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The Egg train[1] is a vehicle that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It is a highly technological train used by Dr. Eggman for transport of his various goods. One of the main objectives in Radical Train is to catch up to the Egg train.



Egg train from the inside.

The Egg train resembles closely an industrial train, but is built with highly advanced technology. The engine is a grey torpedo-shaped machine with yellow lights on the front, red lights on the middle and circuit-like lines running down the sides. It possesses a raised bridge on the rear with a yellow wind shield, a red roof and railing on the back. It also possesses a sharp, light grey cow catcher on the front and a large piece of plating on each side of its rear.

Features and abilities

The train's cargos ahead of Shadow.

The train holds advanced equipment inside it, such as a high-tech computers. The train also pulls a series tugs behind it, each holding a highly explosive cargo. It is worth to be noted that the Egg train is exceptionally fast, capable of keeping up with Sonic's running speed.


The Egg train plays an important role in both Sonic and Shadow's version of Radical Train, though the objectives associated with it are very different.

In Sonic's version of Radical Train, the player has to catch up to the train to rescue Princess Elise during a Super-Speed Stage while avoiding debris from exploding parts of the train.

In Shadow's version of Radical Train, the player must for the Action Stage's first section temporarily stop the Egg train in time by setting up barriers and then attack it when it comes to a stop. This pattern is repeated three times. For the second section, the player has to chase after the train on a Bike and destroy it with the vehicle's machine gun, though it is noted that more the player shots at the lower parts of the train (near the corners), the easier the mission will be.





  1. In-game file: eggtrain.xno

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