The Eggman Flying Battery[1] is a vessel that appears in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is a flying battleship of Dr. Eggman's that the player encounters in Rooftop Run.



In terms of appearance, the Eggman Flying Battery resembles a blimp with a rectangular cuboid with soft corners for a balloon. The balloon, which is white on the front and red in the back, is blazoned with the Eggman Empire's logo and flat engines on the sides. Below it is a metallic platform with a wheelhouse in the back propellers on the lower rear.

Abilities and traits

Despite its size, the Eggman Flying Battery is extremely fast, capable of traveling at speeds that rivals Sonic's. It is also possesses a series of dangerous armaments, like enormous laser cannons and spiked barrels to crush foes below. Additionally, it is loaded with several Egg Chasers and Egg Launchers for instant deployment.


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The Eggman Flying Battery in front of Sonic.

The Eggman Flying Batter can be encountered in both Acts of Rooftop Run where it will have an impact on the gameplay. In Act 1, the Eggman Flying Battery flies in the background of the stage until it arrives at the clock tower where it will deploy enemies against the player. At the top of the clock tower, the player can make its dial smash into the Eggman Flying Battery, allowing the player board it and reach the goal from there, destroying the Eggman Flying Battery when leaving it.

In Act 2, the Eggman Flying Battery will appear in the middle of the Act to drop spiked barrels at Sonic for a while before leaving. At the end of the Act, it will reappear with Egg Chasers as support to pursue Sonic while firing lasers him which cause damage upon touch. If the player can rid of the Egg Chasers and hit the Eggman Flying Battery with enough Egg Fighters by boosting into them before it flies away, it will release a stream of Rings. Additionally, the Eggman Flying Battery appears in the Endless Boost Challenge Act as an obstacle.


  • The Flying Battery and the Balloons are the only gimmicks in Rooftop Run that did not originally appear in Sonic Unleashed.





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