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This object exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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The Eggman Mech is a boss that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a large battle mech from a third-party source which was used by Dr. Eggman. While physically imposing, the Eggman Mech was quite deficient due to several construction errors.

The Eggman Mech was used by Dr. Eggman in an attempt to eliminate Lyric the Last Ancient, but proved too inefficient in battle. The Eggman Mech later suffered another defeat at the hands of Team Sonic, but ultimately helped save the world from Lyric.



The Eggman Mech is a several meters tall humanoid machine with a mostly red coloration. It has an ellipsoid torso with a recess on the front where the Egg Mobile fits in (though its socket is loose, making the Egg Mobile prone to tilt), and around each shoulder it has a spiked shoulder guard and a three-layered plating. Its arms consist of a thin, black upper arm and a much bulkier forearm with four black, grabbing hook-like fingers. Its pelvis is quite small and round, while its legs have thin black upper legs and its lower legs are bulky with yellow ankles, thrusters on its soles and a black planting for toes. In the middle of the torso is also a socket for the Eggmobile to fit into.

Powers and abilities

The Eggman Mech is a quite powerful machine, but ultimately poses a little threat to strong individuals like Team Sonic due to a low-quality arsenal and faulty construction. Even when bombarded by the Eggman Mech, Tails noted that they were in no danger whatsoever.

The Eggman Mech is equipped with a rocket thruster on each foot, allowing it to fly and move fast enough to at least keep up with Ener-Rail users. It also has strength on a superhuman level, capable of punching the ground hard enough to make it explode and release powerful shock waves by stomping the ground. In terms of armaments, the Eggman Mech can fire cannonballs from the palm of its hands and launch missiles from its shoulder guard, though its missiles are refurbished and "sorry looking" according to Amy, giving them low accuracy and making them vulnerable to the Enerbeam.

The Eggman Mech is operated entirely by manual controls. As such, it is completely immune to the technopathy device in Lyric's armor.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

IN Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, the Eggman Mech was built by Dr. Eggman (who got its parts and instruction manual from an unspecified source) to get revenge on Lyric. The machine was designed to be manually controlled so that Lyric could not take control of it with his technopathy device. Eggman soon found Lyric in Creeper Gorge and tried to attack him with the Eggman Mech, but its faulty projectiles failed to hit Lyric. To vent his frustrations, Eggman targeted Tails and Amy after they made fun of his failed attempt at revenge. Facing the duo in front of a rusty gate, Eggman had the Eggman Mech fire its missiles at Tails and Amy. However, the missiles were so defective that they could hardly hit them and hit the ground without exploding. This allowed Tails and Amy to snatch them with their Enerbeams and use them to blow down the gate blocking their path. As the duo made their escape, Eggman tried pursuing them in the Eggman Mech while firing its cannonballs at them, but he eventually withdrew. However, Eggman soon returned in the Eggman Mech and tried to shoot Tails and Amy with cannonballs while they rode an Ener-Rail. At the end of the Ener-Rail, Eggman tried using the Eggman Mech's missiles against Tails and Amy again. However, the heroes managed to redirect them into stone pillars holding up a footbridge; once they were destroyed, the footbridge fell on top of the Eggman Mech, thereby keeping Eggman from interfering with their adventure temporarily. When Team Sonic later made it to the Ancient complex in the center of Creeper Gorge, Eggman appeared before the group in his Eggman Mech and intended to crush them. However, the Eggman Mech was effectively defeated and heavily damaged, forcing Eggman to abandon it and the Twilight Crystal.

Eggman later salvaged the Eggman Mech and took it to Lyric's Lair. There, just as Lyric caught Team Sonic, Eggman hit Lyric with one of his mech's missiles, distracting the snake and allowing Team Sonic to stop Lyric for good. At that point, the Eggman Mech reached its limit and collapsed.


The Eggman Mech is the boss of Creeper Gorge and the sixth boss of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. It is encountered after clearing Creeper Gorge and is fought with all of Team Sonic.

Boss guide

The boss battle takes place on an enclosed round platform with bottomless pits surrounding it. To defeat the Eggman Mech, the player must get Eggman's cockpit down on ground level and attack it. As long as it is standing up, the Eggman Mech is invulnerable to regular attacks and approaching it will make it try to punch the player. For the first battle phase, the Eggman Mech stays in the center while weak Destruction Troops appear and continuously respawn. In the beginning, the Eggman Mech starts out by sending out a shockwave with a stomp that covers almost the entire arena, though it can be dodged by jumping over it. After that, the Eggman Mech will shoot missiles in intervals which can be dodged by moving away. Missiles that do not hit fall to the ground, though they will eventually explode. In addition, the Eggman Mech can fly from place to place, leaving a fiery blue trail that deals damage.

To attack the Eggman Mech, the player must lasso its missiles with the Enerbeam and throw them into the Eggman Mech's cockpit. After being hit four times, the Eggman Mech will be stunned, which is when the player must use Team Sonic's four Enerbeams on it for a few seconds and make it fall over. However, should the player get attacked, they will lose grip and will have to start over. Once fallen, the player must keep attacking Eggman's cockpit until the Eggman Mech gets back on its feet.

For the second phase, the Eggman Mech will increase the speed of its attacks. In addition, it will continue shooting missiles, though it will then follow it up by shooting five cannonballs that cannot be caught or deflected (but they can be dodged) before then flying towards the playable characters. Should the player get near it when it arrives, the Eggman Mech will shortly after try to deliver a punch to the ground. Additionally, much stronger Destruction Troops will begin appearing in the arena. Repeat the previous tactic by throwing four missiles into the Eggman Mech's cockpit until it is stunned, then pull it down with Team Sonic's four Enerbeams and attack the cockpit until it rises up again.

For the third phase, the Eggman Mech becomes move aggressive. In addition to increasing its attack speed even further, it also begins attacking with both cannonballs and missiles just after it has flown towards the playable character. Also, whenever it lands from flying towards the playable character, it stomps the ground and sends out the same shockwave from the first phase. Additionally, the toughest Destruction Troops will appear around the arena for this phase. Repeat the same pattern as earlier by hitting it with four missiles and then bring it down with the Enerbeams again. After the player is done attacking the cockpit, the battle is won and the player can obtain the Twilight Crystal.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
N/A Richard Jacques 3:16



Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric Wii U - Eggman Boss Battle HD


  • The Eggman Mech bears a distinct resemblance to the Big Boy mech in the Sonic Boom comic series.

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