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For the residence, see Doctor Eggman's Lair.

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Eggman's Lair

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Eggman's Lair[1] is the third level introduced in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. It is a route that leads through the perimeter of Dr. Eggman's evil fortress.


Eggman's Lair is situated within a narrow passage inside Dr. Eggman's high-tech stronghold. Above is a blue sky and on both sides of the level's route are giant grey and white metal walls with round grooves, some of which hold laser turrets. On these walls are occasionally high-tech doors with platforms below them that hold crates, computer screens depicting the Eggman Industries logo, Eggman devices or cages containing Lady Goat and the Walrus Male. Running between these two walls on the bottom is a rift in the ground with lava. Above this rift floats a high-tech, three-lane road.


In Eggman's Lair, the playable characters are stuck running down the level's road and can only move left and right between the road's three lanes (akin to the Quick Step). While running, the player can pick up powerups like the Shield, Score Doubler, Magnet, Enerbeam and Super Ring, and utilize gimmicks like the Springs, Hoops, Rails and Boost Pads. There are also occasionally Junctions that the player can enter to switch characters, change level, and bank Rings.

  • Laser grid blockade: Move around it.
  • Processor blockade: Jump over or move around it.
  • Panel blockade: Jump over it.
  • Laser grid blockade: Jump over it.
  • Pipe blockade: Roll under it.
  • Pillar blockade: Roll under or move around it.
  • Spike obstacle: Jump over or move around it.
  • Mine obstacle: Jump over, move around or blow it up.

Eggman's Lair has many environmental obstacles which the player can either jump over, roll under or move around. Obstacles like mines and spikes will inflict damage upon touch without protection, and falling into a pit results in a game over. There are also Eggman tech-themed blockades that cause a game over when hitting them without protection. All of these obstacles are otherwise rendered mute when Dashing.


Eggman's Lair has no set goal to reach. The only objective is to keep running for as long as possible. As such, the level cannot be completed in the conventional sense; it only ends when the player switches level or gets a game over.



Sonic fighting Dr. Eggman.

In Eggman's Lair, the player can encounter the only boss of Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom: Dr. Eggman onboard his Eggmobile. This foe can only be fought during certain events, such as "Bauble Battle" and "Egg-mania".

During the battle, Eggman will drop red and blue bombs on the road while the player chases after him. Avoid the red bombs and knock the blue bombs back at him to score points. Since this battle is meant for getting high scores, it has no conclusion and will continue indefinitely.

During the "Bauble Battle" event for the holidays of 2015, this boss battle included several Christmas motifs: Eggman was dressed up as Santa Clause, the lair included Christmas decorations, and the bombs were glass baubles.



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