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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Eggman Empire's decal, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

The Eggman Empire,[1] currently known as the Starline Empire,[2] is a political body that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It refers to the totalitarian regime ruled by the infamous Dr. Eggman that seeks to lay claim to the entire globe. Although it has occasionally been established, the Eggman Empire has never managed to hold its ground, and merely refers to the territories Eggman has claimed and plans to claim. Its main enemies are Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies.

Recently, the Eggman Empire has been claimed by Dr. Starline for the purpose of Operation: Remaster, after he toppled Eggman as its ruler.[2]



The empire was established by Dr. Eggman, who sought to conquer the world with an army of robots. However, he was constantly impeded by the fast-traveling hero, Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies. But no matter how many times he was beaten, Eggman never surrendered and continued his ambition.[1]

Some time ago, the Eggman Empire got taken over by Neo Metal Sonic after the robot gained an independent personality and overthrew Dr. Eggman. After Team Heroes defeated Neo Metal Sonic, Eggman regained control over his empire. He also repaired Metal Sonic and removed his rebelliousness from his coding.[3]

A while after that, the Eggman Empire went to war with the Black Arms when they invaded the world. Thanks to the empire's help, the heroes of the world managed to last long enough to defeat the Black Arms.[4]

The Eggman War

The Eggman Empire Fortress, the site of the final battle during the Eggman War, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

In the recent past, Dr. Eggman managed to expand the Eggman Empire across the majority of Sonic the Hedgehog's world after catching Sonic off-guard and imprisoning him. However, a resistance army soon formed to bring down the empire's regime and managed to free Sonic from his incarceration.[1][5]

The Eggman Empire was also opposed by a group of independent mercenaries called the Diamond Cutters, who were responsible for numerous attacks on the empire's bases. But then at some point, Eggman got into contact with the team's infiltrator, Mimic, who agreed to betray his comrades and lead them into a trap in exchange for being forgiven of his "crimes" against the doctor. Mimic lead his team into a seemingly empty base where most of them were eliminated in a room filled with Shadow Androids. After Eggman had pardoned Mimic though, he noticed that the team's scout, Whisper was still alive and sent Mimic to finish the matter or else. Mimic failed to find her, so he used her Wispon and his own mask that was identical to hers as proof that the job was finished, thus fooling the doctor into believing that all the Diamond Cutters had been eliminated.[6]

In hopes of having a superweapon on his side for the war's final battle, Eggman began the process of upgrading Metal Sonic back into Neo Metal Sonic again.[3] Before Neo Metal Sonic could be completed however,[3] Sonic and the Resistance defeated Eggman and broke the empire's control over their world.[1] In the aftermath, Eggman disappeared, leaving the Eggman Empire's army directionless[1] and causing the scattered Badniks to randomly attack anyone they came across.[7]

Soon after, Neo Metal Sonic was completed. Seeing the state of the Eggman Empire, Neo decided to take it upon himself to continue the doctor's legacy by assuming Eggman's persona and lead the Eggman Empire for the doctor, his goal being to help the Eggman Empire conquer the world and then hand the control of the world over to Eggman once he found him.[3]


Neo Metal Sonic's first known move was making the Eggman Empire's scattered Badniks attack towns in a more organized manner, mainly to act as trials for Sonic.[1][5][7][8] After learning Knuckles the Echidna had abandoned his post on Angel Island, Neo Metal Sonic decided to plot a course for the island.[8]

The Fate of Dr. Eggman

Following an unforeseen encounter between Sonic, the Chaotix and his troops, Neo Metal Sonic had the Eggman Empire mobilize the Egg Fleet for a trip to Angel Island.[4][9] On his way to join the Egg Fleet though, Neo Metal Sonic had a brief encounter with Sonic, who managed to escape Neo's clutches after learning of his motives. Although Sonic had been alerted to Neo Metal Sonic's activities, Neo Metal Sonic proceeded with his master plan by invading Angel Island.[3] In no time at all, Neo Metal Sonic conquered Angel Island and seized the Master Emerald for himself.[10]

Battle For Angel Island

Master Overlord, from Sonic the Hedgehog #10.

With Angel Island turned into a flying fortress under the control of the Egg Fleet and the Master Emerald in his possession, victory seemed all but certain for Neo Metal Sonic. However, the Resistance and their allies soon made an attempt to liberate Angel Island. Upon their arrival in a battleship, the Egg Fleet shot their vessel down. However, the heroes still made it onto Angel Island. There, most of the group worked on breaking the Egg Fleet's control over Angel Island while Sonic and Knuckles confronted Neo Metal Sonic inside his fortress on the island.[11] However, while the heroes were succesful in freeing Angel Island, Neo Metal Sonic managed to complete his plan for turning himself into Master Overlord by combing Sonic and Shadow's bio-data with the power of the Master Emerald.[12] However, Master Overlord was eventually defeated by Sonic and his allies, causing him to de-transform back into an offline Metal Sonic. With that, the Eggman Empire was left without a leader again.[13] However, in the meantime, Dr. Starline successfully managed to find Dr. Eggman and help him recover from his last defeat, allowing the doctor to take his rightful place in the Eggman Empire once again.[14]


Beginning a new plan for world domination, Eggman created the Metal Virus. Upon seeing it exhibit the ability to turn organics into metallic slaves, Eggman hastily began implementing it into the next phase of his plan.[15][16] He had Rough and Tumble face Sonic and Amy in Echo Mine but secretly equipped them with backpacks filled with Metal Virus that would swiftly turn them into Zombots. In the skirmish between the four, Sonic was infected.[17] Eggman moved on and began infecting several towns and cities with the Metal Virus in order to expand his new army.[18]

Tangle & Whisper

With Mimic still an affiliate of the Eggman Empire, Whisper chased down Mimic to Spiral Hill Village, where the mercenary escaped her. He later left her a message proposing a duel.[19] At the site of their duel, Mimic set a trap for Whisper and Tangle in an abandoned Eggman Empire bunker. He then managed to trap Tangle in a safe and fight Whisper. Ultimately, he managed to mentally weaken Whisper and escape from the bunker when it exploded.[20] Mimic later returned to the ruins of the bunker to search it for evidence of Whisper's death. At the same time, he contacted Dr. Eggman, who was furious at him for his unfinished work. After a while, Mimic found a message on the ground that confirmed the girls were still alive and that Whisper awaited a final duel with him. Mimic decided to fight, but asked Eggman to send backup.[6] The Eggman Empire provided Mimic with an army of Badniks that were used to distract Whisper at the Diamond Cutters Base. All of them, however, were shot down by Whisper, and Mimic was defeated during the fight against her and Tangle. He was then locked up in a special cell designed by Tails, who had him transported to the nearest prison.[21]

Crisis City

While continuing to spread the Metal Virus across several settlements, such as Seaside City, Floral Forest Village and Sunset City,[22][23][24][25] Eggman discovered that the virus had begun mutating beyond his control, which resulted in the Zombots no longer listening to his commands.[23]

The Last Minute

After dispatching a batch of the Metal Virus in Central City,[26] Eggman and Starline eventually attempted to find working radio frequencies to control the Zombots with once again but to no avail. After Sonic had intercepted the duo, they retreated to the Faceship, where Eggman learned from Orbot that the Faceship had distributed a batch of Metal Virus down to Spiral Hill Village.[27]

All or Nothing

The Deadly Six are brought onto the Faceship, from Sonic the Hedgehog #25.

Having grown disillusioned by Eggman, Starline went behind Eggman's back and invited the Deadly Six onto the Faceship in an attempt to use the Zeti's powers to control the Zombots. Metal Sonic was unable to attack them as he was rendered powerless against Zavok's electromagnetism. Furthermore, Starline failed to control the Deadly Six properly with a Cacophonic Conch. Starline then opened a Warp Portal to get away from the Zeti, with Eggman and Metal Sonic following along. After they linked up with the heroes on Angel Island and told them of the Deadly Six's takeover, they soon learned from Rouge (who snuck onto the Faceship days earlier) that the Zeti were planning to control the Zombots by using the Chaos Emeralds to boost their powers. Eventually, the group devise a plan to have Sonic become Super Sonic and warp the virus away with the Warp Topaz. However, when Starline disagreed with this reckless plan and tried to leave, Eggman fired Starine from the Eggman Empire and forcibly took the Warp Topaz from him and left Metal Sonic to toss him away.[28]

The Warp Topaz was used to build a Multi-Portal Generator that would help send the survivors to the Deadly Six' locations simultaneously.[29] After all the Chaos Emeralds had been assembled, most of the survivors returned to the island to find that Zavok had found their location in the Faceship. Rouge managed to crash the Faceship after removing the ship's power source, leaving Orbot and Cubot to flee. This did not do much damage to Zavok and he grew into his large form to attack the island with fireballs and Zombots.[30] Eventually, with help from Metal Sonic, Sonic and Silver became Super Sonic and Super Silver, defeated Zavok and began to send the Metal Virus away from the world via a Super Warp Portal through the Warp Topaz. However, after Super Sonic tried ditching the Warp Topaz in the portal, a large explosion occurred that he disappeared through.[31]

Out of the Blue

Eggman prepares to fight his enemies in his Giga Omega mecha, from Sonic the Hedgehog #32.

With everyone concerned over Sonic's disappearance, Eggman made his escape with the Restoration's final Rescue Shuttle with Metal Sonic, Orbot and Cubot. Coincidentally, Omega's head was found onboard, prompting Eggman to devise a plan to use him against the heroes. Shadow tried stopping the ship but was slowed down by Metal Sonic.[32] Later, Eggman completed Omega's reconstruction and welcomed the wayward (but immobile) E-100 model back to the Eggman Empire. Orbot reported to Eggman that the Zombots did a number on his bases, and while Zavok was defeated and imprisoned, the other members of the Deadly Six were still at large. Realizing that there was nothing for it, Eggman decided to move onto his next project before Sonic could inevitably return and ruin it. He also had to factor in the Deadly Six since the Cacophonic Conch was lost in the Faceship crash, meaning he was quite defenseless against them. Eggman then remembered that Starline was another potential concern but he did not know where he was. The doctor later crashed Tangle's party in Spiral Hill Village with his Giga Omega mecha.[33] With Omega serving as his mecha's core, Eggman planned to eliminate the enemies of his who were attenting the party. However, his plan was ultimately foiled when Sonic returned and freed Omega. Afterward, Eggman left to plan new schemes for his empire.[34]

Bad Guys

At Egg Base Sigma, the local Badniks discovered Dr. Starline was intruding on the base. Although Starline tried to fight back, the Badnik forced him to flee the site.[35] Soon after though, an Eggman Empire warehouse containing Power Cores was raided by Starline's new crew consisting of Rough, Tumble, Mimic and Zavok. Although the villains were able to cover their tracks by making it seem like Sonic had attacked it, Eggman knew something was wrong when he came to check up on the warehouse.[36] Next, Starline's crew took over one of the Eggman Empire's few Eggnet hubs. There, Starline tried to mislead Eggman about the attack on the hub by sending him the wrong coordinates. However, all it did was give Eggman an additional spot to check out. Meanwhile, after Starline found Egg Base Sigma on the Eggnet, his allies turned on him. Mimic in particular forced Starline to delete his files on the Eggnet while Zavok made him put all the Badniks in the region under Zavok's command.[37] However, Starline managed to escape his allies-turned-enemies. Once the Eggnet hub's computer was left unguarded, Starline returned to it and erased Egg Base SIgma from the database and put it under his control. Eggman soon after showed up at the Eggnet hub, and, after a fierce battle between him and Zavok with theri respective forces, reduced the hub to rubble.[38]

Chao Races and Badnik Bases

Evenutally, Sonic and Tails visited an abandoned Eggman Empire near Windmill Village in order to the the ciphers for Omega's blueprints. Meanwhile, Belle the Tinkerer secretly followed them.[39] While Tails tried to hack into the Eggnet however, Belle was discovered by Sonic, who had a brief scuffle with her before Tails deduced that Belle meant no harm. However, Tails' inattentiveness resulted in an alarm going on the base, which activated the beats and Egg Keepers guarding the base.[40] Fortunately, Sonic, Tails, and Belle managed to escape the base together.[41]

Test Run!

An Egg Viper facing Sonic's gang in Eggman's test chamber, from Sonic the Hedgehog #39.

An Eggman Empire facility with weather-controlling capabilities later appeared outside the coast of Seaside City.[42] This facility contained space-circumventing test chambers where Dr. Eggman would test out his next generation of robots.[43] Upon discovering this facility, Sonic, Tails, and Amy went to investigate it. After arriving there and taking out some Badniks however, they accidently got stuck inside one of the facility's test chambers.[42] During an attempt to escape the test chamber after overloading it, the group managed to enter another test chamber.[42][43] Detecting the heroes' intrusion, Orbot and Cubot reported it to Eggman, who decided to take advantage of the situation. Eggman thus contacted Sonic and co. inside the test chamber and told them of his intention to use them as test dummies. Meanwhile, the facility got infiltrated by Tangle and Belle, who, after discovering of Eggman's ploy, began looking for Sonic's group.[43] Sonic, Tails and Amy subsequently faced several Quasi-Badniks sent after them by Orbot and Cubot, while also struggling with the test chamber's gravity that Eggman decided to mess with. Afterwards, Eggman deployed several Egg Viper variants to face the trio. Meanwhile, Orbot and Cubot were apprehended by Tangle and Belle. The pair of robots soon after failed to stop Tangle from heading into one of the test chamber portals.[44] Arriving inside the test chamber holding Sonic's gang, Tangle helped subdue the Egg Vipers. Meanwhile, Eggman got temporarily distracted by Belle, whom he recognized as a Badnik he had created while he was the amnesiac "Mr. Tinker". Eventually, Eggman tried one final attack on Sonic and co. with his Egg Vipers, but all four heroes managed to escape the attack and the test chamber in time. However, due to Tangle's interference, the tower had begun collapsing. While the heroes managed to escape with Orbot and Cubot in time, the tower soon imploded, leaving no trace of it behind. Afterwards, Orbot and Cubot went on a vacation from their duties in the Eggman Empire.[45]

Zeti Hunt

As the Eggman Empire's next move, Eggman began hunting the Deadly Six to take them out before they could pose a threat to him. When Eggman arrived in Winterburg in a mecha however, he ended up fighting Sonic. A few days later, Eggman was forced to retreat from his local Egg Base when Sonic destroyed it.[46]

Deep Trouble

Traveling to Angel Island, Eggman would mine for rare minerals in the underground of Marble Garden. However, his reckless drilling caused some unusual quakes in the region that caught the attention of Knuckles. As such, Eggman eventually came across Team Heroes in Marble Garden, prompting him to battle them with his mining vehicle. After Team Heroes brought down Eggman's vehicle, Eggman escaped Angel Island in his Egg Mobile.[47]

Imposter Syndrome and Trial by Fire

Egg Base Alpha was soon after infiltrated Dr. Starline, Surge and Kit. While Starline ventured to the base's control tower, where he would pay a brief visit to the base's Egg Cave, Surge and Kit headed for the comms tower. At the latter's location. Surge held off an Egg Breaker while Kit disabled all outgoing communications from the base. After the Egg Breaker was destroyed by Surge and Kit, Starline managed to take control of Egg Base Alpha and its Badniks with his override program. Following then a brief meeting with Surge and Kit in the control tower, Starline went to work cleaning up the base so that Eggman would not discover their intrusion.[48]

Later, Eggtropolis came under attack by Starline, Surge and Kit, who plowed through the city's Badniks. Meanwhile, Orbot and Cubot would return to the Eggman Empire from their vacation in time to help Eggman with the attack. With Surge and Kit distracting Eggman and his forces, Starline went to Eggtropolis's server to upload his override program. In the meantime, Eggman, his focus fully on Surge and Kit, sent Metal Sonic after the pair. As Metal Sonic got defeated by the pair however, Eggman discovered Starline's intrusion, only for Starline to then activate his override program, thus bringing all the robots in the Eggman Empire under Starline's control. With his workers turned against him, Eggman retreated to his Memorial Garage to plan his counterattack. In the meantime, Starline assumed control of Eggtropolis and, by extension, the Eggman Empire, which he renamed the "Starline Empire". He then had his override code sent through the Eggnet, ordering all the world's Badniks to assemble in Eggtropolis in order to lure Sonic and Tails to their doom as a part of Operation: Remaster. Soon after, an entire army of Badniks arrived in Eggtropolis.[2][49]

Armed forces and enforcers

The Eggman Empire commands a sizable proportion of military forces. With the engineering genius of Dr. Eggman at the helm, the empire possesses disastrously destructive machines, nigh-impenetrable fortresses, diabolical robots, and tools of Eggman's own design.[1]

Foot soldiers

  • Badniks: The Eggman Empire's brand of mass-produced robot forces. They serve as the empire's main foot soldiers. Various forces of Badniks occupy various regions of the world to supplement Eggman and his lackeys. While many of the Badniks consist of robot models based on non-anthropomorphic animals, their rosters also include models with more humanoid and weaponized designs.
    • Super Badniks: Special Badniks that are more powerful and far more lethal that the regular Badniks.
    • Quasi-Badniks: Fusions between two or more Badniks that possess all of the abilities of fused Badniks in question.
  • Shadow Androids: Android copies of Shadow that Eggman mass produced for his own personal gain.
  • Freelance operatives: In addition to robots, the Eggman Empire sometimes employs mercenaries, such as Mimic, Rough, and Tumble, whom are equipped with weapons designed by Eggman or has support provided in the form of Badnik troops. Typically, however, these employments tend to be short-lived due to Eggman's poor disloyalty and poor leadership.[14][15][17][6][21][35]

Fleets and cruisers

  • Egg Fleet: The Eggman Empire's aerial assault armada.
  • Faceship: Eggman's flagship that was used to dispense the Metal Virus around the world.

Piloted mechs and vehicles

The Eggman Empire has a several machine units that can operate independently or with a pilot. These include:


The current capital of the Eggman Empire, Eggtropolis, from Sonic the Hedgehog #49.

While the Eggman Empire has rarely gained a substantial amount ground, it has still managed to build bases within certain territories that give the empire a degree of control in some parts of the world. However, its influence is kept at bay thanks to the efforts of Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies:


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