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Eggman's Brother

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"Eggman's Brother" is the seventy-sixth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 9 April 2017 in France and on 22 April 2017 in the United States.


Steve Eggman comes to town, claiming to be Eggman's long lost brother. He wants to fight for good alongside Sonic and the gang.[4]



Races and species:





At the beach, the villagers and Team Sonic are having a little rest and relaxation. However, Dr. Eggman soon appears and blames Sonic for stealing his deckchair, which he had left while he went for snacks. Sonic notes that no one was guarding the spot (which one of Eggman's Scorpion Bots had failed to do), but Eggman will not hear any of this and has his Badniks attack Team Sonic. The heroes fight the robots, but Sonic keeps taking out the robots before his teammates can. With the robots beaten, Sonic traps Eggman in the sand. However, Amy, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks remonstrate Sonic for not working together with them as a team.

Returning to his lair, Eggman gets himself cleaned up when someone rings on his doorbell. Coming to the front door, Eggman, Orbot and Cubot are met by an Eggman look-a-like, but with blonde hair and a blue jacket (whom Cubot almost shoots with a Disintegrator Ray until Orbot stops him). The visitor introduces himself as Steve Eggman―Eggman's long-lost brother―and begins looking around the lair. Eggman, however, does not have the time to deal with Steve, nor does he think he is trustworthy. Ignoring Steve's offer to help him with his villainous exploits, Eggman kicks him out of his lair, during which Steve promises he will regret it.

Later in the Village Center, Sonic notices Steve Eggman come by while a reading a comic. Sonic, however, thinks Steve is just Eggman in disguise, regardless of Steve's attempts to explain himself. Eggman then appears in his Eggmobile with Decimator Bot. Upon spotting Steve though, Eggman engages in a brief scuffle with him before ordering Decimator Bot to attack Sonic. Sonic quickly lands some blows, but is soon immobilized by Decimator Bot's freeze ray. However, Steve comes to Sonic's rescue by breaking the ice holding him, and Sonic beheads Decimator Bot. With Eggman taking his leave, Sonic and Steve fist-bump. Later at Meh Burger, Sonic is telling his team about how Steve saved him, during which Steve appears, now dressed as a superhero. It is then revealed by Steve and Sonic that the latter had included the former on Team Sonic in recognition of his aid. While Knuckles notes that Steve seems untrustworthy, Amy is upset that Sonic made such a decision without consulting the team. No sooner though, Team Sonic has to head out when Tails detects an erupting volcano outside of town. The group quickly finds the guilt-tipping Gogoba Chief and some of his people stuck in the middle of a lava river that engulfed Gogoba Village. In response, Sonic brings out his flying Blue Force One and rescues one of the Gogobas. Meanwhile, Steve uses a laser to fashion a bridge from a tree, which the remaining Gogobas use to escape to safety. Sonic congratulates the proud Steve, but the rest of the team is still weary to trust Steve.

Sonic, Knuckles and Sticks later come through the Village Center, where the Fennec Shopkeeper tells them that Knuckles ate all his vegetables, followed by a glue merchant telling them that Knuckles stole his glue. Sonic and Knuckles do not believe this, but under the persuasion of Sticks, who thinks Knuckles is guilty, Knuckles decides to go into exile for the time being. As the trio parts ways however, Sticks suddenly changes into Steve without anyone seeing him. Sonic, Amy and Steve later meet up at Sonic's Shack to discuss Knuckles' exile when Sticks suddenly shows up, wanting to known the story about Knuckles' departure after hearing of it from Soar. As Sonic and Sticks argue however, Steve slips away noticed, changes into Tails, and returns to the group to express contempt at Sticks' ramblings. He also notes that he had put Sticks on the government's watch list, prompting Sticks to run away to burn some documents. Amy finds this behavior uncharacteristic for Tails, but Steve-Tails misdirects Amy by saying that he just needs someone to talk to about his recent worries. Amy thus takes Steve-Tails to a remote corner of the forest to consult with him, only for Steve-Tails to trap her with a bucket of glue. Shredding his disguise, Steve reveals his plans to destroy Team Sonic to Amy before changing into Amy. Steve-Amy then finds a sulking Sonic at his shack. Here, he lies to Sonic by telling him that Tails thinks that Sonic is running the team into the ground, which Steve-Amy agrees with. Sonic admits that he is not always a team player, but despite that, they are all still friends. However, Steve-Amy departs on a note that leaves Sonic filled with doubts about his team's future.

At Tails' Workshop, Steve-Sonic interrupts Tails during his work and tells him that it would be best the team took a break from each other. Tails refuses at first to abandon Sonic, but when Steve-Sonic insists that his mind is made up, Tails reluctantly accepts it and leaves his workshop. Taking advantage of Tails' absence, Steve changes into Tails just as Sonic arrives at the workshop. Sonic apologizes to Steve-Tails for his recent behavior and tells him that he needs the support of his best friend now that the team is in shambles. In response, Steve-Tails rejects Sonic's apology and closes the door on him with a chuckle.

Returning to Eggman's Lair, Steve meets Eggman at his front door. There, he confesses that he is not Eggman's brother, but actually a shapeshifting robot named "Morpho" from another dimension, who came to Eggman's universe after his creator (an alternate Eggman) blew up his universe. Following these revelations, Eggman understands that Morpho was always on his side. Morpho also reveals that his plan all along was to prove his worth to Eggman by infiltrating Team Sonic and then slowly break the team apart. With Sonic now vulnerable, the two head to Hedgehog Village in the Eggmobile and cause mayhem with Beetle Bots, Mantis Bots and Burnbot. When Sonic finally arrives, he realizes he has been deceived all along as Eggman reveals Morpho's plan. Overwhelmed by the many robots, Sonic finds himself cornered. In that moment however, Sonic notices that Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks have come to rescue him. As the heroes take down the robots, Tails explains that since he knew Sonic would never give up on his team, he noticed that something was amiss and began investigating. This lead to Tails finding Amy, who revealed Morpho's scheme, which in turn lead to Team Sonic's restoration. With his team back together and the robots beaten, Sonic gladly knocks Eggman and Steve away in the Eggmobile with a spin attack.

Crash-landing in the forest with Eggman, Morpho mopes over his failure. Eggman however, tells Morpho that he is so impressed by Morpho's needlessly convoluted plan that he wished he was his actual brother, which touches Morpho. Morpho then changes into a pogo stick which Eggman uses to get out of the forest.


  • Morpho becomes an associate of Dr. Eggman. He would return in future episodes as Eggman's ally.


The frame and scene numbers.

  • In the scene where the Beetle Bots move in around Sonic in the Village Center, unremoved numbers and letters from the production of this episode appear in the upper corners of the screen. Later airings of this episode fixed this by cropping the screen.


By the time of its release, "Eggman's Brother" had been in development for almost two years.[5]

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Le frère caché d'Eggman Eggman's hidden brother
Italian Il fratello di Eggman Eggman's brother
Polish Brat Eggmana
Portuguese (Brazil) O irmão de Eggman
Portuguese (Portugal) O Irmão do Eggman
Spanish (Latin America) El hermano de Eggman
Ukrainian Брат Еґмена


  • Twenty-three days before this episode aired on Boomerang, Bill Freiberger released the title card for this episode on Twitter as a teaser, believing it would air soon at that point.[6] Freiberger did the same thing again nine days before the episode's official airing on Boomerang.[7]
  • This episode was originally stated to air on 8 April 2017.[8]


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