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The Egg Jet is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a spaceship docked at Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Wing Fortress for transport to the Death Egg.


The Egg Jet is a thin white space ship with a tube-shaped main body, an upper and lower vertical stabilizer of equal length, and an X tail with long fins which have a long antenna on each tip.


Tails you're too obvious

The Egg Jet at the Death Egg, from Sonic the Comic #6. Art by Ferran Rodriguez.

Having created the Death Egg space satellite, Dr. Ivo Robotnik used the Egg Jet to reach it from the Wing Fortress as Sonic attacked, only for Sonic to ride along with it.[1] Sonic and Tails later used the Egg Jet (which might be the second model) to get from the Wing Fortress to the floating ruins of Death Egg in space. As the Death Egg later crashed to the ocean, the Egg Jet was seemingly destroyed.[2]


  • The Egg Jet's name was not mentioned in the Sonic the Comic series. Instead, it was mentioned as the name for its counterpart in the Sonic comics published by Archie Comics.
  • The Egg Jet resembles an X-Wing from the Star Wars franchise. Ironically, it was used to transport Tails and Sonic to the Death Egg, which was an explicit parody of the Death Star that the X-wing destroyed.

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