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Space Armada Mincemeat

Eggman mentioning the Space Armada.

Eggman's Space Armada is a fleet of space ships built by Dr. Eggman, presumably so his empire could cause terror from the skies of his world.


The armada met its demise at the hands of Super Sonic, who made "mincemeat" of it. The hedgehog confronted Eggman himself on what appeared to be the last remaining space ship. Eggman then "surrendered" to Sonic who turned to leave, but Eggman activated a machine on board the ship that drained the power out of Sonic and the Chaos Emeralds. He proceeded to use said power to fuel a weapon that shattered the world and unleashed Dark Gaia. This also caused Sonic to transform into a creature dubbed the "Werehog", which terrified Eggman and caused him to toss Sonic out into space with the drained Chaos Emeralds. (StH: #193)


  • Although never seen directly, it can be inferred that the Space Armada are the same ones that appeared in the opening scene of Sonic Unleashed, as the story the Space Armada appeared in was an adaptation of said game.
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