The Egg Totem (エッグトーテム Eggu Tōtemu?) is the third boss of Sonic Advance 2. It is fought at Music Plant and is piloted by Dr. Eggman. The player has to hit the vehicle eight times to destroy it.

As the name states, Egg Totem is based off of a totem pole. An Egg Mobile is located on the top of this robot (When playing as Sonic during first time, there's a pole on the Egg Mobile that holds the rope with Miles "Tails" Prower tied up in it). Three spiked discs are attached in this robot, each being orange with gray spikes. Under the discs is a red car-like vehicle with three wheels that are black and orange, and a yellow headlight. Electricity can be seen inside the three totem poles.


After completing Music Plant as Sonic, Dr. Eggman appears and has captured Sonic's best friend, Miles "Tails" Prower. The Egg Totem does not exactly attack the player directly but will send flying disks at the player. These disks have spikes on the sides and they used to hit the cockpit and damage the mech. There are three disks and the top is the hardest to reach but makes hitting the cockpit easier. At times, a small cannon will appear at the top or bottom of the disks and and shoot a projectile in the player's direction. These cannons can be destroyed but this has no effect in the boss itself. After four hits, the boss goes to pinch mode, where disks will change places at intervals in the vehicle. After another four hits, the mech will get destroyed.

The Egg Totem reappears in the XX stage and performs the same way, but only takes four hits to defeat. When the player destroys the Egg Totem first time as Sonic, the player unlocks Tails as playable character since then. After this, the pole and Tails are not seen after the player fights the Egg Totem again. However, this doesn't occur if the player has another character in use.



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