You may be looking for Egg Liner (Sonic Rivals 2).

Quotation1.svg The Egg Liner is a weaker version of the Egg Chaser. The mech has a similar physical makeup the only outward difference is that the Egg Liner is green, while the Chaser is yellow. Quotation2.svg
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Egg Liners are combat automatons constructed by Dr. Eggman, deployed throughout Soleanna during the events of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


It is similar in design to RhinoBot, featuring the same horned rhino chassis mounted onto a wheel and carry additional shields on either side to protect the wheel which can be put up as well. It also has two horns on its head, which are used for attacking.


The Egg Liner is equipped with bombs that leave an energy sphere behind, damaging the enemy, and with two horns on its head which it uses to ram at enemies. The Egg Liner has a solid speed enough to keep up with Shadow, and when it attempts rams into an individual it cannot change direction, which can lead to it falling into a bottomless pit. As a useful side to its rampaging, the Egg Liner will become invulnerable until it stops moving. The Egg Liner is usually seen in groups. If the group has an Egg Chaser leading it, defeating the advanced model will cause all of the Egg Liners in the group to be destroyed as well. It takes one hit to be destroyed alone.


  • These robots tend to follow the player when trying to evade them.





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