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The Egg Hammer Fortress, from Sonic Rush.

The Egg Hammer Fortress[1] (エッグハンマー・フォートレス Egguhanmā Footoresu?) is the boss of Huge Crisis in Sonic Rush. It is the fifth boss for Sonic the Hedgehog and is the sixth boss for Blaze the Cat. It is controlled by either Eggman Nega (when playing as Sonic) or Dr. Eggman (when playing as Blaze).


The Egg Hammer Fortress has an appearance is similar to the Egg Hammer Mega, which body appearance is a snake or anaconda. The white on top of its head is where an Egg Mobile is located. The color scheme differs between the character chosen.


  • Sonic: It has an green head, white and orange striped body, orange like-fangs, and gray spikes on the neck.
  • Blaze: It has a yellow head, green and cyan striped body, green like-fangs, and gray spikes on the neck.


The battle takes place along a flat surface of a battleship serving as the main platform. The left and right ends of the platform are bounded, preventing the player from falling off. There are three groups of three rings hovering along the platform. During the fight, the Egg Hammer Fortress will perform the following moves:

  • Head slam: Similar to the Egg Hammer Mega, the Egg Hammer Fortress' main attack is to slam its head at the player where it reels its head while following the player before slamming onto the platform. Unlike the earlier boss though, the player has less time to hit the boss which further decreases when the boss has sustained enough hits.
  • Triple head slam: Like the head slam move, except that this time it will smash its head on the platform three times in succession. In normal difficulty, after the boss has taken enough hits, the Egg Hammer Fortress will also inch towards the player between each head smash.
  • Mega head slam: This move is almost identical to the mega head slam that the Egg Hammer Mega used. However, the main difference is while the Egg Hammer Fortress reels back to slam down, it will continuously follow the player (whereas the Egg Hammer Mega stayed at one spot). This attack will instantly defeat the playable character if they get hit by it and cause the player to lose a life, regardless whether they have Rings or not.
  • Cannon fire: Periodically, the Egg Hammer Fortress will coil back like a snake into the background, where it will perch its cockpit on a platform. From there, it will shoot rockets at the playable character using a cannon. This attack has two variations with two different factors that is chosen at random. Either the rockets will be shot randomly all over the platform, or the Egg Hammer Fortress will target the rockets at the playable character. The other factor is the speed that they are shot at; they are either fired very slowly, making them easy to avoid, or in an incredibly rapid manner, making them harder to avoid. After finishing the attack, the Egg Hammer Fortress will coil back onto its usual area to use one of its other attacks.

Because the warnings of the Egg Hammer Fortress' single and triple head slam attacks are identical, it can often be difficult for the player to predict and respond to which of the two attacks he uses. The ideal method to counteract this is to prepare to jump as if responding to a single head slam attack and then quickly move away if the triple head slam is being used.

In the later half of the fight, if the player misses an opportunity to attack the Egg Hammer Fortress's cockpit, the boss will always use its cannon fire attack immediately afterwards, which can make this boss fight tedious and cumbersome. The player must hit the cockpit six/eight times to defeat the Egg Hammer Fortress.


  • The Egg Hammer Fortress uses the same attack and model design as Egg Hammer Mega, another boss from Sonic Rush.
  • A very early in-production picturing showing Sonic fighting the Egg Hammer Mega used the background that this boss uses.



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