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The Egg Gravity[1] (エッググラビティー[2] Eggugurabitī?) is a boss from Sonic Advance 3 in the Chaos Angel.


The Egg Gravity is an upgraded Egg Mobile connected to an elastic bridge of gray and red spheres, similar to the Egg Snake in Sonic Advance. The cockpit is mostly blue with two gray lines on each side and a blue electric current is generated above the cockpit. Gemerl is located on the bottom of Egg Gravity.


The Egg Gravity battle takes place on a room consisting of the Egg Gravity connected to it and Spikes on the floor and the ceiling. At both sides of the bridge, there are chutes that will transport the player to the opposite side of the bridge. Like the Egg Snake, Egg Gravity will mainly slide back and forth across the bridge. To damage the Egg Gravity, the player must attack Gemerl where upon doing so, Eggman is launched onto the spikes and is damaged. However, once his cockpit lands, this may launch the player into the spikes if they are standing too close to Eggman. In a similar manner, Eggman may also jump in an attempt to launch the player onto the spikes upon landing. Eggman may sometimes flip himself, requiring the player to use the chutes to be on the correct side of the bridge to hit Gemerl Once he is hit after being hit three times, he will spin wildly while moving back and forth in an attempt to hit the player. The more hits taken, the faster he will move. The player can however jump over Eggman's cockpit to avoid being hit.

After the player defeats this boss by hitting it eight times (six on Easy mode), the bridge and the spikes will disappear, allowing the player to touch the Goal to access Altar Emerald, which will be unlocked in Chaos Angel's Zone Map.





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