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The Egg Tilter[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a machine created by Dr. Robotnik, who used it during the Little Planet incident.



The Egg Tilter is a small machine that consists of a metal beam with a gray gear on its left side. On its top part, it has a space for the Egg Mobile, as well as a bomb cannon on its bottom part.

Features and abilities

The Egg Tilter's cannon can fire small bombs.


Sonic the Hedgehog CD

In Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Dr. Robotnik used the Egg Tilter in an attempt to destroy Sonic in Collision Chaos. Unfortunately for him, the hedgehog destroyed the vehicle instead.


The Egg Tilter is the boss encountered of Collision Chaos in Sonic the Hedgehog CD, as well as the second boss overall in the game. It is battled by Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as by Miles "Tails" Prower in the 2011 re-release of the game.

Boss guide

The arena for this boss fight takes place within the majority of Collision Chaos Zone 3, which has been stylized as a large pinball table. The exit from this arena is at the top of the pinball table, which is blocked by Dr. Robotnik on the Egg Tilter platform. Reaching this arena is preceded by a short sequence where the playable character reaches a platform similar to the one used by Robotnik and then destroys it. From there, the path will be blocked and the boss fight begins.

For the most part, the Egg Tilter does not have any means of self-defense. Instead, the battle arena and its traps serve as its tools to victory. Around this arena are tunnels, Flippers, Springs, Bumpers and spheres. spikes also appear under the lowest set of Flippers in the arena. However, there are also power-ups for aiding the player, such as a Super Ring, a Shield, and a 1-UP. During the fight, Robotnik will attack the player by occasionally dropping a small bomb into the arena that can deal damage, unless the playable character destroys it with a Spin Attack or Spin Jump.

The main part of this boss fight is to use the arena elements to reach the Egg Tilter. After the player has successfully gotten close enough to the Egg Tilter's platform, another platform will prevent the playable character from falling back into the arena. From here, the fight is very simple. After the player has landed their first attack on the Egg Tilter, the machine will be deprived of its bomb launcher, rendering it completely defenseless. The Egg Tilter's platform will then go higher, although it will still be within the range of the Spin Jump. Another blow will make its platform raise even higher, and the next hit will knock it into the ceiling, destroying the Egg Tilter. While Robotnik will escape in his vehicle just before the collision and fly away, the player will be able to go to the Capsule.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
"Boss!!!" Naofumi Hataya 3:05
"Robotnik" Sterling w/Armando Peraza, Bobby Vega 1:25






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