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The Egg Tank is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a battle tank built by Dr. Eggman that comes equipped with powerful super weapons.



  • The Egg Tank's instrument board.
  • The back of the Egg Tank's cockpit.

The Egg Tank is a large (but flat), white and gray battle tank with red stripes on the sides and middle. It has two black wheels on the front and two tracks on the rear. Its middle contains a raised section where a futuristic cockpit is positioned, the back of which has a loader for projectiles which the Egg Tank can fire. Also, on its right side it has two rectangular cannons stacked on top of one another. One of these cannon glows red and the other glows light blue.

For tunneling underground, the Egg Tank has a long drill in red and black which can be attached to the barrel of its lower cannon.

Features and abilities

Egg Tank weapons

The Egg Tank's laser (left) and plasma ball (right).

The Egg Tanks is equipped with two cannons for main weapons. One is a "Super Weapon" which can fire an orange plasma ball that homes in on its target and traps it in a sphere when it hits, although its shot can still be deflected. The other is a "Super Duper Weapon" which shoots a powerful laser blast and is meant to counter the Super Weapon should it be turned against the Egg Tank.[1] The main cannon can as well fire heat-seeking missiles.[2] In addition to its weapons, the Egg Tank packs a lot of horsepower, being capable of pushing back the indestructible force-field from Dome-pocalypse.[3]

The Egg Tank can be equipped with a drill head, enabling it to tunnel underground in seconds, thereby allowing it to bypass aerial defenses.[3] One of its cannons can also be reconfigured to fire loadable projectiles instead of energy blasts or missiles, such as grenades.[4]

The Egg Tank possesses a verbal system check-up, and can be controlled both manually and by voice-control, though the latter tends to glitch. Other features in the vehicle include video surveillance displays, a periscope, a sound system, and a speaker.[1][2]


TV series

Season one

Egg Tank cockpit

Eggman in the Egg Tank's cockpit.

The Egg Tank was built by Dr. Eggman to defeat Sonic. Once it was ready, Eggman used the Egg Tank to attack Team Sonic during a movie night. The Egg Tank's Super Weapon was used against Sonic, but when Amy deflected it, Eggman countered the blast with the Egg Tank's Super Duper Weapon. However, a stray lightning bolt struck the blasts as they collided, creating a time loop that repeated the day's events endlessly. Eggman exploited this loop to hone his Egg Tank into a success by keeping Amy from interfering, thereby allowing him to capture Sonic. However, because the time loop would undo his work, Eggman abandoned his Egg Tank to fix this abnormality.[1]

Season two


The Egg Tank with a drill equipped.

Modified for digging, the Egg Tank was used by Eggman to invade the Unnamed Village by tunneling under its new defense. Using the Village's new defense to scatter its shots and cause untold damage, the Egg Tank was taken out by Sonic while it was pitted against the defense's force-field.[3] The Egg Tank was soon after used by Eggman, Orbot and Cubot to battle Team Sonic again, this time with delayed grenade projectiles. However, Sonic would destroy the Egg Tank by dunking one of its grenades back into its cannon.[4]

While an independent villain, Orbot used the Egg Tank to assault City Hall, only for Team Sonic to arrive. During the fight, one of the Egg Tank's missiles flew into City Hall and blew up the new villain permit's records. Orbot then abandoned the Egg Tank when Eggman arrived and made Orbot think that he used him to destroy the records.[2]


  • The Egg Tank is the first creation of Dr. Eggman's exclusive to the Sonic Boom series with the word "Egg" in its name.
  • The Egg Tank's drill uses the same model as the drill utilized by Drill Bot.


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