The Egg Lynx is the third boss of Sonic Rivals. It is a giant mechanical lynx cat on six wheels with red metallic back and orange paws.


The battle takes place near a semi-circular icy cave. Players must run across the two ends of the cave to dodge ice projectiles that the boss attacks with. Occasionally, the Egg Lynx will come within striking range of the players, slamming its paws on the ice path and making a shock wave traveling in both directions through the path as it does so. Players must jump on top of its paws and attack the cockpit to deal damage. The first player to accumulate six hits wins the battle, and the boss is destroyed. The shock-waves it makes can also be jumped over.


  • Sometimes, a couple of glitches may happen in this boss fight.
    • After the Egg Lynx slams its paws down on the ice-path (which breaks it), the ice-path will be restored but if any character is in the gap and the path grows back sometimes the character is bound to be stuck in there infinitely until the Egg Lynx attacks the character or if the player restarts the fight but in most cases, the character should be on top of the ice-path when the ice-path is restored.
    • Sometimes, the player's rival tends to do nothing and just stands still, allowing him to be attacked freely but this happens occasionally and for a short time before the rival character regains its controls.
  • Despite being called Egg Lynx, the design of this mech looks more like a polar bear rather than a lynx.


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