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The Egg Monitor

The Egg Monitor[1] is one of the mission-assigning companion characters from Shadow the Hedgehog.


The floating pod sports gyrating telecommunication dishes and a central TV screen with Eggman himself on it. Its purpose is to convey the orders of Dr. Eggman to Shadow (since Eggman is hardly spry enough to tag along on Shadow's adventures in person)


The Eggman Monitor is used as Dr. Eggman's main means of communication with Shadow during their missions. It is features in:

  • Cryptic Castle, Dark mission: Activate Cryptic Castle's defenses by lighting the lanterns.
  • Circus Park, Dark mission: Destroy twenty of the G.U.N. troopers.
  • Sky Troops, Hero mission: Destroy all of the temple jewels.
  • Iron Jungle, Dark mission: Take down the G.U.N. troops.
  • Lava Shelter, Dark mission: Activate the magma defense mechanisms.

Egg Monitor does not completely replace Eggman in the game, as the scientist wades in personally with two boss machines, the Egg Breaker and Egg Dealer.




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