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We're ready for you, Sonic! Our ultimate mecha will crush you!

Dr. Eggman, Sonic Rush

The Egg Salamander[1] (エッグサラマンダー Eggusaramandā?) is the true final boss of Sonic Rush. It is a powerful lizard-like mecha that comes in two versions, created by the combined efforts of Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega. It is fought in the extra zone Exception, a dimensional rift caused by the merging of Sonic's world and Blaze's world.


The Egg Salamander comes in two versions, depending on the pilot of the mech. Both versions however, are mostly colored purple with some red, blue, pink, black and green. Living up to its name, the basic Egg Salamander resembles a type of lizard, but without legs.

Dr. Eggman

When Dr. Eggman is the pilot, the Egg Salamander has a rather bulky appearance. In this form, it has a pink cockpit located on the head with a fin blade on the top and large cannons on each arm. It also has a four-segmented tail below it.

Eggman Nega

When Eggman Nega is the pilot, the Egg Salamander turns upside down and has thin arms with three claws, giving it a more slender appearance. Its four-segmented tail is also now on the top.


Sonic Rush

After Blaze had collected all seven Sol Emeralds and beat Dr. Eggman, the disruption of the worlds seems to have ended, and she begins to ponder about how they restore the worlds and why she has not returned to her home, despite having all the Sol Emeralds. Out of nowhere, however, she hears Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega mock her lacking knowledge about the Sol Emeralds and listens to their explanation about the connection between the Sol Emeralds and the Chaos Emeralds. The two Eggmen then appears in the Egg Salamander (Dr. Eggman's version) and they defeat Blaze, and drains the Sol Emeralds of their powers. Shortly after, however, Sonic appears on the scene, but the Eggmen merely leave in the Egg Salamander, preparing to crush them. Meanwhile, Blaze has given up all hope, since the Sol Emeralds have been drained, but Sonic makes her realize that the Sol Emeralds' power comes from people's friendship and gets her to embrace the friendships she has made, thus recharging the Sol Emeralds. She then becomes Burning Blaze and Sonic becomes Super Sonic, and together they face the Egg Salamander in Exception.

Finally, after a long battle, Super Sonic and Burning Blaze manage to bring the Egg Salamander on the brink of defeat. Eggman Nega claims to have another plan, while Dr. Eggman panics, and then Super Sonic and Burning Blaze deal the final blow to the Egg Salamander by charging at the same time at high speeds an slaming right into the Egg Salamander, destroying it in a large explosion.

Powers and abilities

The Egg Salamander is the strongest robot in Sonic Rush, and probably one of the most powerful robots in the entire Sonic the Hedgehog series due to possessing the drained energy from the seven Sol Emeralds. Additionally, the Egg Salamander is one of the few bosses that can injure super transformed characters by using specific attacks. Also, despite lacking wings, the Egg Salamander (in both forms) can fly at high speeds.

Dr. Eggman

The version piloted by Dr. Eggman can launch mechanical satellites from its right cannon-arm that will circle around the opponent. This satellite can shoot blue energy lasers before eventually self-destructing. From its left cannon-arm, it can launch green energy balls that can move vertical on their own. Likewise, it can create swords of energy from its cannons and launch a barrage of rockets that are strong enough to injure a Super State user.

Eggman Nega

The version piloted by Eggman Nega can use its claws to perform avoidable claw swipes on the opponent and can grab the opponent from the distance. These claws' grib is strong enough to injure the normally-invulnerable Burning Blaze. It can also create a spatial rift into a dark void that suck everything into an environment that not even Burning Blaze can survive without getting injured.


The battle is split into five phases where the player alternates control between Super Sonic and Burning Blaze per phase who faces off against Dr. Eggman or Eggman Nega. As with most true final bosses involving the player using super transformed characters, the player's Rings will be drained at one ring per second; if the Ring count reaches zero, the player will lose a life and has to restart the fight. Whenever the player changes phases, their current Ring count is carried over to the new phase.

The first phase begins with Sonic against Dr. Eggman. At the beginning of chase section, the player should collect as many Rings as they can while avoiding the asteroids; these can be destroyed with the Super Sonic Boost and the red ones contain Rings. Blue energy beams are always fired directly at Sonic at regular intervals, knocking Sonic back if hit by them. Once the player reaches Eggman, he will use the following attack patterns.

  • The Egg Salamander will fire two satellite-like projectiles that will orbit Sonic, firing blue energy lasers in four regular intervals that can knock Sonic back if hit. After a while, the satellites will flash red before exploding. To damage the Egg Salamander, Sonic has to deflect them back at the Egg Salamander's cockpit (which is its head) with the Boost.
  • The Egg Salamander fires green energy balls which fly out horizontally before making a sharp 90 degrees turn towards Sonic. These can also be deflected back at him to damage the Egg Salamander.
  • The Egg Salamander swings its energy sword from its left cannon, which will knock Sonic back if hit but it can be avoided with a well-timed boost. It will usually perform this attack twice in succession.
  • The Egg Salamander flies into the background and fire a barrage rockets which Sonic has to dodge or lose five-seven rings when hit. This attack usually gets used after performing its energy sword attack.

After two or three hits on the Egg Salamander (in Easy and Normal respectively), Dr. Eggman will switch with Eggman Nega, now controlling the mecha, to fight Burning Blaze.

As Burning Blaze, she can perform the Burning Fire Boost and generate fireballs, the latter of which she has to fire at Nega's cockpit to damage the Egg Salamander. The early chase section is nearly identical to the first one except Nega fires the energy beams more frequently. Once the player reach Eggman Nega he will use the following attack patterns.

  • The Egg Salamander strikes with two fast slashes while approaching Blaze before backing away. It will usually use this attack twice in succession.
  • The Egg Salamander flies to the left, moving offscreen and then reappears in the background. From there, the it then creates a spatial rift which will not only pull Blaze in, but also any rings nearby. To dodge the rift, the player must dash repeatedly until the rift disappears. Should the player fail to dodge this attack, the rift will immobilize Blaze and suck away up to twenty of her rings at the end. It will usually use this attack after the prior slash attacks.
  • The Egg Salamander holds out an open claw and aims it at Blaze for a while before firing it off in attempt to catch her. If the player can dodge this, it will leave him vulnerable to an attack. If the player fails to avoid the claw projectile, however, Nega will grab Blaze and hit her with the other claw, causing her to lose rings.

After two or three hits on the Egg Salamander (in Easy and Normal respectively), Eggman Nega will switch with Dr. Eggman.

In the third and subsequent phases, the chase section is omitted but otherwise, Eggman and Eggman Nega's respective attack patterns remain unchanged. For the third and fourth phases, the Egg Salamander needs to be hit twice on either diffculty to proceed to their next respective phases and on the fifth and final part for Sonic's phase, it takes three hits on either difficulty to defeat the Egg Salamander.


  • This is the only boss battle in Sonic Rush (except for Egg Hammer Mega in Sonic's story), where the playable characters fight against their own respective Eggman; Super Sonic fights Dr. Eggman and Burning Blaze fights Eggman Nega.
  • The Egg Salamander is one of the two bosses in Sonic Rush that can't be harmed by Sonic directly, the first one being the Egg Scarab.
  • The Egg Salamander is the only boss in Sonic Rush to not have a Health Gauge be shown.
  • The Egg Salamander has the most health out of any boss in Sonic Rush, as the Egg Salamander has ten and eight hit points in Normal and Easy respectively, unlike the other bosses which have hit eight and six hit points respectively.
  • The attack that Super Sonic and Burning Blaze use to defeat this boss is used again in Sonic Generations when Classic and Modern Sonic defeat the Time Eater.





Sonic Rush Part 17 Vs. Egg Salamander! HD Final


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