stood to win the race. However, Eggman got delayed by his own showboating, thus allowing Sonic to claim victory.[22] Eggman soon after rode around in his Eggmobile again when attacking Team Sonic until Sonic sent both him and the Eggmobile flying.[69] When Sonic later tried to deliver Eggman's Meh Burger orders within three minutes, Eggman appeared in his Eggmobile to delay Sonic so he would be humiliated. During this attempt, Eggman used his Eggmobile to attack Sonic, but crashed. Less than a minute later, Eggman would attack Sonic with the Eggmobile again, only for Sonic to mess up its windshield, which made Eggman attack his own company.[6]

Eggman eventually used his Eggmobile when he fought Sonic again. However, it crashed when Sonic knocked a Badnik into it. Repairing it, Eggman would use his Eggmobile while he went about mo-capping the moves of Team Sonic, himself, and eventually Shadow (whom Eggman deceived into performing for him), for a video game.[70][71] When Shadow came after Eggman to pay him back for his deceit however, Eggman escaped the black hedgehog in the Eggmobile when he closed in on him. The vehicle was soon after brought into another dimension that Eggman hid out in. When Sonic and Shadow came to that dimension, Eggman used the Eggmobile to keep up with the two hedgehogs while he and Metal Sonic fought them. Eventually, the four crossed into their home dimension, where the Eggmobile got taken out.[71]

Archie Comics

Egg Mobile disassembled

The Eggmobile's remains, from Sonic Boom #4.

Following the creation of the Big Boy, Eggman used the Eggmobile as the mech's command module to battle Team Sonic twice. Each time through, the mech was defeated and heavily damaged,[72][73] and when Eggman tried to deploy it again after its repairs, it and the Eggmobile fell apart due to Orbot and Cubot.[74] When Eggman deployed the Big Boy for a fourth time, both the mech and the Eggmobile fell apart after Sticks used the Rock of Justice on them, leaving the doctor and his lackeys with nothing but the floating remains of the Eggmobile to escape on.[75] He eventually repaired the Eggmobile which he used to escape Team Sonic after distracting them with his robots.[76]

Other game appearances

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Eggman Sonic Dash 2

The Eggmobile in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom.

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, the Eggmobile is depicted without its windshield, like in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. In this game, Eggman always flies in it whenever the player begins on a new run. Later updates to the game sought to that Eggman and his Eggmobile could be fought during certain events as the game's only boss.


  • In the opening cutscenes of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, the two jets on the sides of the Eggmobile's rear serve as rocket engines, blasting blue flames out as the vehicle zooms forward. However, during the TV series, they are replaced with propellers similar to those inside jet turbines.

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