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You may be looking for the Egg Burst.

Don't let its tiny stature and cute movements fool you--these guys will start draining your Ring supply as soon as they latch on. Shake 'em off quick or they'll suck you dry!

— Description, Sonic Unleashed[1]

The Egg Shackle[1] (エッグシャックル[2] Eggu Shakkuru?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Unleashed. They are a model of Badniks created by Dr. Eggman. These small robots are able to latch onto their opponents and leech them dry of Rings.


The Egg Shackles bear a strong resemblance to the Egg Bursts. They are ball-like in shape with over the upper half of their body being dark spring green, with a carrot orange ring around their lower half and a yellow underbelly. On their front, they have a carrot orange circle as face, where they have two cyan eyes and a curved felt of cyan lights resembling a smile. On their bottom, they have four carrot orange spikes for legs, and they have five dark spring green spikes on their top.


The Egg Shackles only appear in the daytime version of Mazuri's Entrance Stage in the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 versions of Sonic Unleashed, and the daytime version of Jungle Joyride Act 1 in both versions of the game. They are difficult to spot at high speeds due to their small size, however.

In gameplay, the Egg Shackles can attach themselves to Sonic whenever he makes physical contact with them when not attacking, where they start draining the player completely of Rings, eventually resulting in the player losing a life. Additionally, they prevent Sonic from jumping very high or using the Sonic Boost. To shake the Egg Shackles off Sonic, the player has to repeatedly use the Stomp or Foot Sweep.


The Egg Shackles are noted to have cute movements.[1]

Powers and abilities

The Egg Shackles have the ability to latch themselves onto their opponent and then literally drain the opponent of the Rings they have obtained.



Concept artwork



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