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Eggman Unplugged

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"Eggman Unplugged" is the twenty-sixth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 8 April 2015 in France and on 16 May 2015 in the United States.


After Sonic and his friends play a prank on Eggman by using his own technology against him, Eggman swears off technology for good. In turn, the Lightning Bolt Society seizes this opportunity to unleash their own attack on the village, and Sonic and friends must get Eggman to use technology again in order to gain back control of his evil lair.



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In front of Sonic's Shack, Knuckles is taking a nap. As he sleeps, Sonic and Sticks play a prank on him; Sonic pours whipped cream on Knuckles' hand, then Sticks tickles Knuckles' nose with a feather to make him rub it and smear the cream on his face. Meanwhile, a Fly Bot watches the team nearby, transmitting its view to Dr. Eggman in his lair. Despite nothing occurring, Eggman continues spying on Team Sonic in hopes of learning something that will help him defeat Sonic. He gets his chance when Sonic suggests that the team hang out under a cliff despite there being a large loose boulder at the edge; what Eggman does not realize is that his Fly Bot has been spotted, and he is now in the midst of being pranked by Team Sonic.

At the canyon, the Fly Bot views Team Sonic and the boulder above them, so Eggman flies over to push the rock onto them. However, the boulder instead lands on a wooden lever which catapults a tub of whipped cream on top of Eggman, causing the team to come out of hiding and laugh at him. Sonic tells Eggman that they tricked him, Tails admits to tampering with his Fly Bot's recordings so he would not suspect anything, and Sticks rambles on about why technology should not be trusted. Surprisingly, Eggman agrees with Sticks and swears off all electronics (except Orbot and Cubot, deeming them "one step above a paperweight").

As Team Sonic have a meal at Meh Burger, Amy expresses her concerns over Eggman's reaction to their prank. Her worries are justified when Eggman arrives in the village, having his two minions drag the Eggmobile long the ground. Eggman then approaches the Male Fennec, who helps him learn how to use a bowl and spoon; the Male Fennec also suggests a rolling pin and frying pan when Eggman asks for weaponry. Eggman orders that in bulk, but says they must be delivered elsewhere as he has abandoned his lair. The Tree Spy overhears this, and informs the other members of the Lightning Bolt Society, prompting them to move into Eggman' fortress. In the control room, the four are in awe, but quickly begin to lounge about and haphazardly press buttons that activate random weapons. Meanwhile, Eggman attempts to battle Sonic, but his makeshift weapons are unimpressive and he leaves.

At the lair, Dave and the Weasel Bandit fight over a joystick, not realizing that they are steering Octopus Bot into attacking the Unnamed Village. Team Sonic confronts the robot, wondering if Eggman has gone back to his old ways. Elsewhere, Eggman is still trying to live life without technology. The Lightning Bolt Society continue fiddling with controls, unknowingly launching a missile into the canyon. Sonic runs off to check it while his friends fight Octopus Bot. There, he finds the Gogoba Chief trapped under a rock, but leaves him there when a swarm of Bee Bots are accidentally deployed as well. With all sorts of robots now wreaking random havoc, Sonic decides to confront Eggman.

Once Sonic finds Eggman, he demands the robots to be stopped. However, Eggman has accepted his new life and is busy farming. Curious, Orbot accesses the lair's computer, where he discovers the Lightning Bolt Society's intrusion. Sonic asks Eggman to help him stop them, but Eggman only offers a makeshift weapon before he resumes farming. It is not until Dave unwittingly deactivates Orbot and Cubot from the lair that Eggman springs back into action and flies back to his lair. There, he finds Team Sonic being pinned down by the lair's defense system as the attacks are dangerously unpredictable. Eggman then tells them of a secret passage to the backdoor they can all use to enter the lair. The Lightning Bolts listen in with a Fly Bot and prepares an ambush with Disintegrator Rays. It turns out to be a trick, however, and Sonic and Eggman catch them off-guard. Upon being disarmed, the Lightning Bolts flee.

With the Lightning Bolt Society gone, Eggman goes about restoring his lair which will take weeks, and asks Team Sonic to not attack until this is done. Eggman then re-activates Orbot and Cubot so they can clean up the mess the Lightning Bolts made. As Team Sonic takes their leave, Eggman offers them some butter he had churned earlier, but they refuse, forcing him to eat it himself.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 不玩科技的艾格曼 Eggman withough Technology
Finnish Eggman luomuna Eggman goes organic
French Eggman débranche tout Eggman Disconnects Everything
German Eggman Unplugged Eggman Unplugged
Hungarian Technikamentes Tojáshegy Eggman Without Technology
Italian Ritorno alla natura Return to nature
Japanese エッグマンの決心 Eggman's Determination
Korean 기계는 이제 그만 No More Machines
Persian اگمن و دوستان خلافکار Egman and the criminal friends
Polish Eggman bez prądu Eggman without power
Portuguese (Brazil) Eggman Desconectado Eggman Disconnected
Portuguese (Portugal) Eggman Anti-Tecnologias Eggman Anti-Technologies
Romanian Eggman deconectat Eggman disconnected
Russian Техническая забастовка Technical strike
Spanish (Latin America) Eggman Desenchufado Eggman Unplugged
Spanish (Spain) Eggman Desconectado Eggman Disconnected
Ukrainian Справжній Еґмен True Eggman


  • The missiles launched by the Lightning Bolt Society uses the same model as the missile seen in "Into the Wilderness".
  • The joystick Dave and the Weasel Bandit fought over uses the same model as the ones seen in "The Meteor".
  • This episode was first revealed by the series' cast at the Sonic Boom event in 2014 where they did a live reading of parts of the script.
    • Simularly, another part of the dialogue in this episode was revealed in the Sonic Boom: 'Behind the Scenes' video.
  • The reason why Cowbot did not create a massive explosion upon its destruction (as explained in "Cowbot") was because Cowbot was not loaded with Mootonium.[4]
  • The house that Eggman lived in during his self-imposed exile from technology uses the same model as Monkey-Boy's house in "Curse of the Cross Eyed Moose".


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