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Quotation1.svg Blast Eggman into space! One of the switches will ignite the engine of the rocket Eggman is trapped in! Quotation2.svg
Lumina Flowlight (Game Rules), Sonic Shuffle

Egg in Space is a VS 4 mini game in Sonic Shuffle.


Quotation1.svg Watch the other players so you know which switches they've already checked! Quotation2.svg
Lumina Flowlight (Advice), Sonic Shuffle

In this mini game, the players have to run around a room of 30 switches, trying to find the correct one that will launch Dr. Eggman into space. As such, it is mostly a game of luck, though keeping track of which switches have already been tried out can help. Press DreamcastA.png in order to activate a switch.

The one who finds the switch will earn 30 Rings.

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