The Egg Pawn Manager (エッグポーンマネージャー (SF銃)[1] Eggupōnmanējā (SFjū)?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Rush. It is a mass-produced, Egg Pawn-based Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman.


The Egg Pawn Managers are humanoid robots based on Dr. Eggman. The typical Egg Pawn Manager is primarily gray in color with a round body and a dome-shaped head that come together in an egg-like shape. It also has blank green eyes, a sharp yellow nose, a wide glowing panel for a mouth, a black lower torso section, gray cable-like limbs with gray hands and white fingers, gray feet with yellow soles, green cuffs around its wrists and ankles, and short yellow shoulder guards.


The Egg Pawn Managers appear in Sonic Rush as enemies. In this game, the player encounters them in Dead Line.

In gameplay, the Egg Pawn Managers patrol their local area, and when they detect the playable character, they will fire a laser blast towards them. However, it can easily be avoided by having the playable character crouch or jump over it. They can otherwise be destroyed with any attack in the player's arsenal and the robots release an animal upon their destruction.

Powers and abilities

The Egg Pawn Managers possess no offensive skills of their own. However, they are good at using laser guns.


The Egg Pawn Managers each wield a gray, green, and yellow laser gun reminiscent of the Egg Gun. With them, the Egg Pawn Managers can fire lasers at their opponents.


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