The Egg Spear[1] is a recurring weapon in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are spears used primarily by the Egg Pawn family of the Eggman Empire.


Despite its name, the Egg Spears resemble more the stereotypical lance. They are quite long by comparison, easily over twice an Egg Pawn's height in length. Possessing a long and white, cone-shaped head with a sharp point, they have a large and round orange vamplate, and a thin orange and grey grip. Over time, the Egg Spears' vamplates have gotten thicker and their heads have received an orange tip.

Game appearances

Sonic Heroes

Knuckle punch

Egg Pawns and Solid Pawns with Egg Spears in Sonic Heroes.

Appearing for the first time alongisde the Egg Pawns themselves, the Egg Spear is one of the several methods of combat the Egg Pawns will use in their attempts to hinder the player's process. While certain Egg Pawns only wield the Egg Spear on it's own, other Egg Pawns will often use a shield as well, providing them more defense. Egg Knights, stronger variants of the Egg Pawn, also utilize the Egg Spear.

Shadow the Hedgehog

In Shadow the Hedgehog, the Egg Spear is one of the several close-combat type weapons in the game. Like all others, the Egg Spear will last for six rounds before instantly being destroyed. If the player wishes to continue using the Egg Spear, they must pick up additional Egg Spears throughout the stage, which can be obtained by defeating Egg Pawns who wield the said weapon.

Given that the Egg Spear is utilized by the Egg Pawns, the weapon can only be used on stages which they appear in, such as Sky Troops or Circus Park.

Sonic Colors

In Sonic Colors, the Egg Spear is one of the many weapins utilized by the Egg Pawns, alongside things like cake batters, pick axes, and trumpets. Unlike most other weapons, that only appear in the stage that fits the weapon's theme, Egg Pawns that utilize the Egg Spear appear can appear in any of the stages.

Sonic Generations

Egg Pawns appear once again wielding this weapon. They are seen using it in Seaside Hill, and as always, the range of the weapon is very short.


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