The Egg Snake (エッグ スネーク Eggu Sunēku?)[1] is the sixth boss of Sonic Advance, located in Cosmic Angel Zone. It is controlled by Dr. Eggman.


As the name implies, Egg Snake appears to be based off of a snake or an anaconda. An Egg Mobile is located in the green area on the machine. The green area is mostly green with black and yellow stripes, gray spikes below, and yellow headlights. The other gray spheres are gray with some red and black.


This boss is difficult as the player must flip Eggman upside down by jumping on the mechanical rope that he is sliding on. Then they must quickly attack the exposed doctor. If the player loses rings from hitting the spikes on the other side or hit by its energy balls, the rings won't bounce and instead, they will fall down and therefore be irretrievable.




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