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The Egg Eagle[1] (エッグイーグル Egguīguru?) is a boss from Altitude Limit in Sonic Rush. It is the sixth boss for Sonic the Hedgehog and the fifth boss for Blaze the Cat. It is controlled by either Eggman Nega or Dr. Eggman.


The Egg Eagle is an aircraft contraption which as its name implies, resembles an eagle or hawk. Much of its body including its cockpit, body and legs are white and gray while having some colored areas particularly its wings and feet which varies on the player's character. Sonic's version of the Egg Eagle has these features colored maroon while Blaze's version has them green.


Over the course of the battle with the Egg Eagle, this boss will make use of the following attacks:

  • Energy missiles: The Egg Eagle's main attack. It will fly left to right in the background while shooting energy missiles at the player. These can be tricky to avoid, as they come from two points continuously, and the player cannot jump over or under them because of the way they are positioned. As such, the player must instead jump between them.
  • Stomp attack: The Egg Eagle will stop flying and foot itself on the platform the player is on. It will then make huge leaps towards the player. To get it off, the player must jump into its head in order to make it retreat. However, should the player miss this opening three times, it will fly back into the air.
  • Charge attack: The Egg Eagle will launch itself further into the background and perform some form of charging attack. First, it locks onto the playable character's current position, before starting to fly towards them at a great speed and trying to stun them. The time it takes to charge this attack is randomized every time, so the player should be cautious. If the player does not jump out of the way when the Egg Eagle approaches, they can get stunned and pinned down on the floor, leaving unable to do anything and making them an easy target for this boss.
  • Blade attack: Like the stomp attack, the Egg Eagle will perch itself on the platform. Instead, however, it will open its wings and start spinning its blades, which will create wind that can blow the player off the battle platform. To stay on on the battle platform, the player must repeatedly press WiiDSA.png and DSB.png. If the player can keep pressing these buttons, the Egg Eagle will eventually give up and return to midair. If the player fails to press these buttons for long enough however, they will be blown off the platform and lose a life.


  • The Egg Eagle appears similar to a V-22 Osprey VTOL aircraft when it fires its energy missiles.





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