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Sonic Riders
Egg Factory

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Egg Factory (エッグファクトリー Eggufakutorī?) is the third course in Sonic Riders. In story mode, Knuckles is the only playable character, but only in a normal race. It was also included as a stage in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for the event Dream Short Track.


During the EX World Grand Prix, Knuckles and Storm the Albatross arrive at Egg Factory to prepare for the incoming race where they bumped into each other. Remembering each other from their first encounter, they prepare for a fight, but both ended up attacking the nearby E-10000R. After a brief argument, Knuckles and Storm agreed to settle their dispute on the race. In the end, Knuckles beat Storm in the race.


The stage is inside a huge, hot factory, spread with many yellow and purple E-Series robots, easy to take care of when a Power Type character who can punch obstacles, but not easy with other characters, who must avoid them. But the trickiest part of this level is, there isn't much air, so Extreme Gear in this course runs out of air quickly. There is a largely unknown Power-Type restricted shortcut within the track: There is a broken Eggman warning sign that flags the entrance. This racing course is a power-oriented track with the most power-type situations (probably because it is originally for Knuckles). Also, there are two grind rails and two sets of air rings.






Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Theme of Egg Factory Tomonori Sawada, Kenichi Tokoi, Fumie Kumatani 3:27

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