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Sonic Adventure 2
Egg Quarters

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Egg Quarters is the fifth stage of the Dark story in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, and is playable as Rouge the Bat.


This stage takes place deep within Dr. Eggman's pyramid base.



Egg Quarters is filled with dangerous enemies that Rouge must either defeat or avoid. This stage is also notable for enemies called Egg Beetles, which roam around the entire stage.


1st Mission: Find the 3 Gate keys!

2nd Mission: Collect 100 rings!

Rings are scarce in this stage, so the player must avoid taking any damage. To collect 100 Rings as quickly as possible, the player should start by grabbing every one from the starting room. They should then take the exit beneath the giant scorpion statue and keep going straight until the Egg Snake Chamber is reached, picking up every Ring inside it. From there, they must turn left and head toward the Snake Altar room. Upon entering, they should break the Wooden Container to the left, next to the caged Half Fish, to reveal a 20 Rings Item Box. If everything is grabbed from this room, it is possible to obtain 100 Rings by Gliding from the tops of the pillars or by collecting the Rings atop the large central platform.

3rd Mission: Find the lost Chao!

The player should first play the Mystic Melody at the Ancient Ruin atop the large center platform in the Snake Altar room and jump into the Warp Hole that appears. The player will then be transported to a room with a giant Weight lying in the center and a painting on the left. They must Dig into the painting, and they will enter a similar room with another painting in the shallow hole on the floor. The player must then break through the first Steel Container in the ground south of the far left corner and hit the exposed Ball Switch, then Dig into the painting in the floor to be transported to the previous room where the Weight is now suspended in midair. The lost Chao can be found underneath it.

4th Mission: Find the3 keys within 3 minutes 0 seconds!

Since this stage is relatively small and circular, the player should simply run around until something comes up on the Emerald Radar. The points received from finishing early are substantial, so the player can use a Hint Box without noticeable consequences.

Last Mission: Clear Hard mode!

  1. The first key is in a Cage at the end of the boundary hallway between the Egg Scorpion Chamber and the Egg Fish Chamber, although it is closer to the latter section. The player should destroy the Cage by standing close to it so that the Kiki nearby will throw a bomb at it, or pick up the bomb and throw it at the Cage themself.
  2. The second key is in the Snake Altar Room, inside the painting on the west side of the room. Unfortunately, a stack of Cages is blocking it. The player needs to smash the Wooden Container on top of the altar below the painting and the Steel Container in front of it before grabbing another Kiki bomb. Otherwise, it will not be possible to get back up here while carrying a bomb. Once the player has a bomb, they should use it to blow up the Cages, then Climb up and Dig into the scorpion's tail.
  3. The third key is inside a Cage located in an upper alcove in the Egg Snake Chamber. The player should equip the Treasure Scope and grab a Kiki's bomb. They can then head towards the Egg Snake Chamber and hit the Spring that it is now visible via the Treasure Scope, before placing the bomb to destroy the Cage.

Level Up Item

The Level Up Item in the Egg Quarters is the Pick Nails.

The Pick Nails are inside a room in the Egg Fish Chamber. To find them, go forward from the Egg Scorpion Chamber until Rouge reaches the Egg Fish Chamber. From there, find a Ball Switch to activate a missile to fire at an Unbreakable Container. This causes some Containers to break under the fish statue, granting the player access to the room. When walking up to the Level Up Item however, beware of a Weight that will fall on Rouge if she steps under it.

Chao Container locations

  1. The player should play the Mystic Melody near the Ancient Ruin atop the large central platform in the Snake Altar room. The Warp Hole that appears will transport them to the first Chao Container's location.
  2. The second Chao Container is in the first green room west of the Egg Snake Chamber.
  3. The player should break the Wooden Container in the right corner, relative to the entrance, of the room where the Pick Nails are found. Doing so will reveal the third Chao Container.


Big the Cat sighting

Big the Cat in Egg Quarters, from the 2012 remaster of Sonic Adventure 2.

In the Snake Altar room, Climb up to the top of one of the six highest pillars. From there, Big can be seen hanging onto a wall above the room, close to the picture of a flower.


Score Rank
12,000 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
10,000 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
8,000 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
6,000 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
<6,000 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Time Rank
2:00 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
2:30 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
3:00 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
4:00 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
>4:00 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Time Rank
1:00 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
1:30 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
2:00 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
3:00 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
>3:00 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Score Rank
13,000 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
12,000 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
10,000 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
8,000 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
<8,000 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Score Rank
13,000 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
12,000 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
10,000 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
8,000 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
<8,000 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

2P Play

In 2P Battle, there are no Egg Beetles. Also, both players will start in the Egg Fish Chamber and the room where the Pick Nails would have been in is accessible, but the path between the Egg Scorpion and Egg Snake Chambers is blocked off.


  • Egg Quarter's and Death Chamber's stage layout are almost the same; this is because Death Chamber is Knuckles' version of this stage, albeit without the robots searching for him.
  • Part of the background music was remixed as part of the music for Club "Rouge" in Sonic Battle.
  • The decal "E-23" appears above certain doorways throughout the level similar to "E-01" in the Death Chamber. Unlike "E-01", which seems to be referring to the robotic unit, it is unknown what "E-23" might be referring to.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Lovely Gate 3 ...for Egg Quarters" Tabitha Fair, Kenichi Tokoi 3:18


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