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Dr. Eggman, Sonic Forces

Eggman is the first part of the third boss in Sonic Forces. He is fought in Green Hill's "VS. Eggman" stage, which is the eleventh stage in Sonic Forces, and the third stage in the game to be played as Classic Sonic.

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Eggman defeated.

The battle takes place in a familiar wide arena with two platforms on each side. Here, Eggman flies left and right with his Egg Mobile while swinging a saw blade hanging from the Egg Mobile by a chain back and forth. The player can easily hit the Egg Mobile from one of two platforms while watching out for the swinging saw blade, which will damage the player should they touch it.

After five hits, Eggman will summon the Egg Dragoon.


  • The design and location of the fight is very reminiscent to the original Egg Mobile-H fight from the first Sonic the Hedgehog game. The only difference is that the checkered ball is replaced with a deadly spinning buzz saw.
  • This is one of the three stages (and the only boss stage) that were available in the pre-release Japanese-only public demo for Sonic Forces, although the demo ends the stage early after it is played for one minute.




Name Artist Length Music Track
"Battle with Egg Dragoon Mk. II" Naofumi Hataya 3:21



Vs. Eggman - Sonic Forces

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