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The Egg Spider[1] (エッグ スパイダー[2] Eggu Supaidā?) is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a modified Egg Mobile created by Dr. Eggman, who used it during an attempt to establish the Eggman Empire.



Egg spider sprite.png

The Egg Spider is a round gray pod with a cockpit inside it, which can be seen through a transparent and rectangular window on the front. It has two headlights on the sides, a horizontal yellow line around its pod, a pair of cables connecting on the front via a box with yellow and black hazard stripes attached on the front, and a pair of gray drills on top of the pod. It also has two yellow legs with flat and gray two-clawed feet attached on the top of the Egg Spider's pod.

Features and abilities

Thanks to its legs, the Egg Spider can walk on icy ceilings. It is also equipped with two drills that can pierce through thick ice.


Sonic Advance

In Sonic Advance, Dr. Eggman used the Egg Spider to try and destroy Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy in Ice Mountain Zone. However, the Egg Spider was destroyed by the heroes, thus forcing Eggman to eject from the vehicle in his Egg Mobile and flee.


The Egg Spider is the boss of Ice Mountain Zone in Sonic Advance, and the fourth boss overall. It is battled with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Amy at the end of Ice Mountain Zone Act 2.

Boss guide

This boss battle is located in an almost completely submerged room with little amount of air that is out of jumping reach. Dr. Eggman will constantly drill at the ice ceiling in his Egg Spider above the water level, forming icicles which sink into the water. Touching the pointy ends of these icicles will damage the playable character. The player must jump onto the top of the icicles and use them as platforms to reach and hit Eggman, as well as to also resurface out of the water and save themself from drowning in this fight. As the fight progresses, Eggman will start dropping up to four icicles depending on how many hits the player has delivered. To defeat the Egg Spider, a total of eight hits on Normal mode, or six on Easy mode, must be landed on it. The water level will then be lowered as the vehicle is destroyed, leaving Eggman to retreat while dropping a capsule behind. The player must jump on the switch to open the capsule and end the Act.

The fight can be easier if playing as characters other than Sonic; as Tails, he can hit the Egg Spider with his tails while flying, while Amy can hit the vehicle with her Piko Piko Hammer when she performs the Jump Hammer which has enough range to do so without having to jump on the icicles. Finally, Knuckles is able to float on the water surface, jump to hit the Egg Spider and float again allowing him to repeat this until the Egg Spider is defeated although he will have to be careful of touching the Egg Spider while floating and the falling icicles.


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