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Sonic Boom
Eggman: The Video Game Part 2: The End of the World/Transcript

This is a transcript from the Sonic Boom episode, "Eggman: The Video Game Part 2: The End of the World".

[Scene: Village Center, Day]

[The episode picks up where the previous one left off, with Sonic slammed into a wall with Shadow standing over him. Behind them, the rest of Team Sonic have managed to pick themselves up, but are still badly hurt.]
Shadow: Any last words, Sonic?
Sonic: [standing up] Yeah. "Volcano Wonderpants!"
Shadow: [confused] What? That doesn't even make any--
[Sonic takes advantage of the brief distraction to drive Shadow back. They start fighting and running around the village, neither of them gaining a decisive advantage in the fight. Eggman is still watching this.]
Eggman: I'm gonna look totally awesome when I superimpose my character skin over this.
[Sonic and Shadow's fight continues. Sonic rushes Shadow and tries to spin attack him, but Shadow teleports just long enough to avoid it.]
Shadow: You have the reflexes of a panther.
Sonic: [confused] Is that an insult? I thought panthers were fast.
Shadow: Maybe compared to you.
[Sonic gets an angry expression, and the fight resumes, still indecisive. Sonic and Shadow go spinning at each other, and proceed to knock each other away. Sonic slams into the well. Eggman is looking at the footage on a tablet.]
Eggman: This footage is even better than I imagined! I gotta go home and program it into my game.
[Eggman whistles, and then flies away, with the Spy Bots following. Sonic regains his feet just in time to be knocked off them again by a charging Shadow. Shadow tries to punch him, but Sonic rolls out of the way and manages to trip Shadow up. They both struggle to gain a dominant position, with Sonic finally managing to pin Shadow down.]
Sonic: Why are you doing this, Shadow?!
Shadow: [forces Sonic off, then stands] You'll pay for the things you said about me.
[Shadow slams Sonic, sending him crashing through some Meh Burger tables and chairs.]
Sonic: You mean that stuff Eggman recorded? I didn't say anything bad.
Shadow: What are you implying?
Sonic: I dunno. What are you inferring?
Shadow: That Eggman manipulated that footage? To manipulate me?
Sonic: Yeah, he'll do that.
Shadow: I cannot allow Eggman to make a fool of me. He must pay for this!
[Shadow runs off.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, Interior]

Eggman: Can't wait to see how the battle came out!
[The lair suddenly shakes violently]
Eggman: What the...?!
[The lair shakes again. On the monitor, it's revealed the shakes are being caused by Shadow slamming into the door.]
Orbot: Your new teleportation guard is working wonderfully. But I fear your wall won't hold up much longer.
Shadow: [talking to Eggman's camera] Eggman! Come out, you coward!
Eggman: I think it would be best if I gave this Shadow guy some space. Orbot! Cubot! Stall him!
[Eggman activates his wrist controller, and a pneumatic tube closes over him, pulling him upwards. Just after Eggman leaves, Shadow smashes through the wall.]
Shadow: Where is he?
Cubot: Uh... where is who?

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, rooftop.]

[Eggman flies off in his Eggmobile. Shortly after, Shadow smashes through the roof. Orbot and Cubot's heads land on the roof as Shadow streaks off after Eggman.]
Orbot: That could have gone better.

[Scene Change: Mombot's House, Interior]

[Eggman rushes into Mombot's house, and over to Morpho.]
Eggman: Steve, quick! Transform into me!
Morpho: Uh, why?
Eggman: Long story short, Shadow's gonna tear me limb from limb. He's gonna rip out my spine and play it like a xylophone.
Morpho: I didn't know Shadow was so musically inclined. But tell you what, Brobotnik, why don't you use my interdimensional portal creators to hide out in another dimension?
Eggman: Then I can con some other Eggman into being my patsy!
[Eggman activates one of the devices, opening a portal.]
Eggman: Okay, I'm about to enter a different dimension. Unless you wanna face Shadow, I suggest you try looking a little less... "Eggman."
[Eggman runs into the portal, which disappears behind him. Morpho transforms into a glass unicorn, which Mombot puts on a shelf.]

[Scene Change: Lord Eggman's Lair, roof]

[Lord Eggman is writing some formulas on a whiteboard. Eggman appears via a portal, and puts the portal generators away.]
Lord Eggman: If I can manipulate the alpha fields, tweak the gamma receptors, and gird the blender, I can fold space-time and get revenge on that infernal blue hedgehog.
Eggman: No need for all that, your Lordship! I know where he is! Nice scar, by the way. Very manly.
Lord Eggman: Me?! How did I get here?
Eggman: I came from an alternate dimension where a shapeshifting robot version of my brother from a third dimension gave me this portal gun.
Lord Eggman: Simple as that, huh?
Eggman: [suddenly turns blurry] Better hurry! Having two of us in the same dimension for too long--
Eggman & Lord Eggman: --will cause a catastrophic anomaly the likes of which mankind has never seen.
Lord Eggman: Yeah, yeah, I'm going, I'm going.
[Lord Eggman takes the portal generator, opens a portal, and walks through it. Eggman chuckles as he does.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, interior]

Tails: Oh man. Shadow really mopped the floor with us. I'm gonna be sore for weeks.
Knuckles: [pained] I can't feel my everything.
[A portal suddenly opens, and Lord Eggman steps through.]
Lord Eggman: There you are, you blue beaver! Finally, I can take you on, one-on-one.
Sonic: "Finally"? We fight all the time! [realizing] Oh, wait, are you that emo Eggman from the alternate dimension?
Lord Eggman: I'm not "emo"! I just don't care for garish colors, okay?
[Lord Eggman ignites a laser sword. Sonic spins at him, but is knocked back by a sword swing.]
Sonic: Sweet moves, Lord Nosehair.
[Sonic leaps back at Lord Eggman, eventually spindriving him through the wall.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, exterior, day]

[Lord Eggman attacks some more, Sonic barely managing to dodge. One near-miss leaves a scorch mark on his chest. Another dodge causes Lord Eggman's sword to burn through one of the supports of Tails' Workshop. He laughs evilly and raises his sword again, but is suddenly knocked away by Shadow.]
Shadow: Eggman, you shall perish for tricking me.
Lord Eggman: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I didn't trick you! I don't even know who you are!
Shadow: Your elaborate costume doesn't fool me.
Lord Eggman: Oh, I get it. The Eggman you're looking for is in another dimension.
[Lord Eggman opens a portal with the Portal Generator, and Shadow walks through.]
Sonic: I'm going through the portal into the other dimension too. You guys keep an eye on Lord Eggbutt.
[The rest of Team Sonic nods, and Sonic runs through the portal.]

[Scene Change: Village Center (alternate), day]

[Shadow and Sonic exit the portal into the alternate dimension's version of Hedgehog Village.]
Shadow: Where's Eggman?
Sonic: It's a whole different place. Eggman could be anywhere.
[A near miss from a laser blast knocks them down.]
Sonic: Or he could be right there.
[The source of the laser blast is revealed to be Metal Sonic.]
Eggman: [laughing] You know Metal Sonic, right? He's been upgraded with all the video game motion capture data I recorded.
[Metal Sonic fires another laser blast. Shadow manages to avoid it, but Sonic, still injured from his last few fights, is knocked to the ground. Metal Sonic punches down at Sonic, but Sonic barely avoids it and manages to stand up again, only to be knocked down by an uppercut from Metal Sonic. Eggman laughs. Shadow attacks Metal Sonic, but can't manage to land a hit on him. Metal Sonic grabs a street sign, whirling it like Sticks' staff. The fight resumes, Metal Sonic eventually knocking Shadow away. Shadow runs back in, joined by Sonic. Metal Sonic manages to knock both of them away with the sign. Undeterred, Sonic and Shadow run in again.]
Sonic: We have to coordinate a spin attack from opposite sides.
Shadow: I take orders from no one.
[Shadow punches Sonic away, then goes back after Metal Sonic. Sonic gets back into the fight anyway, but Metal Sonic seems to have the upper hand against both of them.]
Eggman: [pulls a rocket launcher out of his Eggmobile and aims it at them] Take that!
[The blast sends all three flying, and also shakes the Eggmobile, causing the portal generator to fall out and activate. Seeing the open portal, Sonic and Shadow manage to tackle Metal Sonic through it. Eggman quickly follows.]

[Scene Change: Tails Workshop, exterior, day]

[Lord Eggman is bound and gagged.]
Knuckles: Struggle all you want, Formalwear Eggman. We've got everything under control.
[A portal opens behind them, and Sonic, Shadow, and Metal Sonic crash through.]
Knuckles: ...Except that.
[Eggman also exits the portal, and the fight continues, going away from Tails' Workshop, through the canyon, and finally to...]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day]

[The fight between Sonic, Shadow, and Metal Sonic continues, with the rest of Team Sonic arriving, dragging Lord Eggman. Shadow charges at Metal Sonic, but is blasted into Eggman, both of whom crash into a building. Amy manages to get Tails out of the way of pieces of the building collapsing.]
Amy: Injuries or not, we've gotta step up!
[The rest of Team Sonic jumps into the fray against Metal Sonic. Sonic knocks Metal Sonic back with a spin attack. Amy attempts to hammer Metal Sonic, but it dodges, grabs a piece of metal, jabs it into a rock, and now wielding a hammer of its own.]
Amy: Hey! Hammers are my thing!
[Amy charges again, but is knocked back by Metal Sonic hammering the ground. Metal Sonic throws away the hammer and raises its fists. Tails runs up from behind, Sticks and Knuckles charge from the front. Metal Sonic takes all three down with spin attacks, then leaps away. Metal Sonic's right arm is suddenly caught by Sonic's Enerbeam. Then its left arm is caught by Tails'. It attempts to fly up, but it's leg is caught by Knuckles' Enerbeam. Metal Sonic begins to charge another blast, aimed at the still downed Amy, but Sticks sees it, and charges in, jabbing her staff into Metal Sonic's power source and shutting it down. Team Sonic cheers.]
Shadow: Look at you celebrating like the game's been won. This is only the beginning... of the end.
Sonic: All right. Kinda cryptic, Shadow. You wanna elaborate on that one?
Shadow: I'm no longer satisfied simply taking vengeance on that lackwit Eggman. I want revenge on this whole pathetic universe. That's why I took those mustached fools to a secret location.
[Team Sonic sees Lord Eggman is gone.]
Tails: With both Eggmen in this dimension, there will be a catastrophic anomaly that will destroy our entire universe!
Shadow: Now you're catching on. So long fools... forever.
[Shadow disappears. The sky begins to cloud over, and a storm begins.]
Amy: Oh no! The anomaly's already beginning!
Sticks: We gotta find those Eggmen, fast!
Tails: If I can piece Metal Sonic back together, I might be able to use its built-in homing beacon to lead us to Eggman.
Sonic: Great! Tails, you're on that. Everyone else, let's get searching.

[Montage: Sonic searches the lava-filled forest riding Blue Force One. Tails hoists Metal Sonic up with a chain. Sticks is flying Tails' plane through the storm. Tails is attempting to repair Metal Sonic, but an explosion knocks him to the floor. Despite this, Tails gets back up and goes back to work. Vector, Orbot and Cubot are searching Village Center. Tails is carefully using a wrench on Metal Sonic, tightening a bolt. Knuckles and Amy are searching underwater. Tails is typing on his laptop.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Lab, interior.]

[Outside the lab, the storm is shown worsening. Inside, Tails is almost done with Metal Sonic.]
Tails: Just one last tweak, and Eggman's homing beacon should be activated.
[Metal Sonic reactivates, then flies out through the hole in Tails' wall, Tails trying to follow.]
Tails: Hey! Wait! [activates his communicator] Sonic! Metal's beacon is homed in on Eggman, but he's moving too fast! I can't keep up!

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, Canyon, day]

[Sonic turns off his communicator and stops Blue Force One. He looks up, seeing Metal Sonic fly past.]
Sonic: Thankfully, I'm Sonic the Hedgehog.
[Sonic jumps off Blue Force One and follows Metal Sonic. As the chase leads through the jungle, Sonic barely avoids being struck by lightning.]

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, Cave, Interior]

[Metal Sonic arrives at the cave. Sonic runs past him and finds Eggman and Lord Eggman, tied together. Sonic unties them, then uses the Portal Generator he picked up earlier to open a portal.]
Sonic: Lord Eggman! You need to leave our dimension.
Lord Eggman: I'll never forget you, friend.
Eggman: Yeah, yeah, just get outta here!
[Sonic pushes Lord Eggman up to the portal, then boots him through it. Outside, the sky immediately clears up. Sonic and Eggman exit the cave. Back in Village Center, Team Sonic cheers and high fives one another. Back at the cave, Shadow appears.]
Shadow: I'm not thrilled with the results, but I must admit I'm impressed with how you saved the universe. I'll be back, Sonic. But next time, on my terms.
[Shadow vanishes.]
Eggman: Well, I almost caused the end of the world, but it was all worth it. I got great yolk-capture footage for my video game.
Orbot: About that... During the catastrophic anomaly, your evil lair was struck by lightning. All of your mo-cap files were destroyed.
Eggman: Well, there's always next season.
[The episode ends.]