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The Egg Searcher is an enemy that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). They are a model of robots created by Dr. Eggman with extensive flight capabilities. They served as one of Dr. Eggman's main robots during his operations to control Solaris.

Official description

"Egg Searchers are wasp-shaped mechs that can fly through the air, maneuvering into hard-to-reach positions before attacking with each of their pod weapons or releasing a barrage of bombs. The bombs drop to the ground and spark with a minor energy attack that freezes a target and ejects his or her Rings. Egg Searchers are not equipped with much armor, so a single attack is enough to bring one down. Egg Searchers can also fire Vulcan Cannons from the pods." [1]



The Egg Searchers are based on wasps in both appearance and abilities. They are white with blue lines drawn like triangles and have two stingers. They also have a green "V"-like beak on their heads. Finally, Egg Searchers possess six holes on their back that can shoot missiles.

Powers and Abilities

The Egg Searchers are robots with the ability to fly in the air. They also have additional artillery in the form of three pod units, which hover around them at all times (until destroyed). For armaments, they can shoot missiles from their body. They also have the ability to launch a barrage of bombs which release a minor energy attack that freezes targets and weakens them. They are rather fragile, as they do not possess much armor.


The Egg Searchers can summon robot pods to aid them in attacking their target. These pods will circle the Egg Searcher and launch three blue volcanic lasers, either into the ground or around themselves. These pods can all be destroyed instantly if the player destroys the Egg Searcher's main body, which will grant them bonus points. If one of their pods is destroyed, it will eventually automatically regenerate.


  • In Kingdom Valley, there are multiple doors that open whenever the player destroys the Egg Searcher along with the pods it summoned. If destroyed before it can summon its pods, the door linked to it will not open.







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