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For other uses of the term "Egg Fighter," see Egg Fighter (disambiguation).

Powerful springs loaded into these Egg Fighter's shields bounce any and all frontal attacks back.

— Description, Sonic Unleashed[1]

The Egg Fighter: Shield[1] (エッグファイター・シールド[2] Eggu Faitā Shīrudo?), also known as Egg Fighter (Spring),[citation needed] is an enemy that appears in Sonic Unleashed. They are a model of Badniks created by Dr. Eggman, and a variant of the Egg Fighter: Shield that wield large shields loaded with Springs to repel attackers.


The Egg Fighter: Shields are identical to the standard Egg Fighter model. They have a torso in the shape of a hemisphere, with four flashlights arranged in a rectangle on their front and a flat cap-shaped head on top of it. They have relatively short legs, with flat feet and circular ankles, and four-fingered arms that extend almost down to the ground. They are colored steel blue and silver, and have purple eyes.


The Egg Fighter: Shields are a very rare type of enemy in Sonic Unleashed, and can only be found in very few of the daytime Action Stages/Stages such as the daytime Dragon Road Act 2. In gameplay, whenever the player touches the Egg Fighter: Shields' shields, Sonic will be send flying backwards in the opposite direction while leaving the Egg Fighter: Shields unharmed. However, the Egg Fighter: Shields possess no form of attack, making them completely harmless.

To bypass the Egg Fighter: Shields' shield, the player must either attack them from the rear or any other angle where they cannot protect themselves with their shield, or hit them with Slide. Additionally, the Egg Fighter: Shields can be attacked up front if the player strikes them before they can put up their shields.

Powers and abilities

As an Egg Fighter model, the Egg Fighter: Shields possess above average physical strength, enough to let them move barrels at least three times their own size and easily carry large shields. They are also efficient in using their shields defensively.


Each of the Egg Fighter: Shields carry a single large shield. These shields are mostly in the shape of a kite shield and are primarily colored yellow. They have a "T" shaped steel blue plating on the front surface, a steel blue-colored lower edge, and silver-colored sides. They also have grey spikes on their two upper corners. Each shield comes equipped with a powerful Spring on the front which can bounce back any frontal attacks.


Concept artwork



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