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"Eggman Family Vacation"[1] is the one hundred and first episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It aired on 4 October 2017 in France and on 28 October 2017 in the United States.


Dr. Eggman and Steve turn a family vacation in Roboken into an opportunity for evil. Mighton & Bolts enlist the help of Sonic & friends.[2]







The episode begins with Dr. Eggman having Morpho fight Sonic as a Granifer Giganticus, only for Sonic to escape. This prompts the two villains to argue over who is to blame for their failure. Eventually, the two take their argument to Mombot. Tired of her boys arguing, Mombot announces that she is taking them, along with Orbot and Cubot, on a vacation to a timeshare she has bought in Roboken so they can do some family bonding.

While Eggman and his lackeys are busy packing the Egg Rocket, Team Sonic sees the villains preparing for departure. As such, the team celebrates that they are now able to relax with Eggman gone for the time being. The crew's excitement is knocked down a few pegs though when Amy pulls out a list of activities for them to do.

Having arrived in Roboken, Eggman is not surprised to discover that Mombot's timeshare is a dump. This does little to put a damper on Mombot's mood, who is ready to do some sightseeing with her family. Meanwhile, back on Seaside Island, Team Sonic is on a hike. While goofing off however, Knuckles pulls a fake tree branch, thereby accidentally activating one of Eggman’s hidden missiles. Using Tails' Plane though, the crew catches up to the missile and stops it from hitting Gogoba Village by diverting it into the mountains. A montage follows soon after, which shows how discontent Eggman is with his vacation; while the rest of his robot family find excitement and enjoyment in everything, Eggman has a tough time living in a city meant for robots. Meanwhile, Team Sonic keeps running into trouble, like being attacked by a giant snake, and exploring a dark cave full of angry widabits. Eventually, Team Sonic is getting a bit annoyed and exhausted by their time off.

Back in Roboken, Eggman runs into Mighton, Bolts and Cyborg Sonic. The trio suspects Eggman is up to no good until the doctor (with Mombot's aid) convinces them that he is just on vacation there. While conversing with the trio though, Eggman notices how intelligent Bolts is. During the same evening, Eggman reveals to Morpho that he is plotting to steal Bolts' intelligence chip so he can make his robots smarter, and that he needs his help to pull it off. Morpho promptly helps Eggman by distracting Bolts with a Mighton disguise before assuming the form of a monster plant. With Morpho holding Bolts in his grasp, Eggman takes Bolts' intelligence chip. This causes Bolts to shut down. Eggman and Morpho then make their escape with the chip, but Mighton soon finds Bolts, and suspects Eggman is behind this. With Mighton and Cyborg Sonic hot on their trail, Eggman and Morpho grab Mombot and the others and evacuate Roboken. As the Eggman family flies back to Seaside Island in the Egg Rocket however, Mighton and Cyborg Sonic follow them in a spaceship of their own. Meanwhile, an exhausted Team Sonic manage to spot the spaceships while trying to get home. 

Team Sonic soon arrive at the landing site of the spaceships, where Eggman is ready to square off against Mighton and Cyborg Sonic with his robots. However, Eggman has already put Bolts’ intelligence chip into a Fire Bot. This allows Fire Bot to shoot its flames more precisely, and use better strategies while fighting Sonic. As Mighton takes a lethal shot at Fire Bot though, the robot throws the intelligence chip to a Motobug. This grants the Motobug more intelligence as well, and it starts driving in circles around the others with tricky maneuvers. Eventually, Team Sonic keeps chasing the robots around while smashing the robots, who keep passing the intelligence chip onto the next.

Eventually, Team Sonic loses track of the intelligence chip. As such, they resort to just smashing all of Eggman's robots. All of a sudden however, Mombot starts ranting about how they should stop fighting, and lectures them about how violence leads to more violence. Sticks gasps, and points out how Mombot must have the chip. The heroes promptly charge at Mombot, but Eggman, Morpho, Orbot and Cubot step in front of her, stopping the heroes in their tracks. Deciding that losing Mombot over intelligent robots is not worth it, Eggman takes the intelligent chip out of Mombot, and hands it back to Mighton, who uses it to restore Bolts.

Later, back in the Mombot's house, the Eggman family have gathered around for dinner. There, Mombot expressed her joy at how the vacation has brought their family closer together. Eggman likewise tells Mombot what he has learned about what it means appreciate the family you got. However, Eggman's mood is ruined by the metal nut pie Mombot has served him.




Tails and Amy's perspective error.

  • In the cave scene on Seaside Island, Amy's right ear can be seen overlapping Tails' left ear so it lies on top of it. This should not be possible since Amy is in the background while Tails is in the foreground.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Les vacances en famille d'Eggman Eggman Family Vacation
Polish Rodzinne wakacje Eggmana Eggman's family vacation
Ukrainian Відпустка родини Егменів Vacation of the family of Eggman's



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