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You may be looking for the Egg Blizzard or Egg Typhoon (Sonic Unleashed).

Superheaters within these fans' bodies produce an endless stream of flame blown forth at hapless targets. Known for their hot tempers, even their fellow robots tend to keep their distance.

— Description, Sonic Unleashed[1]

The Egg Flame[1] (エッグフレイム[2] Eggu Fureimu?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Unleashed. They are a model of Badniks created by Dr. Eggman. These robots are able to blow pillars of highly intense flames at their foes.


The Egg Flames are bipedal robots with torsos in the shape of flat cylinders. They have a pair of small stubby legs on the bottom of their torsos and long segmented arms on the side of them. Sitting on the top of their torsos are two round orange lights, serving as their eyes. They are mainly colored red with black highlights, and have a yellow "belly" with a flamethrower in the middle.


The Egg Flames can be encountered in both the daytime and nighttime Action Stages/Stages of Sonic Unleashed. In the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version the Egg Flames appear in Savannah Citadel Day Act 1 and Cool Edge Night Act 1, while in the Wii/PlayStation 2 version the Egg Flames appear in Dragon Road's daytime Stage, Cool Edge nighttime Stages and Shamar Night Act III: Valley of Spirits.

In battle, the Egg Flames attack whenever they spot Sonic by periodically spewing fire for several seconds. On the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version, getting hit by the Egg Flame will be set Sonic ablaze and his health will drop until it wears off, the player loses a life or he touches water. Additionally on that version, whenever the Egg Flames are knocked away from their original position, they will dance around for a few seconds before resuming their attack.

In the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version, in the nighttime Action Stages, the player can use the Egg Flames' attack against other enemies. By grabbing an Egg Flame, the player can use the Egg Flame's fire breath by pressing Triangle/XboxY.png while controlling the direction Sonic is facing with the Analog Stick. Enemies hit by the Egg Flames' breath are set ablaze and will run around in pain while continuously taking damage until they are defeated. This method is also used to unlock paths throughout Cool Edge by using it to melt mechanisms and pillars that are frozen solid.

In the mobile Version of Sonic Unleashed, the Egg Flames appear in Level 8 - Spagonia Night. In gameplay, they are implanted on parts of buildings and will try to burn Sonic the Werehog with their flames to knock him off of the rails he can climb.


The Egg Flame have hot tempers so great that even their fellow robots keep away from them. They also appear to have a somewhat playful side, humorously dancing around in a ballerina-like fashion every now and again.[1]

Powers and abilities

The Egg Flames each possess a superheater that allows them to blow pillars of flames at such high temperatures that they can instantly melt and/or vaporize solid ice layers.


Concept artwork



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