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{{quote|I am [[Dr. Eggman]].|[[Eggman]]'s introduction before a race begins.}}
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|title = Egg Monster
|image = [[File: Eggman1.png|200px]]
|caption = The Egg Monster in its main state with [[Dr. Eggman]] controlling it
|1st_app = [[Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing]]
|user = [[Dr.Eggman]]
|use = Racing , Transformation, Battle (only in state 2)
|description = Eggmobile with monster truck-tire attachments and guns under the headlights.
The {{Nihongo|'''Egg Monster'''|エッグマスター|Eggu Monsuta}} is [[Dr.Eggman|Dr. Eggman]]'s vehicle in [[Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing]]
===State 1===
The Appearance of the Egg Monster is based of a monster truck and [[Dr. Eggman]]'s signature [[Egg Mobile]]. the Egg Monster has a nice silver colored body complimented by onyx and yellow stripes in a depression on the outside of the vehicle with a red lining circling around the main body along side the exhaust pipes sticking out of it with a white headlight and a black gauge in the front of the body and a "Egghead" or a [[Eggman]] symbol on the back.The undercarriage has a nice crimson finish revealing four individual chrome tubes with yellow shock absorbers around it connecting it to a cylinder with a red circular lining attach to the large tires with a various designs on the front, the front tires have a mango colored circle with a silver lining around the circle with one bolt in the middle the back tires a black ring and sectioned mango colored things on the outside of the ring and inside the ring is another mango circle with yet another bolt in the middle. The interior is black with a control board and two control sticks [[Eggman]] uses to move the monstrous Egg monster and it's big enough for [[Eggman]] to fit snugly in it.
===State 2===
{{quote|WATCH OUT! [[Eggman]]'s pushed his big red button|[[Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing]]'s Announcer while [[Dr.Eggman]] is performing Missile Madness.}}
In its battle state, the Egg Monster is complete with weaponry. One noticeable difference is that the vehicle is no longer a ground base vessel; it's airborne. Another change is that the exhaust pipes in the back turns into rocket booster, keeping the Egg Monster, or now can be called the [[Egg Mobile|Egg Mobile,]] hovering. More or less the body of the car remains the same except the shield protecting [[Dr. Eggman]], which turns a rich shade of blue.
==Missile Madness==
{{quote|Muhauha! Now allow me to introduce you to my latest creation.|[[Dr. Eggman]] performing the "missile madness" all-star move.}}
The All-Star Move "Missile Madness" is performed by [[Dr. Eggman]] via pressing a button on the Egg Monster, effects includes the wheels of the Egg Monster shrinking and retracting into the openings at the undercarriage of the Egg Monster, an array of projectile firing weapons deploy from the top of the Egg Monster's body popping out on the right and left sides of the vehicle while constantly being propel fiercely by thrusters on the bottom of the backside of the vehicle. As [[Eggman]] controls the Egg Monster he fires missiles, energy balls, and giant rockets, the explosions of the projectiles begins with fiery explosions forming into [[Eggman]] head symbols and leaves behind clouds, after the move is over it's wheels plop out and it transforms back into it's original state.
The Egg Monster is heavy and powerful piece of machinery it's one downfall is that it takes a long time to charge a boost almost three counts.
*The All Star move Missile Madness's icon looks different compare to the Egg Monster's transformation, it suggests that the original [[Egg Mobile]] appears but [[Eggman]]'s all star move transformation is different looking it looks like the Egg Monster but modified.
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