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For the location, see Doctor Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park.

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Sonic Colors Comics

Egg Planet Park (エッグプラネット・パーク Eggupuranetto Pāku?) is the second and final episode in the Sonic Colors Comics web comic series.

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Egg Planet Park


The story begins with a television advertisement showcasing Dr. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot in Tropical Resort, with Orbot and Cubot providing Eggman with festivities in the background. In the advertisement, Eggman proclaims that the Egg Planet Park, which he boldly states with his signature laughter is the bast place in outer space, finally opens tomorrow. Eggman goes on to explain that he has taken pristine planets and developed them into a theme park, which is accompanied by a picture of a hard hat-wearing Cubot on Planet Wisp, where the robot has just cut down a tree with a chainsaw. Continuing his advertisement, Eggman says that his theme park has attractions that will make the visitors faint. This statement is backed up by an image of Orbot on a rail coaster in Asteroid Coaster. Eggman further adds that his park's restaurants features the "rarest delicacies of the seas", which is supplied with an image of an Egg Pawn dressed up as a chef from Sweet Mountain that is presenting a sea dish. Eggman then finishes the advertisement in an innocent pose by claiming that the Egg Planet Park is his way of apologizing for all the trouble he has caused, and urges everyone to come and visit the Egg Planet Park, including "that hedgehog" that he has grown indebted to, before closing off with another round of laughter.

It is then revealed that Sonic and Tails have been watching Eggman's advertisement on television. Sonic, hardly fazed by Eggman's supposed act of kindness, looks smugly at Tails, who has been snacking throughout the advertisement before asking Sonic what they should do, all while Eggman continues to laugh on television. Certain that there is something fishy about the Egg Planet Park, Sonic heads towards Eggman's Ultra-Accelerating Space Elevator with Tails following him in flight, determined to let nothing stop him and Tails from having a little fun in Eggman's shady theme park.

Rushing into... Sonic Colors: Ultimate



Races and species:



  • Egg Mecha
  • Eggman's Ultra-Accelerating Space Elevator







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