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The Egg Spinner,[1] also known as Doctor Eggman's final machine,[2] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a hovercraft created by Dr. Robotnik, who used it for his final showdown with Sonic the Hedgehog at the climax of the Little Planet incident.



The Egg Spinner is a one-person, spherical and gray hovercraft. It possesses four gray and yellow blades that rotate around it. It also has a cockpit with a windshield on the front.

Features and abilities

In addition to being capable of flight, the Egg Spinner can manipulate its blades, being able to rotate them, throw them towards its opponents, and even use them as a pogo spring.


Sonic the Hedgehog CD

In Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Dr. Robotnik used the Egg Spinner for his last attempt to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog in Metallic Madness. However, the mech was destroyed by the hedgehog instead. This triggered a chain reaction that made all of Metallic Madness detonate.


The Egg Spinner is the boss of Metallic Madness in Sonic the Hedgehog CD, the Windows 95 version, and the 2011 remaster; as well as the seventh and last overall boss in those games. It is battled with Sonic, as well as with Tails in the 2011 remaster.

Boss guide

Before the fight with the Egg Spinner, the player will be locked in a small room. Here, the player's objective is to destroy three Hotaru Badniks. These enemies can turn into orbs of light in order to protect themselves from harm while moving. Every now and then however, they will stop up and show themselves in order to fire a downward pillar of electricity. At first, the player is only faced with one Hotaru. Upon destroying it however, two more will appear. After destroying them though, the door on the right will open, which will lead to the arena with the Egg Spinner.

The arena itself is partially hidden behind a metal curtain. After a while though, it will unveil itself, revealing the Egg Spinner. In the 2011 remaster, two additional blue laser walls will also appear, thereby limiting the arena's size to that of its dimensions in the original game. The fight consists of four phases, which will transition to the next after each hit landed on the Egg Spinner.

During the first phase, the Egg Spinner will have all four of its blades. First, they will rotate around the Egg Spinner's cockpit, and the Egg Spinner itself will make three passes over the arena. After that, the Egg Spinner will stop in the center of the arena and descend to above ground level. The blades themselves are used here to support the Egg Spinner's cockpit. The Egg Spinner will then start to "roll" around the arena with the help of its blades. First, it will move towards the playable character, before moving to the other side of the arena. The player cannot hit the Egg Spinner at this point without taking damage. Instead, they must stand in one of the corners of the arena to avoid getting hit by the Egg Spinner's blades. Once at the edge of the arena, the Egg Spinner will rise up and makes three passes across the arena again. This time however, after stopping, it will rise up to the ceiling and drop all of its blades, which will fall into the arena from above after a short while. When they hit the floor, the blades will disappear, but new ones will quickly emerge from the Egg Spinner as it slowly lowers itself towards the ground. This time, however, it does not make contact with the ground. Instead, it stops up and extends its blades outward a bit, thereby increasing their attack range enough for the playable to slip in-between the blades and hit the Egg Spinner's cockpit with a Spin Jump. After being hit, one of the blades will fall off and the Egg Spinner will return to the upper section of the boss arena. In case the player misses their chance to damage the Egg Spinner though, it will will retrack its blades, and the whole phase will repeat itself.

During the second phase, the Egg Spinner only has three blades protecting itself. When beginning this phase, the Egg Spinner will make three passes over the area again. When it stops however, it will starts flying towards the end of the arena that is the farthest away from the playable character while rotating its blades so that the vulnerable part of its cockpit is kept protected from the playable character. It then takes one step towards the center of the arena and returns to its starting location. In order to protect the playable character from this attack, it is enough to retreat to the opposite side of the arena from where the Egg Spinner lands. After that, it rises into the air and makes three passes across the arena, but from a slightly lower position than before, thus allowing the player to hit its cockpit with a Spin Jump. However, if the player is unable to land a hit on the Egg Spinner, it will rises up into the air and extend its blades, thereby creating enough space between them for the player to hit the cockpit, much like in the first phase. Regardless of when the hit is landed, the Egg Spinner will be deprived of another blade when the hit is dealt.

During the third phase, the Egg Spinner only has two blades. After making three more passes above the arena, the Egg Spinner will eject both its blades, making them fall into the arena like in the second phase. This time, however, the falling blades will retain their width, thereby increasing their attack range. After then making another three passes around the area from above, the Egg Spinner will perform an ascent and extend its blades from its cockpit like in the previous phases, thereby allowing the player to hit it with a Spin Jump. Upon landing a third hit, the Egg Spinner will be deprive of another blade.

During the last phase, the Egg Spinner has only one blade. After making three more passes above the arena, the Egg Spinner will toss its blade into the air. This time however, it will come in from the side of the arena, directly aimed at the playable character's current position and at full width. After the blade hits, it will disappear and the Egg Spinner will regain it. Then, after making more passes above, the Egg Spinner heads into the far end of the arena where it lowers itself down to the ground and, using its blade like a pogo stick, jumps across the arena twice. Afterward, it will rise into the air again and repeats this pattern. Dealing the last hit here will end the fight with the Egg Spinner and the entire base will begin to explode. If the player is playing Sonic, Amy Rose will then appear and the game will proceed to the closing sequence and credits.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
"Final Fever" Naofumi Hataya 3:07
"Robotnik" Sterling w/Armando Peraza, Bobby Vega 1:25


  • A piece of concept artwork for the final boss revealed that the machine was going to be more of a robotic exo-suit at one point. The boss in the final game merges the design of that version and another design of the R8 Boss.
    • The design would eventually be repurposed for the Phantom Egg in Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Plus.
    • Another piece of concept art with a design closer to the final labelled it "R8 Boss Psyco-Egg". It is likely that the boss was intended to be named the Psycho-Egg, but no name was ever released.
  • The music track is named "Final Fever", and each soundtrack has a very different variation. The Japanese soundtrack uses a completely different theme exclusive for this boss that was later remixed in Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams... for the Sega Saturn. The American version uses a slightly remixed, extended version of the regular boss theme instead, known as simply "Robotnik".
    • The opera singing from "Final Fever" is sampled as part of Metal Sonic's boss theme in Sonic Mania.
  • In the original game, the spinning blades used a rather choppy animation, which was smoothed out in the 2011 remaster of Sonic the Hedgehog CD.


Development images


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