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Dr. Eggman has recruited a number of powerful enemies to aid him in his selfish cause. Each has their own bone to pick with our hero...

— Description, Sonic Forces[1]

The Eggman Army[1] (エッグマン軍 Egguman-gun?) is a group that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It was an armed fighting forces under the leadership of Infinite[2] that served the Eggman Empire and played a major role in Doctor Eggman's global conquest efforts during the War to Take Back the Planet, with its soldiers consisting of numerous robots and Phantom Copies of some of Sonic the Hedgehog's mightiest rivals and foes. It was also the first organized army to work under the Eggman Empire.

After Eggman discovered and harnessed the Phantom Ruby, the Eggman Army was able to expand the Eggman Empire to its largest size to date, encompassing over 99% of the entire globe at its peak. After that however, the army began to get pushed back by the Resistance. Ultimately, the Eggman Army was rendered defunct after the source of its Phantom Copies was neutralized.



The Eggman Army has been around for an unknown period of time; when it was founded is unknown, although it originally consisted of Badniks.[2]

Following his discovery of the Phantom Ruby. Eggman had a run-in with the Jackal Squad. While battling the group, Eggman discovered he could create armies of Phantom Copies with the Ruby. After then subjugating the Jackal Squad, Eggman took a liking to the group's captain and offered to make him the leader of the Eggman Army. Wishing to change this mundane world, the captain took Eggman's offer.[2]

Having seen the Phantom Ruby's power, Eggman proceeded to test the gem,[3][4] and, after several experiments, managed to create a finalized Phantom Ruby prototype.[5] This gem got incorporated into the captain of the Jackal Squad, who sought greater strength after being defeated by Shadow the Hedgehog.[5][6] This granted Infinite (the captain from then on) the ability to create a limitless amount of Phantom Copies ready to serve Eggman.[7] Eggman thus had Infinite create Phantom Copies of Shadow the Hedgehog, Zavok, Metal Sonic and Chaos, whom he incorporated into the Eggman Army as key members.

Sonic Forces[]


The Phantom Copies standing against Sonic, from Sonic Forces.

In Sonic Forces, the Eggman Army made its first move by attacking the City with its robot infantry. When Sonic arrived to stop the invasion however, Dr. Eggman unveiled his Phantom Copies of Shadow, Zavok, Metal Sonic and Chaos. Knowing nothing of the Phantom Copies, the public believed them to be the genuine articles.[8] With the aid of Infinite, the Phantom Copies defeated Sonic, who got captured by the jackal and imprisoned onboard the Death Egg.[9] With Sonic removed from the battlefield and the support of Infinite, the Eggman Army's Phantom Copies quickly spread their army's influence and took over,[10][11] Within six months, all but a few isolated areas were under the Eggman Army's control,[10] effectively giving the Eggman Empire dominion over more than 99% of the world.

With the world under their control, the Eggman Army's factions got stationed across the globe, aiming to establish footholds in the different regions. During their six months reign however, the Eggman Army got opposed by the Resistance, a rag-tag army formed by Sonic's friends to liberate the planet.[10] However, the Resistance was unable to halt the Eggman Army's progress.[12][13] Worse yet, the Eggman Army had the world's population terrified, leaving very few willing to take up the fight against the Eggman Empire.[13][14]

Eventually, the Eggman Army encountered trouble at Spaceport when the Resistance came there and kept both them and Infinite occupied while their soldiers stole a shuttle to rescue Sonic with. Meanwhile, the Eggman Army's Chaos Phantom Copy would attack Tails in the City, all while the Eggman Army laid siege to the area. However, Chaos retreated after Classic Sonic appeared from the past and protected Tails. The two heroes then tore through the Eggman Army in the City on their way out.

The majority of the Eggman Army onboard the Death Egg later got held back by an invasion from the Resistance coming to break out Sonic.[15] While the Avatar searched for Sonic, the Eggman Army's Zavok Phantom Copy tried to take Sonic to his scheduled execution. However, Sonic managed to break free thanks to a power outage and defeat the Zavok Phantom Copy. The robots of the Eggman Army tried afterward to stop Sonic from escaping the Death Egg, only to fail when Sonic linked up with the Avatar and escaped in a shuttle. After that, the Eggman Army robots tried to stop Sonic and the Avatar from destroying Arsenal Pyramid, a factory supplying the Eggman Army with munition for their war efforts,[16] but failed.

Modern Sonic VS Infinite

Infinite preparing to battle Sonic, from Sonic Forces.

Shortly thereafter, the Eggman Army attacked the local Resistance squads in Mystic Jungle; using the Egg Fleet, the army scattered bombs all over the jungle, setting the Resistance back. Meanwhile, Infinite would come to the jungle to gather the missing Phantom Ruby prototypes. While there, he had a brief scuffle with Sonic and Silver, whom him let live in the belief that they were not worth bothering with. Tails and Classic Sonic soon after got through Green Hill's Eggman Army while looking for Eggman. There, Infinite had a meeting with Eggman to discuss current events and the plan that would wipe out the Resistance, unaware that Tails and Classic Sonic were listening in on them. At the same time, the Eggman Army would break into the City.[17] Thanks to the Avatar however, the Eggman Army was forced into retreat by the Resistance.[18] The Eggman Army subsequently experienced further setbacks when they lost dominion over Mystic Jungle, which got reclaimed by the Resistance after the Avatar, Tails and Classic Sonic took care of the robot armies there. Sometime after, the Eggman Army attacked the City again, this time with an army of mass-produced Death Egg Robots and the Shadow Phantom Copy.[8][19] Coming to the City's rescue, Sonic confronted the Shadow Phantom Copy while the Resistance kept the Death Egg Robots in check.[19] It was then that the real Shadow showed up and took out his Phantom Copy, before informing the Resistance of what the Eggman Army's Phantom Copies really were.

Eventually, the Eggman Army became undermanned at Eggman's headquarters in Metropolis, presumably from staging somewhere else as a part of Eggman's endgame,[20] which the Resistance used to launch a full-scale attack on Metropolis. Although the Resistance's attack started out strong, the Eggman Army gained the upper hand when Infinite used his powers to sent the Resistance troops into disarray. In the end, the Eggman Army won when the Resistance decided to retreat. In the aftermath, Infinite had a brief confrontation with the Avatar when they came across him, although he let them live so they could swelter in fear from knowing that Eggman's endgame was coming.

Soon after, the Eggman Army's Chemical Plant got infiltrated by Classic Sonic and Tails, whom managed to steal some important data. In the meantime, a suped-up Metal Sonic Phantom Copy would surface in the City, along with Death Egg Robots. However, Sonic and the Avatar were able to stop them, which made the Eggman Army lose their dominion over the City. The Eggman Army soon after went to deal the Avatar, who were causing a ruckus in Guardian Rock, only to fail in their task and allowing the Resistance to reclaim Green Hill. To make matters worse, it turned out the Avatar was but a distraction: while the Eggman Army was busy dealing with the Avatar, Sonic had made it through the remainder of Eggman's forces in Network Terminal and shut down the Death Egg's weapons systems from the main computer; this was all part of the Resistance's plan to destroy the power source for Infinite's Phantom Ruby onboard the Death Egg. Though the Eggman Army managed to keep the Death Egg going,[21] they could not stop Classic Sonic from destroying the Death Egg. With the Death Egg's destruction, the Eggman Army was left with only the backup power source beneath the Eggman Empire Fortress to power Infinite's Phantom Ruby.


The Eggman Army retreating from Metropolis, from Sonic Forces.

The Eggman Army in Metropolis soon after faced another attack from the Resistance, who sought to capture Eggman. During attack, Infinite banished Sonic and the Avatar to Null Space, only for the two of them to return to Metropolis soon after. In the meantime, the Eggman Army got pushed back by the Resistance's fleet,[22] before ultimately withdrawing from Metropolis. Now left with dominion over only the Eggman Empire Fortress, the Eggman Army made their stance against the Resistance when they attacked on the day of the execution of Eggman's endgame. There, hundreds of Phantom Copies of Shadow, Zavok, Chaos and Metal Sonic faced the Resistance's ground troops while the Egg Fleet engaged the Resistance's fleet in the sky. Eventually, Infinite put Eggman's endgame into effect by creating a virtual sun over the planet to drop on the Resistance with. However, the sun was undone by the Avatar in spite of the Eggman Army's efforts, leaving the remainder of the army to face the Resistance on their own.

As the Eggman Army started to get the advantage,[23] Infinite got defeated for good by Sonic and the Avatar. Despite this, the Eggman Army continued onward, right up until the Phantom Ruby's backup power source got taken out by the Resistance. Having anticipated this however, Eggman incorporated the original Phantom Ruby into his Death Egg Robot, allowing him to bolster the Eggman Army by create thousands of Phantom Copies for it. However, the Death Egg Robot soon got destroyed by Sonic, Classic Sonic and the Avatar. This resulted in the Eggman Army losing all of its Phantom Copies, which allowed the Resistance to free the world from the Eggman Empire.

Weapons and technology[]

  • Aircraft: The Eggman Army had a substantial fleet:
    • Egg Fleet: The Eggman Empire's aerial assault armada that was composed of what seemed like hundreds or thousands of battleships. Bristling with laser guns and bombardment artillery, its power in military might remained unmatched throughout the universe. The battleships themselves were streamlined with spaceship-like designs.
  • Robots: The Eggman Army commanded nearly unlimited hordes of robots developed and designed by Dr. Eggman. These included:
    • Badniks: The Eggman Empire's brand of mass-produced robot forces. They served as the Eggman Army's primary foot soldiers. The Badniks utilized by the Eggman Army were designed for military operations, with most of them being old models redesigned to be better suited for warfare. The majority of them consisted of:
      • Buzz Bomber: A bee-based Badnik unit equipped with laser stingers.
      • Chopper: A piranha-based Badnik unit known for its high jumps and sharp teeth.
      • Egg Chaser: An aerial attack drone that could fire lasers.
      • Egg Pawn: A humanoid Badnik unit equipped with laser guns. It was the most common robot in the Eggman Army.
      • Egg Tank: A beetle/tank-based Badnik unit that fired projectiles.
      • Egg Walker: A fast-running, ostrich-based Badnik equipped with missile launchers.
      • Metal Sonic: A highly advanced, ultra-performance Badnik made to resemble the greatest enemy of the Eggman Empire: Sonic the Hedgehog. This Badnik was created by Dr. Eggman to surpass Sonic in both speed and abilities. Although the real model was not utilized by the Eggman Army, the army had an unlimited numbers of Metal Sonic Phantom Copies created by the Phantom Ruby. These Phantom Copies served as one of the main soldiers of the Eggman Army.
      • Moto Bug: A ladybug-based Badnik unit.
      • Nebula: An aerial attack drone that could drop bombs.
      • Sandworm: A caterpillar-based Badnik equipped with either lasers or flamethrowers.
      • Valkeen: An aerial attack drone based on a fighter jet that would drop bombs.
    • Death Egg Robot: A titanic, mass-produced variant of the original Death Egg Robot that could operate independently. These units were equipped with massive lasers. Each one also possessed enough destructive potential to level entire urban areas. Due to their high numbers, they were an army in themselves.
  • Phantom Ruby: The main weapon of the Eggman Army. Possessing the power of "virtual reality", this gem could take control of a person's visual and depths perception to feed false information to the brain, creating a new reality for them. In short, it could create illusions so real that they could physically affect their victims. However, it needed large facilities to supply it with energy in order for it to work. Several prototypes of the ruby with similar powers were created during Eggman's experiments, the last of which was given to the Eggman Army's leader, Infinite. The Phantom Ruby and its final version were also the source of the Eggman Army's Phantom Copies.
  • Piloted mecha: The Eggman Army had a couple of machine units that could operate independently or with a pilot. These include:
    • Death Egg Robot: The signature mech of Dr. Eggman. This version of the Death Egg Robot incorporated the original Phantom Ruby, which allowed the mech to harness the full extent of the Ruby's powers, and an independent power supply for said gem, thereby making the Phantom Ruby an "invulnerable ruby". It could also overclock the Phantom Ruby and was impervious to regular tools.
    • Egg Dragoon: A mechanical dragon mech loaded with weapons. This mech was specifically designed to combat Sonic the Hedgehog.


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