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Eggman's Anti Gravity Ray

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"Eggman's Anti Gravity Ray"[2] is the ninetieth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 29 July 2017 in the United States and on 3 September 2017 in France.


Eggman’s anti-gravity ray causes chaos in Hedgehog Village. With newfound confidence, Cubot tries to bring enlightenment to the villagers.[3]



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It is a lazy Sunday morning at Dr. Eggman's lair, and Dr. Eggman is heading outside to get his morning paper. However, the draft blows the news paper into the his lair, scattering the papers. As he gathers his morning paper, Eggman has had enough of the Sunday draft ruining his mornings and proclaims that he is going to take Mother Nature down a peg. Back in his lab, Eggman invents an Anti Gravity Ray with which he plans to turn his lair away from the draft with. While Eggman works, Orbot and Cubot arrive with a lovingly prepared breakfast. Eggman however, pushes the breakfast down on the floor when he tries to leave. Blaming the mess on Orbot and Cubot, he orders them to clean it up while he gets his Gravity Boots and not to touch anything.

On Seaside Island, Team Sonic is having a game of soccer. Sonic however falls into a tunnel in the sand. The culprit behind this tunnel is revealed to be Knuckles, who emerges to apologize. Sonic, having had enough of telling Knuckles not to dig tunnels everywhere, tells him to stop for good. Depressed, Knuckles takes a shot with football and makes a goal, hitting Tails in the process.

Back at Eggman's lair, Orbot and Cubot arrive to clean up Eggman's mess. As they discuss Eggman's appreciation for them, Cubot accidentally knocks down the Anti Gravity Ray. This causes the device to activate, and the mess gets caught in its anti-gravity field. Orbot then correctly surmises that Eggman went to get his Gravity Boots to counteract the gravity ray, which he uses to move the trash into the trashcan. As Orbot marvels at the usefulness of the device, Cubot notes that it makes a "sweet hat too" by putting it on. Orbot tries tearing the gravity ray off Cubot, but the device is now stuck on his head, and Orbot ends up tearing off its control knob. The Anti Gravity Ray promptly activates, and Cubot, being stuck to it where it emits its anti-gravity field, floats around with it as a result. Orbot tries to help him, only to get stuck in the anti-gravity field. Eggman then arrives with his Gravity Boots, only to get caught in it too. While Eggman loses his temper over how his lackeys defied his orders, Orbot notices that the extra gravitational forces are scrambling Cubot's processors, making him crazy. Eggman calls in his robots to get the Anti Gravity Ray, but they too are caught in Cubot's gravity field. An out-of-control floating Mantis Bot then hits a switch that activates the lair's pneumatic tube systems, which sucks Cubot and those within his gravity field (including Eggman and Orbot) outside the lair until a Ball Bot plugs up the tube.

Outside, Eggman uses his Gravity Boots to free himself from the gravity field, only for the Anti Gravity Ray-wearing Cubot to get blown away by the wind with his victims, prompting Eggman to follow in the Eggmobile. Back on Seaside Island, Amy prepares to make a goal while making a speech about breaking gender stereotypes on how a female can be good at sports as a male. After Knuckles makes a profound quip that counters Amy's speech however (which Knuckles defends to his surprised friends about how he can be a feminist despite being a meathead), Sticks alerts them to Cubot, who is stealing their beach towels with his gravity field, when he passes by, with Eggman following him. Team Sonic promptly follows them to Hedgehog Village where Cubot's gravity field is picking up villagers. Eggman orders Orbot to do something since he has the Anti Gravity Ray's control knob, but it quickly devolves into a discussion with the villagers about Orbot's financial matters. Eggman decides to get the knob himself, but Cubot, in his stupor, catches the Eggmobile in his gravity field, prompting Eggman to abandon his vehicle and try a new plan.

As Cubot continues to pick up everything with his gravity field, including a cannon, Sonic has enough. Upon Sonic's request, Tails prepares a catapult for Sonic. Meanwhile, Eggman notices Sonic's attempt. Concluding that Sonic will handle this crisis somehow, Eggman abandons his attempt to stop Cubot and goes on with his day. At the same time, Sonic is launched up to the floating villagers via the catapult, and he uses a robe to tie them together. Once Sonic is back on the ground, Team Sonic begin pulling the roped villagers down from the air until Cubot has a violent system shock that gives him control over the Anti Gravity Ray. Discovering that he can now fire blasts that he can use to control gravity with, Cubot is overcome by a new sense of confidence and world perspective. Declaring everyone should ascent freely up to the stars, Cubot uses his new powers to pull the villagers Team Sonic was saving, and as well many others, into the sky. Meanwhile, Eggman is trying to order fries from Meh Burger. However, when Dave gets kidnapped by Cubot, Eggman decides to cook his fries at Meh Burger.

In the Village Center, Cubot, who is ranting about enlightenment, is kidnapping more villagers. Knuckles is getting impressed by Cubot's movement, but Tails points out that everyone caught by Cubot will eventually float up so high that they will run out of oxygen. At the same time, Knuckles gets kidnapped by Cubot. Meanwhile, Eggman is not satisfied with the fries he has made. Back to Team Sonic, Sticks is protecting the villagers from Cubot, only to get caught herself. Amy tries to save Sticks, but gets caught by Cubot too. Cubot then begins taking his victims towards space. In response, Sonic and Tails gear up in spacesuits and use Tails' Plane to reach Cubot in the sky. While the heroes dodge Cubot's gravity blasts, Orbot passes the Anti Gravity Ray's control knob to Sonic. Using his Enerbeam, Sonic reaches Cubot and uses the knob to operate the Anti Gravity Ray. After Sonic then catches a ride on Tails' Plane, Cubot tries desperately to stay in midair as everyone begin descending.

Landing on the ground, Knuckles promises not to get persuaded by charlatans again, only to get talked into a offer by T.W. Barker. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails rejoin everyone on the ground when Cubot lands, despondent over being under the effects of gravity again. In response, Knuckles tears the Anti Gravity Ray off him, returning him to normal, much to Orbot's joy. However, Sonic soon notices that his feet feels too heavy to lift. This peeks Team Sonic's interest, and they notice that the villagers are all unable to move. Tails promptly concludes that Sonic did not shut off the Anti Gravity Ray: he put in reverse. Everyone then get smashed into the ground and unable to move by the increased gravity, including Eggman, just before he can taste his perfect batch of fries. Sonic urges Knuckles to take out the gravity ray since he is closest to it, but even he is unable to get up. Making a new plan, Sonic retracts his earlier statement by telling Knuckles to dig. Once he gets it, Knuckles digs downward until he gets under the Anti Gravity Ray. Once the tunnel collapses, the device lands before Knuckles, allowing him to smash it. Everything then returns to normal and Sonic silently congratulates Knuckles

Back at Eggman's lair, Eggman, having forgone his gravity ray, is now having his robots (Orbot and Cubot included) rotate his lair manually by pushing it. However, the process is slow, and Eggman tells Orbot that they are not allowed to get inside before they are done.


  • The shade of Cubot's yellow color scheme differs between his body and gloves.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Le rayon anti-gravité d'Eggman Eggman's anti-gravity ray
Italian Il raggio anti-gravitazionale di Eggman Eggman's anti-gravity ray
Polish Antygrawitacja Eggmana Eggman's anti-gravity technology
Portuguese (Brazil) O Raio Anti-Gravidade do Eggman Eggman's Anti-Gravity Ray
Portuguese (Portugal) O Feixe Antigravitacional do Eggman Eggman's Anti-Gravity Beam
Spanish (Latin America) El rayo antigravedad de Eggman Eggman's anti-gravity ray


  • Nine days before this episode aired on Boomerang, Bill Freiberger released the title card for this episode on Twitter as a teaser.[4]
  • The opening music is a lowered and shortened version of "Morning Mood" by Edvard Grieg.
  • A soundalike of Van Halen's "Jump" is heard while Team Sonic is playing soccer.
  • A sound-alike of Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy" is heard in scene before Eggman gets affected by increased gravity.
  • Sonic's quote "Oh, great. Now he's affecting cannon." when a cannon gets caught in Cubot's gravity field is a nod to the term "canon", which is the material accepted as officially part of the story in an individual universe of that story.
    • Sonic being offended by this happening may also be a nod to the general negative reaction that is displayed by fanbases when writers alter the canon.
  • The spacesuits Sonic and Tails wore in this episode were first revealed in the Sonic Boom toyline which released action figures of Sonic and Tails in their spacesuits.
  • This episode marks the first that Team Sonic has struggled with Dr. Eggman's inventions, but does not make verbal contact with him.


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