For the boss in Sonic Advance 2, see Egg Saucer.

Egg Saucer (エッグソーサー[1] Eggusōsā?) is an enemy that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a mass-produced Badnik model created by Dr. Robotnik.

There seem to exist two distinct variants of this Badniks with varying moves and attack patterns.



The Egg Saucers have a basic round-shaped design with red, yellow, black and grey coloring. They also seen to have small heads with two antennas and tiny black eyes. Lastly, the Egg Saucers possess yellow rotating blades around their midsection.


The Egg Saucer in Sonic Blast.

In Sonic Blast, the Egg Saucers only appear in Silver Castle Zone. These Badniks float from side to side in a set area, and will move suddenly toward the player at high speed, when they are being spotted. These Badniks are seen blocking a particular routes and are rarely seen with couple of formations. The Egg Saucers can be seen at moving spike wall sections, where the player has to move fast. The player is able to destroy this Badnik by jumping above to its head. Like many Badniks in the Game Gear/Master System titles, these Badniks do not have Animals inside of them.


First variant


The first unnamed variant of the Egg Saucer has a small cannon on bottom of its facial section, which shoots multiple small projectiles to the player's neck. It moves up and down pattern with small yellow rotor in the top of its head. This variant is also seen at moving spike wall sections. Apparently these Badniks are always pointing and firing to the left and never turning its direction, which can make easy to attack behind of them. This variant only appears in Silver Castle Zone.

Second variant


The second unnamed variant of the Egg Saucer has yellow, sharp-witted pogo which it uses to bouncing in one place, while at the same time being suddenly on the player's way, who would move too fast. These variants can oddly be bouncing at one place on small burrows and at the middle of spike floors. This variant is also seen at moving spike wall sections. It can be easily defeated by spin jumping to the without touching the sharp pogo on the bottom. This variant only appears in Silver Castle Zone.


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