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The Egg Hornet (エッグホーネット Eggu Hōnetto?) is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It was a vehicle used by Dr. Eggman during the Chaos incident.



The Egg Hornet appears to be a large Egg Mobile with extra drill attachments on the sides and a large rocket thruster on the rear.

Features and abilities

Surprisingly fast and manuvable, the Egg Hornet is capable of flight and is equipped with homing missiles and two rapidly-spinning drills for close combat. When charging, it envelops itself in an energy field.


Sonic Adventure

In Sonic Adventure, Dr. Eggman used the Egg Hornet at Tails' Workshop to take Sonic and Tails' Chaos Emerald "the hard way" when the duo refused to hand it over. Although the Egg Hornet was destroyed, Eggman still managed to get away with the Chaos Emerald.

Other game appearances

Sonic Rivals

In Sonic Rivals, the Egg Hornet made an appearance as one of the collectible cards in the game.


The Egg Hornet appears as the second boss for Sonic, and the first for Tails in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. It is fought with Sonic after clearing Emerald Coast and with Tails upon reaching Tails' Workshop or the first time.

The battle takes place on the round, flat field near Tails' Workshop in the Mystic Ruins, with three sets of five Rings floating separately from each other.

Boss guide

The Egg Hornet attacks at first by flying far away from the player and starting to fire homing missiles at the player. The player can dodge this attack by constantly moving in different directions. This can be done easily using Sonic's Spin Dash or Tails's Propeller Flying. The player is unable to hit the vehicle without taking damage though.

The second attack of the Egg Hornet is charging into the player with its drill attachments. The Egg Hornet locks on the place where the player is standing and then charges towards the player's position. After Eggman rams the Egg Hornet into the ground, the vehicle gets stuck for couple of seconds, giving the player the change to hit the cockpit with the Spin Jump (or Homing Attack as Sonic). After doing hit once, the Egg Hornet gets up and repeats its pattern. After damaging on the cockpit three times, the Egg Hornet's attachments are destroyed.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Egg Mobile ...Boss: Egg Hornet Jun Senoue 2:08



Sonic Adventure DX - Sonic Boss 2 - Egg Hornet

In other media

Sonic X

Main article: Egg Hornet (Sonic X)

The Egg Horne, from "A Chaotic Day".

In the anime series Sonic X, the Egg Hornet was used by Doctor Eggman to steal two Chaos Emeralds from Tails. While Sonic destroyed the Egg Hornet with a Ring-powered Spin Attack after a prolonged battle, Eggman managed to escape from the explosion.


The code name "EG1" displayed below the windshield of the Egg Mobile.

  • All three boss vehicles in Sonic Adventure share the code names that are displayed on them. The Egg Hornet name is "EG1" which is below the Egg Mobile's windshield. The placement of the code name is inconsistent, as it can be only seen during the battle with the Egg Hornet, but it is never seen on the Egg Mobile for the rest of the game.
  • If playing as Sonic, the player can use a glitch to beat the Egg Hornet after it dives into the ground. After it dives into the ground, if the player keeps using the Homing Attack, the Egg Hornet will stay in place and keep taking damage.
    • Another humorous glitch involves the player getting hit below the Egg Mobile without having any Rings right after Egg Hornet attachments explode. As the player would normally loses a life, the camera direction will instead quickly change to the one with the result screen, except it shows Sonic fainting.
    • The theme of this boss battle is re-used in Sonic Dash as the Eggman's boss theme.




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