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For other uses of the term "Egg Fighter," see Egg Fighter (disambiguation).

Only a small group of elite units are outfitted with the latest in offensive and defensive equipment, making these Knights more than a little smug.

— Description, Sonic Unleashed[1]

The Egg Fighter: Knight[1] (エッグファイター・ナイト[2] Eggu Faitā Naito?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Unleashed. They are a model of Badniks created by Dr. Eggman, and a variant of the Egg Fighter: Knight. They are an elite group of Egg Fighters that are outfitted with the latest in offensive and defensive equipment. Because few Egg Fighters possess the capabilities to wield such equipment, only a small group of them exist.[1]


The Egg Fighter: Knights are identical to the standard Egg Fighter model. They have a torso in the shape of a hemisphere, with four flashlights arranged in a rectangle on their front and a flat cap-shaped head on top of it. They have relatively short legs, with flat feet and circular ankles, and four-fingered arms that extend almost down to the ground. They are colored steel blue and silver, and have purple eyes.


The Egg Fighter: Knights are not a common enemy. However, the harder the Action Stages/Stages become, the more often they will appear. Due to possessing a sword, the Egg Fighter: Knights have a greater attack range and do more damage than the regular the Egg Fighters. In gameplay, the Egg Fighter: Knights' shields will periodically discharge electricity which will damage and temporarily paralyze Sonic should he touch it. When their shields discharge, their attacks can even bypass Guard. When not discharging them, the Egg Fighter: Knights' shields can deflect a Homing Attack and minimize the damage from Skills.

In battle, the Egg Fighter: Knights will use their shields to defend themselves when attacked. When on the offensive, the Egg Fighter: Knights attack with their swords. Exclusively on the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version, they will either jump into the air and bring their sword down on the player, launch a short dash while slashing with their sword, or, in the nighttime stages, stand on their head while spinning around with their sword vertically.

There are several ways to bypass the Egg Fighter: Knights' shields. On the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version, in the daytime Action Stages, the Egg Fighter: Knights can be attacked with the Homing Attack if the player strikes them before they can put up their shields, and in the nighttime Action Stages the shields can be broken if hit with strong combo attacks or be dropped when the player initiate a Critical Attack. Additionally, the shields cannot block a Sonic Boost when not discharging or an attack from the rear, and deflecting a Homing Attack will leave them vulnerable to another.


Due to their supposed superiority in comparison to other Egg Fighters, the Egg Fighter: Knights are very smug.[1]

Powers and abilities

As an elite Egg Fighter model, the Egg Fighter: Knights possess physical strength above that of the regular Egg Fighters, who are strong enough to move barrels at least three times their own size.

The Egg Fighter: Knights shos significant proficiency in dual-wielding a sword and shield. They have noticeable swordsmanship skills in close combat, being able to perform both fast strikes and devastating special attacks where they utilize their robotic physiology to their fullest. They are also efficient in using their shields defensively.


Each of the Egg Fighter: Knights wield a single sword in their left hand and a shield in their right hand, making them perfectly balanced combat machines. Their swords are large and double-edged with a cutting chain on the edges, making them resemble chainsaws and ensuring lethal damage to their targets.

The shields they wield are mostly in the shape of a kite shield and glows cyan. They have a "T" shaped steel blue plating on the front surface, a steel blue-colored lower edge, and silver-colored sides. They also have grey spikes on their two upper corners. These shields are made from strong and conductive alloys that not only makes them highly durable, but also allows the the Egg Fighter: Knights to run high-voltage currents through them to electrify their attacks and opponents.[1]


Concept artwork


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