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Not to be confused with Doctor Eggman's Fortress from Sonic X.

The Egg Fortress from Sonic the Comic #54. Art by Richard Elson.

Robotnik's Special Zone Headquarters, also referred to as his Egg Fortress, is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was Dr. Robotnik's main headquarters prior to and during his early years as dictator of planet Mobius. The fortress was a gigantic egg-shaped base, floating in the "weird bit" of the Special Zone.


Following Robotnik's second major defeat at the hands of Sonic the Hedgehog and the destruction of his first Death Egg satellite,[1] Robotnik re-located his main base of operations deep into the Special Zone where he could work undisturbed and hidden away from Sonic. He attempted to destroy the Star Posts around Mobius, in order to ensure that nobody could reach his new base, although he was prevented by Sonic.[2] Later, Sonic managed to salvage one Star Post for his secret underground base, which he used for quick transport around Mobius and into the Special Zone.[3]

From his Egg Fortress, Robotnik took control of much of the Special Zone, including the sentient energy field known as the Omni-Viewer. He forced the Omni-Viewer to send Sonic and his friends into the future,[4] and when they returned to Mobius six months later they found that Robotnik had managed to conquer the whole planet from his Special Zone base.[5] Robotnik continued to manage his operations from the Special Zone, setting up various minions to govern the more important zones in his absence, such as the Marxio Brothers in the Casino Night Zone.[6] He maintained order amongst his subjects by warping his Troopers to-and-from Mobius using specialized transport vehicles.[3]

Robotnik also continued performing his experiments on his base, along with his chief scientist Grimer. When Troopers arrested Amy Rose for fraternizing with Sonic, she was brought to the Egg Fortress to be put inside a Super Badnik (although she was subsequently rescued by Sonic).[3][7] Robotnik and Grimer also developed the Metallix robots in these headquarters.[8]

When Robotnik located the Floating Island,[9] he briefly moved some of his operations to the Launch Base Zone on the Floating Island,[10] in preparation for the launch of his new Death Egg II,[11] and he eventually abandoned the Egg Fortress altogether in favour of a more centralised base, the Citadel Robotnik, in the Metropolis Zone.[12] The Egg Fortress was left to run on automatic, creating an army of Metallix badniks with the purpose of creating the ultimate Sonic-form badnik.[13] Eventually the Metallixes became self-aware, forming their own Brotherhood of Metallix, and decided to take over Mobius themselves.[14] The Brotherhood soon moved its operations to the Miracle Planet, and left the Egg Fortress abandoned and adrift in the vastness of the Special Zone.[15]


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