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Now, the world shall be my plaything! I shall bring about an age of fear and chaos! And it shall be glorious!

— Eggman Nega, Sonic Rush Adventure

Eggman Nega[7] (エッグマンネガ[7][10] Egguman Nega?, real name unknown[7]), also known as simply Nega,[4][5] is a recurring antagonist that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a human scientist and a distant descendant[7][11] of Dr. Eggman from approximately two hundred years into the future, though he initially introduced himself as Eggman's counterpart from the Sol Dimension.[5]

A genius scientist whose skills are in no way inferior to Dr. Eggman, Eggman Nega seeks nothing more than the destruction of the world. Believing as well that Eggman's failures have ruined his reputation, Eggman Nega holds a deadly grudge against his ancestor.[7]


Rush eggman nega

Eggman Nega, from Sonic Rush.

Eggman Nega bears a very strong resemblance to his ancestor, Dr. Eggman, so much in fact that others have mistaken them for each other.[1] Like Eggman, Eggman Nega is a rotund and burly human, his torso and head coming together in an egg-like shape. He possesses no visible neck, peach skin, a bald head, a bright red nose, and a very bushy moustache. He also has long, almost disproportionately thin arms and legs. Unlike Eggman, however, Eggman Nega's mustache is gray.

For attire, Eggman Nega wears a red jumpsuit with a metallic-looking vertical silver stripe going up the middle and black and yellow-striped boots with gray soles. He also wears a open black military-styled jacket over his jumpsuit. This jacket possesses long coattails, a yellow stripe on the upper arms, yellow triangular markings on the chest areas that extend over the shoulders and down the back, big yellow cuffs with two points, and two round gray buttons on the lower front. In addition, he wears white gloves with a square marking on the tops, pointy blue sunglasses, and visor-styled goggles with gray frames and a green lens. By comparison, the coloration of Eggman Nega's clothing appears to be a reversion of Eggman's.


Eggman Nega with a card

Eggman Nega, from Sonic Rivals.

Having inherited Dr. Eggman's scientific genius and his wicked sneakiness,[12] Eggman Nega is a sinister, ruthless, power-hungry, violent, and cruel individual who seeks to dominate the world and those beyond if it is within his ability to do so. While they are similar in many regards from an outside point of however, Eggman Nega is hinted to be quite different from his ancestor on the inside.[3]

When facing his enemies, Eggman Nega usually remains calm and composed,[1] rarely allowing his temper to dominate his behavior. He is likewise cold and calculating, yet eerily polite in manner and speech,[3] the latter of which is quite different in comparison to the ruder, short-tempered, and loud mannerisms of Eggman's. Cold-hearted[7] and lacking in empathy or concern for any living creature besides himself, Eggman Nega cares nothing for those his ambitions affect, to the point where he did not care about the devastation that awaited the Sol Dimension and its inhabitants when he caused its merging with Sonic's universe.[13] He likewise has a sadistic, unnerving sense of humor and enjoys mocking his victims, often taunting them with his polite mannerisms and with facts that are especially hurtful to those he mocks.[14]

What sets Eggman Nega apart from his ancestor are his more monstrous and radical goals that threaten to destroy the world,[7] making him much more dangerous than Dr. Eggman. Rather than just dominating the world(s) he seeks to conquer, Eggman Nega seems more interested in bringing down desolation and disorder upon them. In fact, his interest in conquest seems to stem from a desire to make the world his "plaything" so that he can bring an age of fear and chaos upon it.[15] He even sought to release the Ifrit simply so that it could destroy the world[16] and thinks that something like this would be "glorious."[15] He also appears to be highly insane and completely lacking in common sense, even more so than Dr. Eggman himself,[17] being perfectly willing to achieve any victory by any means, even at the cost of the world or his own existence, if his plans do not proceed as initially designed. For example, when his and Eggman's Egg Wizard was about lose to Sonic and Blaze in Deep Core, Eggman Nega gleefully attempted to destroy his foes with an attack that could not only destroy Sonic and Blaze, but himself, Eggman, and the entire planet as well. Similarly, when it became clear to him that he could not change his time in his favor, he decided to destroy it instead.[18] That said, Eggman Nega is not entirely without concern for his own life, as he wanted to be saved from the Chaotic Inferno Zone when he got stuck there.

Despite his obvious insanity, Eggman Nega is quite manipulative and cunning; Eggman himself has even admitted that Eggman Nega is very sneaky.[19] Not only did he successfully use Dr. Eggman and Rouge to do his dirty work for him on separate occasions,[13][20] but he also managed to overthrow Eggman two times and successfully pose as him without those who were not already aware of his identity noticing it. However, he can sometimes lose track of important details while making unnecessary speeches; when his Egg Salamander was about to be defeated, all Eggman Nega did was babble about how he made a small miscalculation and could still salvage his plan, not even noticing what was going on.[21]

Alongside his villainous behavior, Eggman Nega is overconfident, arrogant, and sees himself as above the others with his intelligence. He does not even consider his actions being wrong and always blames either Sonic and his friends or even his own ancestor for creating the bad reputation of his family. To this end, he will get rid of any obstacle that distorts his evil reputation, including those he has inherited from his family.

Like his ancestor, Eggman Nega loves to gloat loudly, although his voice is distinctively thinner than his ancestor's. He is also distinguished by his signature laughter, "Hee hee hee", which compares to Dr. Eggman's more boisterous "Ho ho ho".

Powers and abilities[]

Possessing scientific capabilities that are in no way inferior to Dr. Eggman's,[7] Eggman Nega possesses a high genius-level intellect. Over his career, he has orchestrated numerous plots and schemes for universal and/or interdimensional dominion and destruction, all of which only fail due to his overconfidence and interference from Sonic and his allies. He is a remarkable scientist and engineer, as evidenced by the armies of robots and other mechanical machines of mass-destruction he has designed and created. Eggman Nega is also an incredibly skilled pilot that can match his ancestor Dr. Eggman in piloting skills with various mechs. Additionally, it has been noted that he is rather sneaky; noticeably, he has been the only one who could infiltrate one of Eggman's heavily armed bases without being detected.[9]


Sonic Comic Eggman Nega teleportation

Eggman Nega teleporting, from Sonic Comic.

Eggman Nega has a handheld device which he can use to freely travel across time and dimensions.[9][11] He also has a jetpack which he can use to fly.[9]


Eggman Nega's overconfidence often gets the better of him, leading to the downfall of his plans.[8]


Blaze the Cat[]

One of Eggman Nega's main foes is Blaze the Cat, whom he has a hostile past with. Showing no fear of Blaze's fiery temperament, Eggman Nega enjoys talking down to Blaze and mocking her with his politeness and her failures or inadvertent assistances in his plans. Likewise, much to his amusement, Eggman Nega is easily able to make Blaze lose her composure when she is dealing with him.[13][15]

Dr. Eggman[]

Eggman Nega has a turbulent relationship with his ancestor, Dr. Eggman, which has varied over time. Due to Eggman's failures in the past having ruined his family's reputation, which has likewise come to deprive Eggman Nega of what he believes to be his destiny, the doctor has developed a dislike of Eggman and holds a grudge against him.[7][22] Eggman Nega himself sees Eggman as a "blockhead"[23] and has more than once used him and his likeness as pawns in his schemes.

Despite his dislike of Eggman, Eggman Nega is not above teaming up with him when they have common goals in mind which they will be able to achieve together. However, it is implied that it is usually Eggman Nega who seeks Eggman out in the first place when they begin a collaboration.[13][24] Nonetheless, the two always are always in nearly perfect synch when they work together and never argue over what they should do during their schemes, showing that they share a similar mindset. However, while the two seem to work as equals when collaborating, Eggman Nega has admitted that he is actually using Eggman for his own benefit, all without his ancestor catching on, like when he had Eggman steal the Sol Emeralds for him.[24] Also, while the two of them share a level of insanity, Eggman Nega's more radical tendencies tend to make Eggman freak out.[17]

When they are not collaborating, Eggman Nega is usually an enemy of Eggman. He most noticeably antagonized Eggman directly during the Onyx Island incident by turning him into a card and taking over the Eggman Empire so that he could rewrite the reputation of his family in the future. Similarly, he later took over Eggman's Badniks to trash Eggman's bases and have them aid him in his scheme to unleash the Ifrit, showing that while Eggman Nega may be able to tolerate Eggman as an ally, he is not above abandoning the trust Eggman has in him in order to further his agendas. During each of these incidents, Eggman would work in opposition to Eggman Nega by seeking out or helping out those who sought to stop Eggman Nega.

Sonic the Hedgehog[]

Eggman Nega made himself known to Sonic the Hedgehog during his first trip to Sonic's world. When they first met, Sonic mistook him for Eggman, but Eggman Nega politely brushed that off before promising to crush him, showing that despite new acquaintances, Eggman Nega saw no reason not to kill him. Although Sonic would subsequently defeat Eggman Nega time and time again, with the doctor promising that he would not forget it, he apparently saw Sonic as nothing more than a minor nuisance, as he would casually dismiss Sonic during their confrontation in Dead Line.[25] However, he was surprised to see Sonic intervene after he and Eggman beat Blaze and took the Sol Emeralds' power, indicating that he had underestimated Sonic. Even so, during the Jeweled Scepter incident, Eggman Nega would express no change in enmity towards Sonic, and instead just casually greet him when they saw each other again on Southern Island, showing that even after coming to learn about the threat Sonic posed, he remained confident that he was inconsequential.

Silver the Hedgehog[]

Silver the Hedgehog is one of Eggman Nega's main foes from the future. Because Eggman Nega tends to go back in time to mess with the past, Silver, whose job is to safeguard the future by preserving the past, usually ends up on a collision course with him. Silver, in particular, seems to be perfectly aware of Eggman Nega's mannerisms and speech, which has allowed him to see through Eggman Nega's disguises more than once. This has led Eggman Nega to praise Silver for being very perceptive.[26] Regardless, Eggman Nega tends to believe in his arrogance that Silver's attempts to stop him are futile.

During the Onyx Island incident, Silver followed Eggman Nega to the past to stop him from abusing his matter-converting camera, and during the Ifrit incident, Silver chased Eggman Nega to the past again to stop him from ruining their time with the Ifrit. He has admitted that he admires Silver's determination, but he nonetheless refuses to let the hedgehog interfere with his plans.[27]

Shadow the Hedgehog[]

Shadow the Hedgehog is another of Eggman Nega's foes. They first met each other during the Onyx Island incident, where Shadow, in his search for Dr. Eggman, mistook a disguised Eggman Nega for Eggman. Despite this mistake in identity, Eggman Nega quickly tried to use Shadow to have him slow down Silver. Although Eggman Nega would subsequently tried to destroy Shadow for interfering with his plans, when Shadow finally discovered Eggman Nega's true identity, Eggman Nega found another reason to dispose of him. Later, during the Ifrit incident, Eggman Nega found Shadow opposing him yet again, although he did not let Shadow's interference stop his plans. He even went as far as to try and trick Shadow with his Dr. Eggman disguise, unafraid of retribution from Shadow, who eventually discovered his ruse and sought to make him pay for deceiving him.

Rouge the Bat[]

During the Onyx Island incident, Eggman Nega became an enemy of Rouge the Bat when she discovered his true identity underneath his disguise as Dr. Eggman and tried reporting him to Shadow. However, Eggman Nega swiftly dealt with her by turning her into a card. Later, during the Ifrit incident, Eggman Nega made Rouge an unaware pawn in his scheme to release the Ifrit by tricking her into collecting the Chaos Emeralds that were needed for his scheme for him, namely by posing as an unspecified client who offered to pay her a reward. This shows that Eggman Nega is well aware of Rouge's greediness and weakness for valuable rewards.

Espio the Chameleon[]

When Espio the Chameleon was assigned to uncover the recent Chao-nappings, he encountered Eggman Nega. He and Silver soon after joined forces to stop him. Eggman Nega did whatever he could afterward to stop the duo, but though he failed to stop them, he remained confident that Espio's efforts were in vain. However, Espio ended up proving Eggman Nega wrong by helping stop the Ifrit when he tried to release him. When he later got stuck in the Chaotic Inferno Zone, Eggman Nega begged Espio and Silver to save him, but Espio answered back saying, "You reap what you sow, Eggman Nega," and left him trapped in that Zone.





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