Egg Hammer Mega (エッグハンマー・メガ Egguhanmā Mega?) is the boss of the Zone Leaf Storm from Sonic Rush. It is the first boss for Sonic the Hedgehog and the second boss for Blaze the Cat. It is controlled by Dr. Eggman (No matter if it fought against Sonic or Blaze).


Egg Hammer Mega's appearance is similar to a snake or anaconda. It has a yellow head, red and white striped body, blue like-fangs, and white like-spikes on top of its head. The white on top of its head is where the Egg Mobile is located.


Egg Hammer Mega will follow the player while preparing to throw its head down on the platform the player is at. The player must jump on top of its flashing head and attack it. The Egg Hammer Mega perform another variant of this attack which can be seen if the camera changes angle (and Eggman saying "Get ready to be schooled!"). While it has a longer startup time and Eggman will not attempt to follow the player, it can cause the player to lose a life if the attack connects, regardless whether the player has Rings or not. After several hits, it gains a new attack by rolling its head from one side of the platform to the other, trying to hit Sonic/Blaze which can be avoided by jumping. The attack will knock the player and potentially knock him/her off the platform, resulting in losing a life. Once it has been hit six or eight times (in Easy or Normal respectively), the Egg Hammer Mega is defeated.

In normal difficulty, the Egg Hammer Mega will notably roll from one side of the platform to the other multiple times compared to easy difficulty.


  • This boss is reused for Egg Hammer Fortress on the Huge Crisis Zone from Sonic Rush.
  • The Egg Hammer Mega follows the tradition of hammer-themed first level bosses from the Sonic Advance series, which in turn originated from Sonic Pocket Adventure.
  • If excluding Egg Salamander, this is the only robot boss that has the same color scheme for both Sonic and Blaze (possibly because, due to the resulting cutscene, it is the same robot).
  • A very early in-production picture showing Sonic fighting Egg Hammer Mega had the Huge Crisis background where Egg Hammer Fortress is fought.
  • This is one of the two bosses in Sonic Rush where the player does not fight Eggman Nega directly. The other is Sonic/Blaze.
    • It is also the only boss mech in the game which Eggman Nega does not pilot.





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