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The Egg Mobile is an object that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. It is a two-person hovercraft used by Dr. Robotnik as his personal means of transportation and attack vehicle.



The Egg Mobile is a purple round-shaped pod with a dark grey undercarriage, a long nose-like bow with a yellow headlight on each side resembling a goat eye, a yellow line along each side, and a black rear. On both rear sides it has a vertical and rectangular engine with two rocket exhausts each. It also has an open two-seated cockpit with a windshield, an instrument panel and a steering wheel.

Features and abilities

Egg Mobile missiles

The Egg Mobile's missiles.

As mentioned above, the Egg Mobile is able to hover and move through the air. Its cockpit features a holographic heads-up computer display. It also has two rocket launchers on the front with animal-shaped missiles consisting of a tortoise and a hare. Whilst the hare missile is fast and accurate, the tortoise missile is incredibly slow, which Robotnik lamented as a "design failure".


After Sonic was lured to Robotropolis, Dr. Robotnik used the Egg Mobile to observe Hyper Metal Sonic seemingly kill him before heading to the Land of the Sky with his hostage Sara, whom he planned marry. While struggling with Sara, Robotnik set the Egg Mobile on a course for the North Pole where Metal would destroy Planet Freedom for him. Upon arriving though, Sara got out of the Egg Mobile when Sonic and Metal rammed into it during a fight. With Tails joining them in the Tornado, Robotnik shot him down with the Egg Mobile's missiles, although one was a dud. Despite trying to intervene in the Egg Mobile, Robotnik's plans failed and when he tried to gloat to the heroes, the Egg Mobile's dud missile blew up the CD containing the data of his now-destroyed Metal Sonic. Robotnik was then forced to take several people with him onboard the Egg Mobile to chase down Sonic, each for their own reasons.

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