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Long live the Eggman Empire.

Sonic Adventure 2 dark side trailer

The Eggman Empire (エッグマン帝国 Egguman Teikoku?), also called Eggmanland (エッグマンランド Eggumanrando?) and previously referred to as the Robotnik Empire,[note 1] is a political body that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It refers to the totalitarian regime ruled by the infamous Dr. Eggman who seeks to lay claim to the entire globe. Although it has occasionally been established, the Eggman Empire has never managed to hold its ground, and merely refers to the territories Eggman has claimed and plans to claim.

In his bid to establish the Eggman Empire as the world's dominant superpower, Eggman continuously seeks to establish Eggmanland, a city from where he plans to spread his rule from.[4][5][6] Every time Eggman has hatched an evil plan for the Eggman Empire though, Sonic and his friends have been there to stop him.[5]


Gates of Eggmanland

Eggmanland, the proposed capital of the Eggman Empire, from Sonic Unleashed.

The Eggman Empire is a political unit that advocates a global government ruling all of earth (and possibly even all of Sonic's universe[7]). Its capital is called Eggmanland, where the regime's influence is planned to be spread from.[4] The country is a totalitarian dictatorship in which all of the power is concentrated into the hands of Dr. Eggman. The country also has a cult of personality towards the doctor's image, as evidenced by the various titles and statues honoring him found in many of the empire's territories. The Eggman Empire employs propaganda and pressure to legitimate governments to assert its sovereignty, and spreads false or misleading claims such as that Eggman is actually benevolent or that the inability to think is akin to "living the good life".[8][9][10]

Join the Eggman Empire city

Illustration of a city under the Eggman Empire's control, from Come Join the Eggman Empire!

The Eggman Empire noticeably shows a total disregard for nature and prioritizes heavy industrialization, putting robotics and machinery over anything else and even advocating a world with only these two and nothing else.[7][11][2] An Eggman Empire propaganda illustration of a society under the control of the regime shows a grim environment overrun with industrial facilities.[8] No signs of flora and fauna are seen in most areas under Eggman's rule, with territories that showed abundant wildlife being heavily polluted under the empire.[7][12] Additionally, the overwhelming pollution caused by the facilities in the empire makes it impossible to breath the clean air needed to survive in the vicinity.[8] There is no regard for the inhabitants of the regime, who are ruled through fear or enslavement[13][14] thanks a process known as robotomy that turns them into mindless military robots working for Eggman.[8]

While the Eggman Empire refers to all the areas controlled by Dr. Eggman, the empire in itself does not actually exist; the scientist constantly strives to establish it with various plans, several of which involve the use of ancient, powerful artifacts and/or deities. While the regime is always establishing cities and military factories, these locations usually end up being decimated by the efforts of Sonic and his allies.[15]



For many years, Dr. Eggman himself would dream of annexing the whole world into his own Eggman Empire to create a utopia he dubbed Eggmanland,[4][16] unifying the entire planet into a single, global political body. It was the doctor's evident selfishness and lack of common sense[17][18] that convinced him that a world government under his hands would turn the planet into a much better place and benefit all of its inhabitants.

In his bid to conquer the world and annex it into the Eggman Empire, Eggman would establish MeteorTech. Despite appearing as a legitimate weapons/security manufacturing company, the doctor was using it to seed his robots everywhere. When ready, he would then issue a call to them to make them start a rampage that he could use to take over the world and then finally build Eggmanland.[19][20] He also began planning to build an interplanetary amusement park to harness the Wisps' Hyper-go-on.[21][22]


During the South Island incident, Dr. Eggman heard of legends claiming that the six Chaos Emeralds were hidden on the island. Seeking to find the Emeralds and exploit their power to expand his empire on a global scale, the doctor invaded South Island and kidnapped the local Animals to turn them into robotic soldiers known as Badniks.[23] However, the scientist's plans were put to ruins when Sonic found the Chaos Emeralds first and set the Animals free, before invading the villain's base and making it crumble down.

Little Planet under Eggman's control

The mystical Little Planet having been chained to earth by Dr. Eggman's empire, from Sonic the Hedgehog CD.

Next, Eggman attempted to find the seven Time Stones on Little Planet when the tiny planet appeared over Never Lake, but this plan was foiled by Sonic too. He then set his sights on West Side Island, where the six Chaos Emeralds, along with a seventh one, were said to lay dormant in the aftermath of the incident on South Island. This time around, he wanted to use the Emeralds to fuel his most powerful weapon, the Death Egg, a massive space station to take over the planet with.[24][25] However, Sonic and his new ally, Miles "Tails" Prower, were able to liberate West Side Island from the doctor's forces and make the Death Egg crash-land on Angel Island.[24] Detecting the power of the incredibly powerful Master Emerald there, Eggman plotted to use it to energize the Death Egg and resume his plans for world conquest. He subsequently built a base on the island to repair the space station with while transforming the island and producing new Badnik workers from the island's Animals.[26] He also met Knuckles the Echidna, the sole inhabitant and guardian of Angel Island. Passing himself off as a benevolent scientist who had come to study the Death Egg, he tricked him into thinking that Sonic and Tails were coming to the island to steal the Master Emerald.[24][27] The echidna thus aligned himself with the scientist, thus unwillingly helping him with his plans. Knuckles and Eggman would attack Sonic and Tails several times when they arrived on Angel Island. Eventually, the Death Egg was fully repaired, and the doctor was able to relaunch it relatively undisturbed into the skies. However, Sonic and Tails were able to board the station in time and make it crash again, this time on Lava Reef. Eventually stealing the Master Emerald from the Hidden Palace for his space fortress while Knuckles was fighting Sonic, Eggman was able to escape with the massive gem and use it to re-launch his craft once more. However, after the Death Egg had made it into space, Sonic and Tails would engage the scientist and his Master Emerald-powered Giant Eggman Robo onboard the vessel. Upon the villain's defeat, the fortress was destroyed. the doctor then made a final attempt to escape with the massive gem in his Final Weapon but was defeated by the hedgehog. Sometime later, an Eggrobo and Mecha Sonic Mk. II attempted to steal the Master Emerald, but they were stopped by Knuckles, with the unexpected help from Sonic.

Later, Dr. Eggman would make several attempts to establish his empire, but all of these were in vain. Eventually, he made an attempt to establish Eggmanland, which he sought to build over the ruins of Station Square after destroying it. To do that, he released an ancient deity called Chaos from the Master Emerald and searched for the Chaos Emeralds in order to make Chaos evolve into Perfect Chaos and have it destroy Station Square. Eggman also prepared Final Egg and the Egg Carrier. However, his plans went south when Sonic and his allies ruined his operations and Chaos turned on him, leaving it to the heroes to stop it.

Long Live For His Empire

Dr. Eggman's threatening message to the world, from Sonic Adventure 2.

Soon after, Eggman took another drastic effort to establish his Eggman Empire. Learning of the Guardian Units of Nations' (G.U.N.) top secret weapon called Shadow the Hedgehog that his grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik, had created, the doctor attacked Prison Island and released the black hedgehog, who turned out to be the "Ultimate Lifeform". Shadow promptly led Eggman to Space Colony ARK, where he had him take control of the Eclipse Cannon, a weapon capable of destroying planets that was created by Gerald. The scientist thus planned to supply it with the Chaos Emeralds and use it to force the President of the United Federation to surrender, thereby establishing the Eggman Empire on a global scale. He was also joined in his campaign by Rouge the Bat, who was secretly an agent working for the government. After getting six Emeralds, Eggman demonstrated his newfound power to the world by blowing up half of the moon, before forcing the world to surrender itself to the Eggman Empire's rule. However, Eggman ended up saving the world alongside Sonic and his allies when his scheme to use the Eclipse Cannon led to the activation of a program onboard the Space Colony ARK installed by his grandfather that would have destroyed the planet.

A few failed attempts to establish the Eggman Empire had followed suit, including building various new space stations for his agenda. Eventually, Neo Metal Sonic imprisoned Dr. Eggman and took control of the empire in his bid to establish his own global robot kingdom, and finally defeat his rival Sonic for good. To this end, he mobilized the doctor's Egg Fleet to launch a full-scale assault on the world while copying the data of Teams Sonic, Dark, Rose and Chaotix, who got caught up in the events. At the same time, Eggman hired Team Chaotix to find and release him. In the end though, Neo Metal Sonic was defeated by the combined forces of the four teams and was reverted to his original form. Meanwhile, the scientist took back control of the Eggman Empire, although not before trying to avoid paying the Chaotix for their services. At a later point, the villain would attempt to exploit the destructive powers of the ancient weapon Gizoid to conquer the world.

Shadow the Hedgehog Eggman and Egg Pawns

Eggman mobilizing his troops during the Black Arms' invasion, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Soon after, the Eggman Empire waged war against the Black Arms when they invaded the earth, as Eggman could not establish his empire if the aliens destroyed the planet.[28] He also had to contend with being attacked by G.U.N. as well. At the end though, the doctor helped with the attack on the Black Comet and the eventual destruction of the Black Arms, thus saving his plans for the Eggman Empire.

Eggman would later have several interactions with his descendant from the far future, Eggman Nega. Together, these two teamed up twice to create a universe-encompassing Eggmanland upon Sonic's universe and the Sol Dimension. To pull off this scheme, they sought the power of both the Chaos Emeralds and the Sol Emeralds. However, both of their plans were foiled thanks to the combined efforts of Sonic and Blaze. Additionally, on two occasions, Nega would overthrow Eggman and attempt to destroy the world while disguised as his ancestor, first by turning the planet into cards, and later by unleashing the Ifrit. Thanks to the combined efforts of Sonic, his friends, and Eggman himself, Nega's plans were never realized.

Various encounters with the Eggman Empire, the Babylon Rogues, and Sonic and his team would occur in the next few incidents. Also, in an aborted timeline, Eggman learned of the Flames of Disaster and Mephiles the Dark, both of whom were the respective halves of Solaris, a deity with the power to reshape time itself. He thus sought to gain control of the deity's power and use it to dominate the world with his empire across all of time. To this end, he attempted to kidnap Princess Elise the Third of Soleanna, who held the Flames of Disaster inside her. He also managed to secure the Scepter of Darkness, which contained Mephiles. However, despite numerous attempts to secure both Mephiles and the Flames for himself, Eggman's plan was ultimately thwarted by Sonic and his numerous allies. The doctor would later ally himself with his enemies to help destroy Solaris when the deity was reformed and sought to destroy time. When history was later rewritten so Solaris never existed, the Eggman Empire's plans for Solaris never came to be.

During the Dark Gaia incident, Eggman launched a space armada under the guise of seeking to conquer the world. In fact though, this was all a part of a plot to lure Sonic and the seven Chaos Emeralds to his Chaos Energy Cannon. Tricking Super Sonic into the heart of the cannon, the doctor used the power of the Emeralds to break the earth into several fragments, thereby leading to the premature start of the time of awakening, where two primordial entities - Dark Gaia and Light Gaia - would clash. Eggman then ejected Sonic, who had become Sonic the Werehog in the process, from the Chaos Energy Cannon. As the next part of his plan, Eggman sought to harness Dark Gaia's power in order to use its energies to fuel the construction efforts of Eggmanland. Although the beast's dispersion across the globe put a hamper on his plans, the doctor soon gathered enough of its energies to finally build his city on a small continent. Unfortunately for Eggman, Eggmanland got torn down after Sonic and Light Gaia arrived in the city. It then seemingly collapsed in on itself when the hole leading to the earth's core that it was built upon was opened. In addition, Eggman was unable to control Dark Gaia, who swatted him away before being stopped by Sonic.


The Eggman Empire's army invading Planet Wisp, from The whisper of invasion.

Next, the Eggman Empire took over numerous planets populated by Wisps with the purpose of draining them of their powers, which were to serve as energy sources for a Mind Control Ray with which Eggman planned to brainwash the population of the earth into serving him. To have easy access to the planets, the doctor dragged the planets to Sonic's world and made them a part of an interstellar amusement park known as Egg Planet Park, which he claimed to the public was built as an apology for his past misdeeds. Sonic and Tails soon discovered though that behind the benevolent façade of the park, Eggman was kidnapping the Wisps left and right. Although the doctor got surprisingly close to getting everyone on Sonic's world under his control, an energy leak in the cannon made by Sonic caused the mind control cannon to malfunction and create a black hole that destroyed the entirety of Egg Planet Park. Despite this, Eggman decided to destroy Sonic anyway, but was eventually defeated and left stranded in space. There, he came across the Time Eater, an entity with the power to erase time and space. Hatching a new plan to ensure the Eggman Empire's dominance, he took control of the monster and began erasing Sonic's actions from history, which in turn would undo the empire's past defeats and ensure its rule over the world. As the universe fell into chaos, Eggman used the Time Eater to kidnap the hedgehog and his friends and sent them to White Space, a dimension without time. He then kidnapped his past self, whom he teamed up with to perfect the Time Eater. Ultimately, however, they were defeated when they were confronted by Modern and Classic Sonic, who destroyed the Time Eater and left the Eggmen stranded in White Space.

Later, Eggman moved his empire's operations to the Lost Hex, a floating continent where he had enslaved a group of villainous Zeti known as the Deadly Six with the Cacophonic Conch and forced them into serving as his enforcers and gathering Animals for him. There, he began building an army of Badniks for his empire to take over the world with while experimenting with his Extractor, a device he had built on the Lost Hex that could extract the world's life, which he planned to use to power his ultimate weapon. However, the doctor lost his grip on the Deadly Six when Sonic got rid of the Cacophonic Conch and had to escape the Zeti when they retaliated. Eggman and his lackeys then had to team up with Sonic and Tails to stop the Deadly Six when they took control of the Eggman Empire's forces and began using the Extractor to destroy the world. After later faking his death, the scientist tried double-crossing the heroes after the Deadly Six were defeated in an attempt to take over the remains of the world using his ultimate weapon. However, he was soon defeated by the hedgehog. Tails, in turn, would use Eggman's Extractor to return the energy the machine had stolen to the world, restoring it to its former self.

SF 3D art vs Eggman alt

Eggman leading his army during the War to Take Back the Planet, from Sonic Forces.

Eventually, Eggman found a mysterious yet very powerful jewel that he dubbed the Phantom Ruby, which allowed him to control virtual reality. Soon after, he made a jackal mercenary, who would later be known as Infinite, the leader of his Eggman Army. Needing the perfect weapon to defeat Sonic and conquer the world, the doctor created several Phantom Ruby prototypes to research the powers of this gem, and implanted the real ruby on Infinite. This granted the jackal the ability to produce Phantom Copies. Using copies of Shadow, Metal Sonic, Chaos and Zavok, Infinite shockingly defeated Sonic. After that, Eggman imprisoned the hedgehog onboard his Death Egg. Without his despised nemesis to oppose the Eggman Empire, its forces conquered 99.9% of the world over the next few months, initiating a period of wars and chaos. Several places in the world and the outer space surrounding it fell under the influence from the evil scientist. In addition, paradisaical locations like Green Hill were destroyed by desertification and then industrialization to serve as a weapons depot, while industrial areas like Chemical Plant were expanded to other regions on the planet, serving as both a chemical factory and a spaceport. However, after six months of the doctor's tyrannical reign, the Eggman Empire was pushed back after Sonic broke out of prison. He, alongside Classic Sonic, the Avatar, and the Resistance, would soon after defeat Eggman and Infinite, and send the Phantom Ruby back to the past, bringing an end to the empire's rule.

Armed forces and enforcers[]

The Eggman Empire commands a sizable proportion of military forces.

Foot soldiers[]

  • Badniks: The Eggman Empire's brand of mass-produced robot forces. They serve as the empire's main foot soldiers. Various forces of Badniks occupy various regions of the world to supplement Eggman and his lackeys. Originally, the Badnik armies consisted exclusively of robot models based on non-anthropomorphic animals but have over time expanded their roster to include models with more humanoid and weaponized designs. The majority of them consist of Egg Pawns.
    • E-Series: The elite line of robot models among the Badnik hordes. These units are known for their greater autonomy, skillsets, and weapon capabilities.
      • E-100 Series: An elite force of non-mass-produced fighting robots developed by Eggman. A number of units have been destroyed and E-123 Omega is known to have defected, but a few still remain in service.
      • E-1000: A line of robots that saw multiple productions of the same model, apparently inspired by E-102 Gamma.
      • E-2000 Series: A mass-produced E-Series line consisting exclusively of E-2000s and E-2000Rs, transformable robots with devastating weapon and defense capabilities.
      • E-10000 Series: A mass-produced E-Series line consisting of humanoid robots designed especially for Extreme Gear riding.
    • Super Badniks: Special Badniks that are more powerful and far more lethal that the regular Badniks.
    • Quasi-Badniks: Fusions between two or more Badniks that possess all of the abilities of fused Badniks in question.
  • Eggman Army: An armed fighting force under the leadership of Infinite that served the Eggman Empire during the Phantom Ruby incident. This was the Eggman Empire's first organized army and served as the empire's main invasion force and subsequent enforces after it conquered the world on behalf of Eggman. The army was made up largely of mass-produced Phantom Copies of Shadow the Hedgehog, Zavok, Metal Sonic and Chaos. The army also used militarized Badniks, such as Egg Pawns, Moto Bugs and Buzz Bombers, and the mass-produced Death Egg Robots, as foot soldiers. The Eggman Army was rendered defunct after the source of its Phantom Copies were destroyed, however.
  • Freelance operatives: The Eggman Empire occasionally takes in outside criminals and agents to accomplish tasks that its standard operatives are unable to perform. However, all of them eventually left the empire due to their discontent with Eggman's traitorous or abusive ways, or due to their own personal reasons or allegiances. A few have even outright betrayed him and deliberately sabotaged his plans. Some of the freelance operatives who have served the Eggman Empire at one point or another include the Babylon Rogues, Rouge the Bat, Shadow the Hedgehog, Fang the Hunter and his gang, Mimic, Rough the Skunk, Tumble the Skunk and the Deadly Six. Of these temporary partnerships, Shadow, Fang, Jet, and Zavok (if not counting the Phantom Copy version of him.) are the only ones known to have assisted Eggman more than once. Even then, it is usually for personal reasons and not out of any loyalty or friendship, a testament to the doctor's extremely poor teamwork.
  • Infinite: Once an infamous outlaw known as the "ultimate mercenary", Infinite became the weapon he was after a run-in with Shadow, which ended in his humiliating defeat. Horrified and disgusted at his weakness, he abandoned his old identity and pledged allegiance to Eggman, who merged him with the powerful Phantom Ruby. With this power, Infinite helped Eggman expand his empire to its largest size to date, encompassing over 99% of the entire globe at its peak with Infinite serving as the doctor's second-in-command.


Piloted mechs and vehicles[]

The Eggman Empire has several machine units that can operate independently or with a pilot. These include:


While the Eggman Empire has rarely gained a substantial amount of ground, it has still managed to build bases within certain territories that give the empire a degree of control in some parts of the world. However, its influence is kept at bay thanks to the efforts of Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies, and other forces, like G.U.N.


Wherever Eggman is setting his operations, there is typically a traditional decal displayed. This decal is often also seen on his robotic creations, vehicles, battleships or weaponry. Many deadly in-game obstacles and structures are known to have Eggman's decal as well. The Eggman Empire's decal is known to have the smiling face of Doctor Eggman himself, which would be also shown everywhere on his empire, if he managed to succeed with his plans.

The earliest known stylistic "EG" logo can be found on the wings and doors of Wing Fortress Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, but it can also be seen on the right shoulder of Grounder and the driving seat of the Egg Typhoon from Sonic Drift.

The smiling face design of Eggman is introduced in Sonic Adventure, however, depicting Dr. Eggman's classic design, despite his then recent redesign. Eggman has other decals everywhere on his hidden pyramid base in Sonic Adventure 2. Sonic Heroes features another decal on the Egg Fleet which is also seen in Shadow the Hedgehog.

In Sonic Unleashed, a decal similar to the one in Sonic Adventure is used, but now with Eggman's modern design. A more complex decal is used for the Eggmanland flag in the same game. A refined version of the decal from Sonic Unleashed has been used since Sonic Colors. Sonic Forces introduces a much more elaborate decal while incorporating the decal from Sonic Colors, prominently featuring the earth with mechanical arms emerging from it, and the Eggman decal beneath it with chains.

Image Description
One of more original decal designs, but the egoism came to prevail The earliest known decal, from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
Eggman Empire The Eggman Empire decal, from Sonic Adventure. Designed by Satoshi Okano.[29]
Hidden Base's Eggman Symbol The Eggman Empire decal, from Sonic Adventure 2.
SA2 Eggman mark An Eggman decal used on the side of the Eggwalker's Jet Engine, from Sonic Adventure 2.
Egg Fleet logo An updated version of the the previous decal, used in Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog.
MyS emblem Eggman Dr. Eggman symbol used on the Egg Spring in Sonic Unleashed, and in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I.
EggmanLandFlagUnleashed Eggmanland's flag, from Sonic Unleashed.
Modern icon face Eggman The Eggman Empire decal, from Sonic Colors.
SF EggmanEmpire Eggman Empire decal, from Sonic Forces.
EggmanEmpireManualLogo Sonic Forces
EggmanChannelBGlogo Animated version of the Sonic Forces decal used for the "EGGMAN CHANNEL" event.
Superstars Eggman logo The Eggman Empire decal, from Sonic Superstars.

In other media[]


Sonic Underground[]

Robotropolis Underground

Robotropolis, the capital of the Robotnik Empire, from Sonic Underground.

In Sonic Underground, the Eggman Empire (called the Robotnik Empire) was Dr. Robotnik's own state established in order to take control of Mobius, though he would be opposed by the Freedom Fighters and the Hedgehog Dynasty (who were the as-of-uet prophecied but unformed Council of Four). Between the nobility and the poorer inhabitants of the planet, the former were largely ignored by Robotnik (since they were the source of his money) while the latter were under the constant threat of roboticization if they did not obey his cruel and oppressive laws or were of lower income.

Sonic X[]

Eggman Empire Sonic X

The Eggman Empire's decal, from Sonic X.

In Sonic X, the Eggman Empire was Dr. Eggman's own state that he sought to establish worldwide, with him as the ruling head. However, he was constantly thwarted by Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends.

While on Sonic's world, Eggman sought to spread the Eggman Empire across that planet with limited success. After being transported to Earth, he tried establishing the empire there, only to fail. After the doctor and his lackeys returned to Sonic's Zone however, the Eggman Empire would be forced to join forces with the hedgehog and his friends in order to stop the Metarex. After defeating the aliens, Eggman decided to continue his plans of establishing his empire on Sonic's world.

Books and comics[]

Archie Comics[]

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Dr. Eggman established the Eggman Empire in order to take control of the states on Mobius that his predecessor had already conquered. However, he was opposed by several other factions, such as the United Federation and the various Freedom Fighter groups, especially the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

After the Super Genesis Wave re-wrote history, the Eggman Empire's history was modified. In this new timeline, the organization was formed by Dr. Eggman after he betrayed the Guardian Units of the Nation and started the Eggman War. However, since he started his schemes for conquering Sonic's World, he would be opposed by several other factions, most notably the Freedom Fighters. After that, its past would become almost identical to its game counterpart's.


  • In Sonic Adventure 2, during the beginning scene for Hidden Base, Sonic refers to the Eggman Empire mockingly as "emperial" in the closed captioning.[30]
  • In the climax to Sonic Frontiers, Sonic was formally inducted into the Eggman Empire to prevent The End from destroying everything upon its release, although it is implied this was Eggman's way of requesting for an alliance with Sonic without giving up his pride.[31]
  • The Eggman Empire also takes internships, according to Sonic Twitter Takeover 4.

See also[]


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