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This object exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
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For the Zone in Sonic Advance, see Egg Rocket Zone.

The Egg Rocket[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is the personal spacecraft of Dr. Eggman.




The Egg Rocket's cockpit.

The Egg Rocket is a large, tripod-based white rocket whose main frame is almost shaped like a prolate spheroid. It has an openable grey nose with fins on the tip shaped like Eggman's mustache, red lines along the framework, a hatch with a retractable step ladder, and a thruster on the bottom of its main frame and under each leg. In terms of interior, it includes a single-man cockpit.

Features and abilities

Designed for spaceflight, the Egg Rocket comes equipped with energy-based lifelines for Orbot and Cubot, long-distance radars, an onboard computer AI for system operations, and a video game. It also has an automated camera that takes pictures of the surroundings.[1] Despite its size and design, it is also highly mobile.[2]


TV series

Season two


The Egg Rocket being confiscated.

When taking the Egg Rocket into space with Orbot and Cubot to work on a satellite, Eggman discovered an asteroid heading for earth. While Eggman sought to benefit from the situation, Sonic had the Wolf Policeman confiscate the Egg Rocket so Knuckles could go into space in it to bump the asteroid off-course with the Solar Convergence Device (which Team Sonic installed into the Egg Rocket). However, when Knuckles had to land on the asteroid and destroy it by hand when he broke the SCD, he sent the Egg Rocket adrift and only barely managed to get back onboard and head home in it.[1] Eggman would later regain the Egg Rocket and use it to travel to Roboken.[2]

When going on vacation, Eggman, Mombot, Morpho, Orbot and Cubot used the Egg Rocket to reach their designation in Roboken. The group later used the Egg Rocket to leave Roboken after Eggman stole Bolts' smart chip, only for Mighton and Cyborg Sonic to pursue them all the way to Seaside Island in a spaceship of their own.[3]



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