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Sonic Mania
Egg Reverie Zone

The Egg Reverie Zone is the thirteenth and true final Zone of Mania Mode in Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Plus. It is only accessible to Sonic the Hedgehog upon collecting all seven Chaos Emeralds. Alternatively, the player can use Level Select (with Debug Mode enabled) to access this Zone with Tails, Knuckles, Mighty and Ray. Knuckles can also access this Zone as a part of a No Save campaign by reaching the end of an "& Knuckles" playthrough with all seven Chaos Emeralds.

A void in space-time, the Egg Reverie Zone displays the final conflict between Dr. Eggman and the Phantom King for possession of the Phantom Ruby, all while Super Sonic attempts to subdue the two and take the gemstone away from the power hungry autocrats. Unlike most other Zones in Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Plus, the Egg Reverie Zone consists of only one Act and centers around a boss fight.


The Egg Reverie Zone is a purple-hued void of a barren wasteland where time and space act erratically. A single platform exists within the Zone, with several stage lights brightening up the platform.


Phantom King taking the Phantom Ruby, from Sonic Mania.

After obtaining all seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic the Hedgehog got transported to the Egg Reverie Zone by the Phantom Ruby upon defeating Dr. Eggman's Phantom Egg inside the Titanic Monarch Zone. Within this dimension, a modified Heavy King, now known as the Phantom King, swipes the Phantom Ruby in front of Sonic. As the Phantom King mounts the Phantom Ruby on itself however, Eggman arrives in his Klepto Mobile in an attempt to take the Ruby back, with the two of them taking turns holding the gem. Sonic, however, transforms into Super Sonic and fights the Phantom King and Eggman.

After defeating both villains, Sonic lands one last attack on Eggman to take back the Phantom Ruby, only for the collision to cancel out his Super State and separate him from the Chaos Emeralds, leaving the Phantom Ruby and the Chaos Emeralds to interact with one another briefly. Sonic and the Phantom Ruby are then taken to another dimension through a wormhole created by the Ruby while the Titanic Monarch crumbles.


The Egg Reverie Zone is essentially an empty arena with no gimmicks or objects. Within this Zone, the player can fly by pressing the jump button while in the middle of a Spin Jump (although getting attacked also causes the player to enter flight). While airborne, the player can move freely in all eight directions until the playable character touches the ground. Also, while the playable character is airborne, he is capable of performing a dashing attack by pressing the jump button. Doing so will consume five Rings.

The usual time limit is meaningless in this Zone, as the timer's minute and second values are constantly randomized, indicating the fluctuating space-time in this Zone. As such, it is the only Zone where it is not possible to get a Time Over. The player starts out with fifty Rings instead of zero and to sustain the playable character's Ring-consuming Super State, the player must pick up the Rings that are floating aimlessly around in the Zone. Moving close to the Rings will pull them to the character, similar to the Lightning Shield. Should the player's Ring count hit zero, they will lose a life.


Eggman and the Phantom King fighting over the Phantom Ruby, from Sonic Mania.

Being the true final boss battle of Sonic Mania, the Egg Reverie Zone casts not one, but two bosses to fight: the Klepto Mobile and the Phantom King. In this zone, Sonic automatically uses the seven Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic, a Super State of which is needed for this Zone and must be sustained on Rings.

The fight is tricky at first glance, but it can be a relatively easy finale for a seasoned player. The player faces one boss at a time (starting with the Phantom King); once the player hits the boss or if enough time passes without the player making a move, it will switch to the other. In terms of attack patterns, the Phantom King uses energy spheres, which are either used to form a nearly impenetrable shield around this boss or as projectiles that can take away ten Rings from the player if they hit. The Klepto Mobile on the other hand attacks with rapid punches that can repel the player or a powerful beam.

To defeat these bosses, the player must hit each of them eight times.


  • Part of the theme song that plays in this Zone has a similar melody to the chorus for "Fist Bump", the main theme for Sonic Forces.
  • A "reverie" is the idea of a daydream or being lost in one's thoughts, which fits the description of the Zone.
  • This is the first Extra Zone in the Sonic series where the playable character in their Super State can run on-foot on the ground as opposed to just flying in mid-air.
  • The idea of time and space being distorted is a concept inspired by Final Fever, the scrapped final round of the 2011 remaster of Sonic the Hedgehog CD, in which the battle would have took place in a distorted time warp.
  • Whilst normally, this Zone can only be accessed by Sonic, it can also be accessed by Knuckles when "& Knuckles" mode is activated. The ending shows a still image of Knuckles reading a book called "Sonic Mania & Knuckles" to a group of excited animals, as Sonic and Tails look in confusion. This special ending plays a track heard nowhere else in the game; a remixed version of "New Horizon", or the title screen music from Knuckles' Chaotix. This also replaces the normal ending, when Knuckles defeats the Phantom Egg.
  • This Zone is not added to the stage select available from a cleared save file, even when completed. The only way to access this Zone under normal circumstances is to complete Titanic Monarch Zone. It can, however, be played directly by using the Level Select cheat code.
Death Egg in SonicMania LevelSelect.png
  • In the Level Select menu, Egg Reverie Zone is represented by an icon of the Death Egg. The icon itself is originally from the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Level Select menu.
  • Tails, Mighty and Ray are the only playable characters that cannot enter this stage without accessing Level Select.
  • There is an unused track titled "Egg Reverie Pinch" that can be heard in the D.A Garden or Sound Test. It is speculated that this track would have played when the player is low on Rings or when the player was close to beating the boss.
  • Despite being considered a standalone Zone by the game's secret Level Select menu and soundtracks, this Zone lacks a title card upon arrival and is instead treated as an extension of Titanic Monarch Zone during normal gameplay.
  • As of Version 1.04/RC, there is a feature activated in the Sound Test which allows all characters in their Super state to fly and use the dash attack in all other acts like they can in this Zone.
  • Although the game's timer erratically jumps across random values in this Zone, the results screen at the end of the game will still keep track of the actual time taken to beat the Egg Reverie Zone.
  • Adding a Goal Plate via Debug Mode will cause the player to instantly lose a life once it is flipped. However, if the player remains in object placement mode as the results finish tallying they will be brought back to the title screen (though exiting object placement mode will still cause the player to lose a life).
  • If the player uses a shield other than the Lightning Shield by breaking a Monitor placed via Debug Mode, the Rings in the Zone will not be attracted to the player until they equip themselves with the Lightning Shield.
  • If the player places a Star Post via Debug Mode and enters a Bonus/Pinball Stage (and finishes the stage in any way), the game will load a black screen (with the HUD and the playable characters invisible) while the Phantom Ruby sound effect continuously plays. The player's character can still move and perform actions as normal as if on an invisible platform. The player will also retain the shield they had obtained (if they were transported to the Pinball Stage), otherwise it defaults to the Lightning Shield. (This is most notable with Sonic since when playing as him, he can still use the Shield's ability in the area. This implies that the player's character is also given a Lightning Shield in addition to their Super form when playing the Egg Reverie Zone.)
    • The game will reload the Egg Reverie Zone from the beginning if the player moves to a certain spot. This varies depending on where the Star Post was placed when entering the Bonus/Pinball Stage though moving to the left and/or using Tails' flight or Sonic's double jump with the Lightning Shield tends to accomplish this. (In particular, placing the Star Post to the far left and in mid-air can accomplish this without any player input.) The game will reload with the following differences:
      • The player is seen to be equipped with the Shield they had previously and retains their Rings.
      • The player can occasionally see a sprite of the Klepto Mobile slightly hovering above the upper boundary of the screen.
      • The player gains an additional fifty Rings and is occasionally seen facing to the left when transforming.
    • However, it is also possible to die in the black screen area by moving too far to the left and upon respawning the game will still load the black screen except the "platform" isn't present and the player will immediately fall to their death.
  • If the player delivers the final hit to the last boss and enters object placement mode (via Debug Mode) just before the game shifts to the final scene of the zone, the game will load the final scene but if the player exits out during this, they will drop to the ground and be unable to act, causing the game to softlock, which leaves the player with no choice but to forcefully close the game. However, if the player keeps moving to the right (while in object placement mode) towards Eggman, the rest of the final scene will still play out as normal.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Egg Reverie - Egg Reverie Zone" Tee Lopes 3:08


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